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Browns player quotes - August 17


WR Travis Benjamin**:

On his preseason performance:

"It's going great so far. I and (QB Josh) McCown are exactly on the right page, and we just want to come out here to Buffalo today and compete."

On the offense's performance today:

"We did pretty decent. We always can get better. We had a couple mistakes from the line standpoint, couple of drops from the receivers. We can always come out here and get better every day."

On if competition is more intense against DBs from a different team:

"Oh, it's ramped up like a game situation. You're always trying to win and make sure everything you do is something good on the tape because then again, 31 other teams are out here watching you. We just come out, compete and get better every day."

On how big this year is for him:

"It's a big, big for me. Going into my final year of my contract with the Browns, just willing to go out here and put everything on the line for the Browns as much as I can."

On if he is playing for now or the future:

"I'm playing for now. I don't look far into the future. I'm just playing for the Browns right now, and hopefully, if things work out, I'll be here for another couple more years, God given, but other than that, I'm playing for the Browns right now."

On if opposing defenses lose him, allowing him to score more touchdowns:

"I'd say my quickness and my speed, once I get the ball in one direction, it's full speed ahead. If you're off balance as a DB, once I get into my break, I'm always going to be open."

On McCown being amazed at how open he gets:

"He adjusts to it now. He knows that whenever I'm on the field and he sees the advantage, he's going to me no matter what. We have that great connection with each other."

On the impact of not having all of the Browns DBs on the field:

"Then again, it still works. It doesn't matter who is out there. Even if it's (DB) Joe Haden or (DB Tashaun Gipson) or whoever on the field, we're out there to compete. We don't turn down or take a step back because guys are injured. We're going out there every day willing to compete."

OL Joel Bitonio:

On if he is concerned with the running game's production:

"No, I don't think so. We have three preseason games. We have a bunch of practices. I think we weren't at full strength – offensive line, running backs haven't been in there. This zone scheme, we've been in it for a year, but it still takes time with the quarterback, with the running back, with the receivers all on the same page. We're moving the ball in other ways right now on offense. I think once we get going, by Week 1, we'll be ready to go in that aspect."

On if the Browns have devoted more time to the passing game this year:

"I think it is pretty similar to last year. Same style of practice, same meeting times and things like that. It's been pretty equal."

QB Josh McCown:

On today's practice with the Bills:

"We'll look at the tape. Just off the top of our head, it felt like there were some good things that we did. My first time doing this in a practice against somebody – a lot of fun, once you figure out the schedule and where you're going to be and what you're going to be doing, it moved along and it was good. We got some good work in."

On if there was more intensity in today's practice:

"Yeah, I think so. Anytime you go out there and it's not your practice group, the tempo picks up a little bit. When you're going against each other, there's a protectiveness. You want to be wise when you're going against your teammate. You don't want to hurt anybody. At the same time, you don't want to do that with these guys either because we're both wanting to get into the season healthy, but there is an urgency that picks up when you're going against somebody with a different jersey on, for sure."

On WR Travis Benjamin:

"Trav, he's a pro. He just comes out and works hard, doesn't say a whole lot. He's got a great skillset as far as his speed. What Trav is doing really well right now is – you get a guy with speed like that a lot of time, but when the lights come on, either they play timid or they don't play at the high speed – Trav explodes off the ball every time we snap it, and because of that, he's using his speed to his advantage. It's causing space for him to get open, and that's why he's able to get balls. He's really doing a good job., Everybody's working really hard, but he's really helped us set a tone for how we're going to come off the football and work, and it's been cool to watch,"

On if scuffles in joint practice are inevitable:

"It probably is. You want to avoid it as much as you can. It probably is. You have to be smart about it. The cool thing about it was it kind of got chippy there, but there were so many guys stepping in on both sides going, 'Stop! Stop!' trying to pull people apart because like I said, everybody wants to go into the season healthy as they can and nobody wants to, especially by way of a fight, be injured and lose somebody. I think everybody was smart in that regard and were able to separate it. Cooler heads prevailed so that's good."

On the Bills defensive line:

"Their defensive line is really good. There's no question about that. It's the strong point of their team. It's a good test and good matchup for us, for our guys. It was good to get a feel of it, and we'll make some adjustments. It's different than a game when you might not play that division opponent for three or four more weeks or six more weeks or ever again, some teams for a while. We'll make our adjustments and come out and play. It's kind of like baseball."

On what he likes about being with the Browns:

"I'm really just pleased with the personnel that we have and the coaches. It's just a good locker room. It's a good place to be. The guys work extremely hard on both sides of the ball. There's just a lot of veteran professionals and guys that are trying to do it the right way."

On if the Browns offense fits him:

"Absolutely. It's very similar to what I did in 2013 with the Bears. There's things that I love that we're doing and I feel like fits my skillset. It's a good offense."

On QB Connor Shaw's injury:

"Just heartbroken, just heartbroken. Really felt like he was turning the corner and doing some good things, There's no substitute for reps. Prayers go out to him. Just heartbroken."

DB Tramon Williams:

On if he is lonely in the secondary with players not practicing today and injuries:

"It is part of the game. That has always been one of my strong points, being there and being available. I have been lucky and blessed throughout the years."

On performing well during one-on-one drills:

"Just going out there and competing. Anytime you get a chance to go against a different team, it should light a little fire under you. I just was ready to compete and came out and tried to get better."

On today's practice with the Bills:

"I thought it went well. I think we did some good things. Obviously, I thought we had too many balls over our head, but at the same time, I thought we did some good things and got some good work in."

On earning recognition of having a 'graduate-level knowledge' at DB:

"When I first came into the league, I had the opportunity to learn from some great players – Charles Woodson, Al Harris, Nick Collins. I had the opportunity to pick those guys brains and know what it is to be a pro. Hopefully, I can come and do the same thing here."

On DB Justin Gilbert in practice today:

"It is just another opportunity for him. At this positon, you always want to get as many reps as you can. It is good for him to go through some of those trials right now. He will be better, no doubt about it. Trust me, he'll be good."

On if he ever struggled early in his career or if he has seen other top-ranked corners struggle early to only later turn it on and succeed:

"No doubt about it. It is just about coming in and believing and competing, pay attention to details. Once you get through that, you will find yourself doing some good things. In his case, some of the things I see. He is in good positon a lot of the times. He just has to figure out what it is and he will be better."

On if Gilbert's confidence is taking a hit:

"He comes out and competes every day so you never know, but in this game, things are going to happen. You have to find a way to keep that confidence up."

On how long the last play of the 2014 season festered with him:

"I use that example to some of the guys who feel down sometimes. I am like, 'Man, c'mon.' It is just one of those things. Like you said, I have been experienced in this game for a long time. One of my strong points is to let that play go. Obviously, if I had another play at it, I would have been a lot happier. That has always been one of my strong points. As a DB, you have to have that. You have to let the last play go and come out the next play."

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