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Training Camp

Browns players press conference - 7/26

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the team's response to WR Josh Gordon not being with the team to open training camp:

"We are in full support of Josh. We let him go through that process, and we will welcome back with open arms. Right now, we are focused on camp. That is really our main focus."

On if Gordon's absence changes the offense's approach, especially given uncertainty of when he may return:

"It can't. We can't wait around for nobody. We have to continue to go with the pace and continue the process. Like I said, we are in full support, and when he is back, he is back."

On the opportunity for WR Corey Coleman to earn a starting role and Coleman as a player:

"Just a hard worker. He continues to work hard. He came out here in OTAs, and we had an opportunity when we all went to L.A. to throw together. Just seeing the improvement he has been making, and he is eating better so that is good. It t is going to show. Throughout the season, it is going to show. I am excited to see what he is going to bring to the offense."

On if he is able to imagine what the Browns experienced during last year's 0-16 season:

"I can't. That was the past. I can't. I can only focus on what we are going to try to do this year."

On the team talking about turning the page to reset and focusing on this year:

"I think everybody is. Everybody is. Honestly, it is just a mindset. We are just trying to create the culture here that it is about winning, as it should be.

DL Myles Garrett:

On if last season's 0-16 record is easy to put behind him:

"It is definitely in the back of my mind and knowing that drives be a little bit because I will never let something like that happen ever again. No matter how long I am here, there will never be a season like that. I know everybody else is having that same mentality. They believe we can have a winning record, and I believe we can, too, so we are going to go out there and prove it."

On his personal goals for this season:

"To win it all. It is a team game. If we go to the playoffs, that means I am doing my job. If we go further than that, than we are doing a wonderful job. I am going to just play my part and do my role."

On what he learned about DL Emmanuel Ogbah after playing with him last season and the Browns drafting DB Denzel Ward rather a top pass rusher early in the draft:

"I know he is passionate. He was glad we got Ward to give us more time so we can rush. I know once he heard that, he kind of picked up the pace, knowing they were kind of shining a light on him. This is his opportunity to show that they made the right decision, and I believe they did. We are going to come out and make a name for ourselves this year."

On if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams may move him around more in the defense this year, including playing inside:

"You will see me everywhere, whether it is inside or outside. The only place you won't see me is maybe safety (laughter)."

On earning his first sack when he was lined up inside but not moving around as much last season:

"I was kind of coming off that injury so he wanted to keep me in my spot and not experiment too much to see how everything panned out at first. I think with what I did, it kind of expands my role and shows what I can do."

WR Corey Coleman:

On if there are differences entering his third season:

"I feel a lot better. I had a great summer. I put in a lot of work. I am super confident. I am just still working hard."

On this year being an important year for him:

"Going into my third year, it is time to take a big step. I feel like it is important."

On offensive coordinator Todd Haley saying it is a make or break year for him:

"I would not take it that far, but it is a big year for me. Coach Todd Haley, we talked about what he expects form me, and I will come out here and I am going to practice hard each and every day. I wouldn't take it as far as you are taking it."

On if his mindset changes if assigned to a starting role, given WR Josh Gordon is not with the team to start camp:

"No, I have been starting since I got to the organization so my mindset doesn't change. I just have to come in every day, work hard and show the coaches."

On if he knows of a timeframe for Gordon's return:

"I don't know. You have to ask (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson) about that. We just know that we are behind Josh, and we are going to welcome him back with open arms when he gets here."

On how Jarvis Landry changes things

"I am excited we got him. Jarvis is a great dude for the younger guys too, even for me. He is teaching people, he is always happy and stuff. He wants everyone in the room to get better.

On desire to prove he was worth a first-round pick:

"I have had a lot of injuries and stuff, and I haven't played a whole season. I am excited for this year. I am in Year 3 so I am accustomed to the NFL. I know what is going on, and I know how things work around here. I am very excited."

QB Baker Mayfield:

On if he is ready for his first NFL training camp:

"Absolutely, I could not be more excited from my first training camp in the NFL, a good opportunity for me."

On if there was any concern that he would not have signed before the start of training camp:

"No. I think that both parties involved, we had one goal to make sure that I was here from Day and be a part of this team so that we could improve every day."

On talking to his agents about signing his contract before training camp:

"I am a team-first guy. I will not go into details about the contract or anything like that, but I wanted to be here. I will just say that. First and foremost, I wanted to be here. It was a big priority for me.

On his role with the Browns wanting to change the culture after losing seasons:

"When you talk about a new season, the record form the past year goes out the window. The culture around here – yes, I am new to it, but the reasons that we have made so many changes – this ownership and management has made so many changes – is they are bringing in guys that have a fresh mindset because you have to hit the reset button every year. It does not matter if you win the Super Bowl or you are 0-16, you start fresh and you have not done anything for this season yet. We are working to be the best team in the country, and that it our mindset."

On if he spent time during the offseason preparing mentally to 'get his mind right' to be the backup QB, given his competitiveness:

"I would never get my mind right to be a backup. That is the second that I would be complacent. That is the second that I would stop working. You always have to keep working like you are going to be the best. That is the same thing (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) has done his whole life, as well. It does not matter the position that you are in; if you are not going to work hard, then you are not doing it right."

On if it bothers him that Head Coach Hue Jackson said he may not get many first-team reps to ensure Taylor is ready for the season:

"No, absolutely not. [The coaches] are doing everything that they think is right. I believe in that and I believe in them. When it comes down to the stuff that they are saying, that is not going to change my work ethic. If it does, then something is wrong."

On if he enters training camp saying, 'I'm here to win the starting job':

"I go out here to say that I am trying to make this team better. Whatever role that is, I am going to try to do that."

On ability to be developed by the Browns coaching staff while also focusing on getting the starting QB ready:

"Every day is an opportunity. We have until we break camp around [Aug. 22]. That is about 20 days, a little over 20 days to get better, taking out the off days. Those are a lot of opportunities for me to get better, focus on a couple of things each day and knock those out and improve."

On if there is a parallel between this situation and being a walk-on in college:

"I think that any time you have to earn a spot on a team, absolutely. It is the same kind of mindset."

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