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Training Camp

Hue Jackson press conference - 7/29

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On Browns QBs and WRs running more routes after the team session was complete:

"(Offensive coordinator) Todd (Haley) likes to do that every day. In fact, now more so. I just want to make sure that the guys' legs are good. There are certain routes that we have to continue to get better at. Just a little extra at the end for the quarterbacks for them it is timing and getting that chemistry together. For them, it is going to take some time. We just have to keep working at it."

On his message to OL Shon Coleman when pulling him aside during practice:

"It is Year 3 of him being around me, and he knows what I expect. It is just that simple. With our guys, there is a way to do everything. He has to meet that standard. That is all it is."

On his message to TE David Njoku after dropped passes in practice:

"We keep working. He is a young player. He made some plays but did drop some. He has to catch the ball better than he did today. That is obvious. He will. It is Day 4. He has some work to do. It is that simple."

On WR Rashard Higgins' productive practice:

"Made plays. That is what receivers have to do. They have to make the plays when the ball is thrown. Whether it is under-thrown, over-thrown or whatever that is, you have to make the play. That is what Rashard is starting to do. You are starting to see him show up every day, which is good to see."

On if OL Chris Hubbard can perform as expected at RT:

"No question. There is no doubt about that. He has done a great job. He has been a really good find for us. I am excited about him and what he is doing."

On how Hubbard is able to be successful at RT, given his weight compared to others at the position:

"He has quickness, balance. He is tenacious. He knows how to finish. He has great leverage. He knows how to play the game. I am excited about him."

On Higgins' development during the past two seasons:

"His rookie year, he was a young player learning his way. Last year, we started the season, and he was released and brought back. I think he made a commitment to himself that would never happen to him again. He had a good season last year, made plays for us throughout the year and now, here he is. I think that he looks around and says, 'Hey look, I want to be one of the guys that is left standing in the room.' He is working his tail off."

On QB Baker Mayfield developing chemistry with Higgins and other WRs:

"Baker is deadly accurate with the ball, so is Tyrod (Taylor) and so is Drew (Stanton). Our guys have been throwing some pinpoint passes. The receivers, all you have to do is be in the right spot at the right time, and they will put the ball in places where you get the chance to catch it. That has been good."

On LB Mychal Kendricks practicing today:

"I saw him make a play almost behind the line of scrimmage. He is quick, and he is tough. I think that he is really starting to understand the system, all of the different packages that we play in. I think that he is going to be a real good find for our football team."

On managing Kendricks reps forward:

"We are still working him back. At the same time, we also have to let him go because he is one of those guys that wants to play. He does not want to be held back. The first night when he found out that we were going to work him in, he was like, 'Coach, is that what you guys do?' I go, 'Yeah because we need to.' We just do not want to take a chance on him having a setback. It has been good."

On DL Myles Garrett and LB Jamie Collins Sr. not practicing today:

"They are fine. It is just part of the routine. Our goal, along with our training staff, is to make sure that we get our players on the field and make sure that there is not a chance for injury. Obviously, we have had some setbacks here in the past. I think that we have done a good job over the last two years of making sure that we keep our team pretty healthy in that way."

On WR Corey Coleman having a more consistent, productive day compared to yesterday:

"Yes, it was. It was. I will say this about Corey, today was the day because of his soft tissue situation that he was supposed to be down. He said, 'No, Coach. I want to practice.' That was really good to see him step up. That is what you want to see. Go out there, compete and make plays."

On TE Seth DeValve leaving practice:

"I think it is a quad. I do not know how bad it is, but we will see. Those things can be a little tricky. We will work through it."

On if Browns players will earn their stripes as individuals or a team:

"I think that it is a team thing. I think it is going to be the entire team at once. We are close to getting some candidates. Not where we want to be, but I think I can see a couple of guys bubble up to the top. That is what you want to see."

On Mayfield's biggest area of development since OTAs and minicamp, in addition to ability to stay and step up in the pocket:

"Accuracy. Not that he did not do it then, I just think that he understands his teammates better, and he knows where to place the ball to make a play. He threw a ball behind the ear to someone today, and to me, it was outstanding. Those are the kinds of things that he is doing, along with staying in the pocket. I think that he is seeing the offense unfold a little bit better. I think that he understands the system better. I think that he is making really good progress, which is what you want to see from your quarterback."

On if he likes how fast Mayfield is picking up the system:

"Yes, between Coach Haley and (quarterbacks) Coach (Ken) Zampese and my every now and ten, little prod, he has done a really good job. He spends a lot of time here in the building. To me, he and Tyrod probably should just sleep here. These guys are here 24/7 doing everything that they need to do, along with Drew. That is good for that group."

On decreasing soft tissue injuries during recent years:

"It has [decreased], and to be very honest with you, (Vice President, Player Health and Development) Joe Sheehan, who is our head athletic trainer, we sit down and we really map out. Normally, these soft tissue injuries happen in the first four days of practice, four, five, six, and seven. By this rotating schedule we have for players, it has helped us get through it a little bit better. Not that we will be perfect – we are going to have one every now and then – but I think it has helped us and helped this football team. I know people get worried about guys not practicing, but at the same time, if they are hurt, then they do not get to practice. It is a double-edged sword so we work through it. We make a decision as a group, we collaborate about it and away we go."

On if nutrition has also contributed to a decrease soft tissue injuries:

"Honestly, I think it is everything at the end of the day. I think it is really what happens out here because when you start, a lot of these guys have not run full speed like this in the heat for that long, the duration of practice, turning and doing all of these things. I think it is a combination of everything that you just mentioned. Our training staff does a great job."

On if Mayfield is an outstanding listener and if some young high-profile players can come across like a 'know it all':

"He is an outstanding listener. Baker Mayfield has been everything I thought a quarterback should be for our organization thus far. He is doing the things that we want him to do, the way we want him to do it and he is exceeding those things because he is putting in the time. He does not have a pride or [arrogance] any kind of way. I think his thing is 'You guys tell me what you need me to do and I am going to do it.' That is what he has done ever since he has walked through the building, and to me, that is exciting. That is a player who is eager to learn and grow, but more than that, I think he has built an unbelievable bond with Tyrod Taylor, Drew Stanton and that quarterback group. I think that is where it starts. There is trust. I think there is an honesty and transparency among that group. They have done a great job. When you are the first pick of the draft and you walk in, normally like you said some guys walk in with their chest out and it is about me, me, me. He is not about that. He is about the team. He is truly about the football team and about getting better, and that is why I am glad he is here."

On OL JC Tretter adding 10 pounds and how that benefits him:

"He plays against some of those 300-pound defensive tackles and nose guards – some of these guys are 340 – and he has to be able to hold those guys off. He normally can do it with quickness, but I think having a little bit more weight behind him will help him. You guys should ask them about these protein muffins that he has in the offensive line room. They are unbelievable. He told me if I eat one, I will eat 10 so I have not had one, but those guys are eating a ton of them in that room so hopefully, nobody grows as big as a gorilla here pretty soon (laughter)."

On how LB Joe Schobert's role may change with LB additions:

"We have some talented guys. Joe did a great job. Obviously, he played every snap, and he had to. Could Joe Schobert be better if he does not have to play every snap and can take a series off and breathe for a second because we have some talented guys? I do not know how that is going to shake out, but we have some guys that can play. That is a good thing. I think that is a good problem to have."

On DB Denzel Ward's 'lighter workload' today:

"I did not even know he had a lighter workload."

On Ward not appearing to receive as many reps today:

"Was he? I will take a peak to see what that is. I do not know. I will find out."

On early impressions of WR Damion Ratley:

"Yeah, he made a play I saw in one of the deals. He went down and caught a ball. He made some plays. I am just glad he is back out there, but I will see more when I watch the tape. It is good to have all of our young players out there practicing and competing."

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