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Jarvis Landry's impact on Corey Coleman starts with what's for dinner

Jarvis Landry's impact on Corey Coleman has been vital as the third-year, former first-round pick enters a pivotal season for himself.

When Landry was asked Thursday about how he was drawn to take Coleman under his wing, a smile crept across his face.

"It started with the chicken fingers and French fries," Landry said.

Just a few minutes earlier, Coleman revealed Landry was his biggest source of inspiration when it came to changing his diet. Browns performance dietitian Katy Meassick works closely with players to ensure they're putting the right foods and portions into their bodies, but it's on the players to follow those guidelines when they're away from the facility.

Coleman admitted he wasn't always eating the way he should during his first two seasons, but that's changed in recent months. He's swapped the Buffalo wings for more fish, and he's already feeling the results.

"It's worked out for me so far," Coleman said. "My body's changed."

Said Landry: "You can't go around eating french fries and chicken fingers and steak all the time. I know it sounds good but in this league, we want to have a healthy diet. It allows us to play better, feel better, allow our body to feel better. Get those things in you that you need to come out and perform."

Coleman said his weight was currently at 192 pounds and he wants to keep it around that number from start to finish this season. In the past, Coleman said his weight would fluctuate during the course of the season, when practice is much less strenuous.

Coleman's commitment to an improved diet is among the reasons why Landry expects a big jump in production in 2018.

"He's just a hard worker. He continues to work hard," Landry said. "He came out at OTAs and we had an opportunity to throw together (in Los Angeles) … He's eating better, so that's good. It's going to show throughout the season so I'm excited to see what he's going to bring to us."

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