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Training Camp

Drew Stanton the inspiration behind Browns QBs RV, filling his role in tight-knit group

This training camp RV isn't Drew Stanton's first. Stanton and fellow veteran Shaun Hill ordered then second-year quarterback Matthew Stafford to arrange for an RV during the Lions' 2010 training camp.

When Stanton and Tyrod Taylor had a "rules committee" meeting for Browns rookie Baker Mayfield this offseason, Stanton decided an RV was an essential piece for this edition of Browns training camp. Mayfield didn't think he was serious, but now the RV resides on the Berea campus, and the quarterbacks use it as a getaway.

When asked if the RV was funded by the least experienced quarterback (Mayfield) or if it was a split bill, Stanton didn't hesitate.

"I think you know the answer to that question," he said with a laugh.

"It's just a place to go unwind, get away from here for the time period that we have off," Stanton said. "Nothing more, nothing less."

The RV is what is making headlines, but Stanton's role for the Browns wasn't just to park a hangout disguised as a mobile home. He's here to help Taylor and Mayfield in any way he can.

Stanton, who is entering his 11th NFL season with his fourth team, has been on teams with No. 1 overall pick quarterbacks at three different stops in his career. Mayfield's high draft selection made bringing Stanton into the quarterback room an easy decision. Not to mention Stanton has a winning record (11-6) as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

"I think it's just a process you go through," he said. "Training camp is different than college football camp or however you want to qualify it. We're here, this is our job now. I think you just wait for the opportunities that you can have the most impact with him. Really, that's everybody. I'm here to fill a specific role, and in that role, I'm comfortable."

The Browns practice on Friday on the second day of 2018 Training Camp.

In the spring and through OTAs, Stanton took it upon himself to master Todd Haley's offense. Although he's still learning, he feels like he has a grasp on it; enough to begin teaching Mayfield. Now, he's a resource.

Learning Haley's offense never stops, though. Haley likes to be fluid, always adapting the offense to what his weapons can do. Stanton likes that. "That's the nice thing about Todd," Stanton said. "He's willing to tailor this thing to what we do best."

Mayfield and Taylor are both able to move out of the pocket and improvise with their feet. All three running backs in the offense can also catch the ball. Jarvis Landry led the league in catches last season. There are many ways the offense can be shifted to fit the talent on the field. 

Stanton's role of walking the quarterbacks through those changes and shifts is ever-evolving, too. With Mayfield, Stanton just wants him to remember that everything will slow down.

"That's one thing that I've tried to tell Baker from the onset. Every single day, it's going to slow down. It's going to get more comfortable," Stanton said. "As a quarterback, you need to see stuff. You need to understand stuff and you need to experience stuff. You're going to make mistakes."

Mayfield avoided one mistake when he showed up to camp with his mandatory RV, a Forest River Sunseeker. Stanton will help Mayfield through his rookie season to make sure he steers clear of other mistakes.

"He's done a great job," Stanton said of Mayfield's progress. "Are there going to be bumps? Of course, but I think he's done a really nice job of coming out here and having a great control of this offense in a short period of time."

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