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Browns LT Jedrick Wills inspired by teammates' passion to further cause to end systemic racism

The Browns' first pick in the 2020 Draft has had about as unique a first offseason as anyone could possibly imagine.  

From working remotely due to COVID-19 and the critically important social justice movement to end racism, Jedrick Wills Jr. has remained committed to fostering important change for the country and for himself as both a player and a person. 

One thing that has inspired Wills during this time has been the support of his teammates and his organization in the fight to end racism.

"Jarvis (Landry) is very, very, very hurt by this situation and he spoke out to us in the team meeting on Thursday, about his feelings toward this, Odell (Beckham Jr.) as well, so I feel that those guys using their platform is going to do nothing but help this situation."

In addition to his teammates, Wills said he feels very supported by the Browns organization. 

"They have been very supportive of this situation," he said. "I know Coach (Kevin) Stefanski had a lot of things to say about it, all positive. He came with the whole team and just let us know that they were gonna have our backs through it all. They got their backs 100 percent. That's what we need for every team, for every person."

He added that for all of those listening who want to help this critical movement to end racism, "their support means everything."  

"The base of people that they have who support them will follow their footsteps that they support us," Wills said. "Things along that line, the support, people speaking out just have to come from both sides. At the end of the day it's not going to get fixed until people bring that to light, recognize what's going on instead of hiding from it and being blind to the situation."

In addition, Wills talked about what he's learned from Joe Thomas and Bill Callahan, the transition to left tackle and much more in his interview Friday on Cleveland Browns Daily.

The Browns have selected Jedrick Wills Jr. in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Here are some of the top quotes:

On his focus during the remote offseason:

"Trying to learn as much as I can, trying to get better on my own and be ready for whenever they call us back into the building."

On feedback on his transition to LT:

"It's been going really well. I've gotten feedback from Coach Stefanski, from Coach Callahan, from Joe T and it's all been positive … it's about taking feedback and putting it to use."

On the OL room bonding remotely:

"The OL room is a sacred room anyways, so we already got that bond before we even step foot in the facility."

On the insights Thomas has shared with him after watching his technique videos:

"The pointers he gives me … it will be the smallest thing that you'll never even think about, but he'll correct it and send me some pointers back and I'll do it and it'll be like WOW." 

On Joel Bitonio:

"He asks a lot of questions in the meeting room, things I wouldn't even think about because he's played for so long. It's nice to see a vet like that still learning. It's great to see. Every time he asks something, you learn something new."

*On having Callahan as his OL Coach: *

"It's amazing. He's very well-respected and probably one of the best in football. He's made transitions with guys from RT to LT, like he's working on with me right now with Trent Williams and Tyron Smith."