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Training Camp

Danny Shelton buys his family a house, sets high expectations

When Danny Shelton received his first NFL paycheck, he finally crossed something off his bucket list that had been there for years.

He bought his family a house in Washington.

"To see their faces and get beds and appliances is something that we never been put in before," Shelton said. "We had never been in a six-bedroom house before. It is great feeling."

As Shelton unpacks his belongings inside the team hotel at his first NFL training camp with the Cleveland Browns, there are other things he wants to check off that same list.

One, he wants to earn his starting spot. Shelton's the type of player who wouldn't even accept it if Cleveland handed him the job. The Browns coaches are on board with that, as Shelton only saw repetitions with the second- and third-string defensive units.

Two, Shelton wants to do whatever necessary to help the team win.

Three – and because why wouldn't he want to? – Shelton said he wants to secure the Defensive Rookie of the Year award when it's all said and done.

Just don't mistake that goal for putting the cart before the horse.

"At the same time," Shelton said, "I have to concentrate on camp first."

An interesting note about Shelton's development during training camp is the pace of practice. Coming from the Pac-12 at Washington, the 339-pounder is accustomed to offenses running at a blistering pace. Shelton had 93 tackles last season with the Huskies, an atypically high number for a nose guard, showing his stamina exceeds what you would expect from a player of his size.

The Browns see Shelton as a nose tackle and potentially a three-technique defensive end, but the coaches are still tinkering with how he will be most impactful. Eating up blockers, continuing as a playmaker, or a little bit of both?

Some more clarity will be brought to Shelton's role when the pads come on Saturday.

Friday: Check out at 10 a.m. to see a live look-in to Browns training camp.

Training camp is underway here in Berea!

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