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Edge rushers of 2023 draft class hope to emulate talents of — and possibly play with — Myles Garrett

Garrett’s impact on the current generation of edge rushers has been felt at the 2023 combine


INDIANAPOLIS — The impact Myles Garrett has created on the next class of NFL-ready edge rushers has been evident at the 2023 scouting combine — Garrett's name has been mentioned among the other star defensive ends when prospects have been asked about which players they study most.

Some of them could be joining Garrett on the Browns roster in April.

The Browns could explore adding a young, talented edge rusher with their first pick of the draft at No. 42 overall in the second round or with one of their other seven picks as they look to rejuvenate their defensive line, which struggled to create constant backfield pressure last season. 

All of them, of course, would jump at the chance to start their career next to a four-time Pro Bowler still reaching the prime of his career.

"He's very fluid with his moves," LSU edge rusher Ali Gaye said. "For a big guy to be bending and moving like that with his speed, it's deadly. It's something I want to have in my game as well. I respect his game a lot, and I've studied him the moment he stepped into the league."

NFL prospects speak at their media availability at the 2023 NFL Combine in Indianapolis Indiana

Garrett's bend is what makes him stand out from other star pass rushers. With an ability to keep his balance and bring his hips close to the ground, Garrett is able to beat tackles by simply attempting to rush around them rather than run through or use a spin move — although he certainly has mastered those moves, too. That's how he's managed to become the only NFL edge rusher with 16 sacks in each of the last two seasons.

Will McDonald IV, an Iowa State product who's been mocked to the Browns with their second-round pick, has admired how easy Garrett makes the move look.

"He's a different type of pass rusher, but I definitely try to take some of the tools he's got," McDonald said. "He definitely has a good bend. That's one thing as pass rushers that we do have in common. His bend is super crazy, and that's one thing I do need to work on in my game, too. I know my bend is good, but I want to be able to master it and do what I need to do."

Ohio State edge rusher Zach Harrison, a Lewis Center native who is expected to be an early-round pick, said Garrett is one of the players he's watched most as he looks to carve an NFL career. 

He could start it with him in Cleveland.

"That's probably his best attribute — is to bend the edge," he said. "That's something I feel like I want to do in my game. It's crazy how he does. He just runs right by guys. Being able to touch the ground and go full speed as a pass rusher is why he's able to have 15-16 sacks every year."

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