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Training Camp

Browns player press conferences - 8/3

DL Myles Garrett:

On if he has been encouraged by the team's defense in the first week:

"I have. They have come out sharp and aggressive, and they have attacked everything they have done, whether it is team or getting after the passer."

On early impressions competing with OT Joel Bitonio:

"I think he fits out there. I do not think that the change has made him any less of a great player. I think he can go out there and handle any of the top rushers."

On if he has noticed a difference between going against OL Shon Coleman and OL Joel Bitonio:

"Different setters. They both have different body types so they use that to their advantage. They have different disadvantages. Joel is a little bit thicker so he kicks a little farther. Shon is a little bit lighter so he uses his long arms to maybe shorten his set and try to prevent himself from getting beat by the inside rush."

On helping get Bitonio ready for the season, given his pass-rush skillset:

"I know he is going to be facing some quality rushers, and I know some of the best are coming pretty soon in the season. I know I am going to give him everything I have because if I do, I know he will be able to handle them. I do not think there is much of a difference between me and guys that are at the very top."

On indications the Browns can have a strong defense:

"Takeaways. Everyone is getting their hands up, hands on the football, whether it is PBUs or interceptions. Then we are rushing well and tapping off the passer, and I feel like those are signs of a great defense, if you can get after the passer and you can take the ball away."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the scrimmage and what influenced his and the offense's performance:

"Just everything that we have been working on as an offense. Found a way to make plays, especially in that last one, the two-minute drill. That is big for us to be able to score points in those situations."

On if there is a ball that he can't catch when thrown in his direction:

"I do not believe there is. I pride myself on making any type of catch in any way. We call it the catch radius. Any ball that is thrown to me is a good ball."

On his one-handed TD catch:

"It was kind of my fault, honestly. I started bending too early. The linebacker kind of got in the way and Ty (QB Tyrod Taylor) had to kind of throw around him a little bit. That made me have to reach back and catch the ball. Ty trusts me enough in those types of situations to make those kinds of plays. I can't let him down."

On the offense's goal during the two-minute drill:

"I think that the biggest thing for us is trying to create some momentum. There is nothing like having a drive that ends with points. We want to score six, but if we get three, that is fine, as well. A touchdown is always better."

On Taylor and his performance:

"Everything that you ask for in a starting quarterback. He managed the game well. There were a couple of situations where he took over and called a couple of the plays there that put us into position. – third-and-short; I think he had a fourth-and-1 play where he ran a quarterback sneak – things like that. He took on his own. That is something that he, (offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley and (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson) are really comfortable with, and we made plays. I think that we scored on that drive, as well. Those little things are what are going to take us over the top. Can't be scared in those situations."

On Jackson commenting about his work ethic contributing to his success, including catching more than 200 or 300 passes after practice each day:

"That is what I am here to do. I am here to run all day and catch as many balls as possible. That is going to allow me to make plays. The more that I train for it, the more that I am able to do it."

On if more than 100 passes on the JUGGS machine is accurate or an exaggeration:

"That is not an exaggeration."

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