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Training Camp

Browns player quotes - August 18

QB Johnny Manziel:

On the Browns practices with the Bills:

"I thought it was a good two days, getting to go against somebody different for a couple days of training camps, break up the monotony of the whole deal. I think it was good. I think it was good all-around for the entire team."

On not scoring in the two-minute drills:

"I think the situation at the end, that interception, that's probably more of a situation where we're going to do a fast field goal so we're going to get our field goal team on. My situation was before the half; (QB) Josh's (McCown) was end of the game. We got it down there. We're just going to have to punch it in. Our situation, we're probably going to try and kick a field goal there before the half and get out, but fourth down, just trying to make a play and throw it up and just make sure we get a chance to get it in the end zone. Thought they we're blitzing a little bit today – some good looks for us to see, though, going against base all the time and seeing some base stuff. I think it was good seeing a mixture of all kinds of different things. I think that's what we got throughout the week."

On practicing in front of opposing team's fans:

"Like I said in the beginning, just to break up the monotony of driving from the hotel in Berea to the facility every day, getting to get in the train for probably most of our first times, coming over here and seeing different players and different positions, guys that you know from throughout the days of playing football, obviously, it's not our home place. We did get booed a little, but that's a part of it anytime going on the road."

On his goals for the second preseason game:

"Just progress. Really that's it. Do better than last week. We scored once last week. Let's get in twice this week."

On not personally being booed today:

"I think we got a good welcome. Some boos, but at the same time, I think we got a good welcome being here. Personally, it's always good to get in some different situations. Sometimes, it's some heckling. Sometimes, it's some love here and there. It's always a good mixture."

On if it is hard to see WR Terrelle Pryor not practicing today:

"Yeah, it's tough. He was having a hard time yesterday, and to see him go down again after he's been working so hard to get back, it's tough. Terrelle's a guy that wants to be out there with us. He wants to work on these little intricacies of things he's trying to pick up as far as the receiver position. He wants the reps, he wants the attempt to get better, and I think he's been doing a good job. For him to work all the way up to get back, only thing we can hope is it's not that bad and we can get him back out there soon."

On if he has ever seen this many hamstring injuries in the preseason:

"I think last year during the season, throughout the season for the most part, I think we had a really good stat as far as not having guys out with any soft tissue injuries, but that's a part of camp. We have guys go down, and really for us, it's a big part of the process as far as getting other young guys in, getting them reps and making sure the next guy's ready to go in because as you guys know being around the game a little while, guys are going to go and you never know when you're going to have to step in. We need these guys who might not think they're going to get a lot of reps. They're going to get some."

On picking up the tempo on offense:

"We want to be efficient getting in and out of the huddle, in and out of our shifts, in and out of our motions, everything. I think we just want to be quick. I don't know if it's as much up-tempo going into our huddle or anything like that as much as it is being efficient at what we're doing and making sure we're crisp."

WR Andrew Hawkins:

On if it was a productive two days of practice:

"I think so. I think guys were able to come out here and get work against an opponent. We are sick of going against each other every day, beating each other's brains in. It was cool to come out here and play some different techniques and practice adjusting to different things, and that was pretty cool."

On learning from offensive struggles in these practices:

"I don't think we struggled. There are always things we can learn from. There is definitely some things we can work on. From that standpoint, it is not like we were prepared for the defense. We were coming out here and practicing. It is an adjustment process for everybody. I think we did some really good things the last two days. I wouldn't say we struggled at all. We definitely can improve some things, like always."

On if he was surprised at how physically the Bills played:

"They are one-on-ones against a new team with – refs aren't going to call holding or anything like that. I know a lot of people will look at my one-on-one film, but you have to take one-on-ones with a grain of salt because it is not football. There are not 80,000 people sitting in the stands or someone is scared to get bombed on and someone is scared to drop a pass. I think they did come out physical, and they had a game plan. They are one-on-ones. I wouldn't put too much into them."

On if he would want to have another combined practice:

"It is a nice change up. The [training camp] days become monotonous. You are going to against the same people every day. It is cool to mix it up, come down here. I would definitely be open to it."

On what it was like to practice under the lights:

"We have three to four thousand [fans] in Cleveland all the time. That was pretty cool. From a fan's standpoint, Cleveland always gives that feel. It was cool to come out here under the lights. Some other fans, it was like practicing at an away game, which is a new feel. That in itself was good to get reps at because we get a lot of boos when we go to other places."

On what the offense can work on following these practices:

"I think we can always work on our tempo, pushing it forward. Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) is always preaching to us tempo, tempo, tempo. That is one thing as players we have to implement some more, in and out of the huddle, getting lined up, and it is just a demeanor. Certain teams have always been great at it. It is something that Flip preaches, and it is our job to step up and answer the call."

On if no-huddle will be featured in the offense:

"I think in this day and age, every team has a no-huddle you might be able to see. We did well with it last year. It is a new offense and a new year. Who knows? I think right now, we are trying to get the basics down. It is early on. We have only been in one preseason game. We just have to put it in one brick at a time. We don't want to put too much in." DL Danny Shelton:

On the Browns practices with the Bills:

"I think it was great. It's a chance for us to get some competition, different competition. The Bills obviously have a good organization. It's just a great time here."

On the second preseason game being fewer than 48 hours away:

"It's all a part of the plan. I'm just here to follow the plan. I come out and contribute to the team and go out and execute on Thursday. That's just what makes it exciting. We get to practice against them and go out and perform against them."

On improving from the first preseason game:

"Definitely wanted to play more violently. That's something that I practiced these past two days. I feel more prepared now. I feel more prepared for my second game."

On describing 'playing more violently':

"Just coming off the ball more aggressive, using my hands more aggressively and block more aggressively That's just what makes up a great defensive lineman, and that's what I want to be."

On facing Buffalo Bills OL Richie Incognito:

"Richie Incognito, he's one of the lineman that I always wanted to go against because I know for sure I'm going to get competition from him. Just a great time to go against some great linemen and just a different competition. I had a good time out here."

On if the scouting report for Thursday's game is better after these practices:

"Definitely. We definitely came out to practice, and we're definitely looking forward to going out and executing on Thursday."

On if it is easier to make adjustments to the Bills, based on what he saw in these practices:

"You never know because two days is a lot, but at the same time, they could be hiding a lot of things under their sleeves."

On the teams ending practice early:

"It's just a changeup. That's what football is. You get a lot of sudden changes, and you just have to adjust to it and continue to play. It's just giving us a little more free time to recover and prepare for the game Thursday."

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