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Training Camp

Jimmy Haslam: Tyrod Taylor a standard-bearer for new-and-improved Browns

The Browns hope an influx of talent at quarterback serves as the foundation for a turnaround.  

Leading that charge is Tyrod Taylor, who has steadied a young team both on and off the field since coming to Cleveland this past spring. And it's been noticed all the way at the top.

"We're here a lot, and there's no harder worker on our team than Tyrod Taylor," Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said Saturday. "I know that we were getting a good football player. I didn't understand what kind of a great person we were getting. He alone has set a different tone."

Taylor has continued to be a standard-bearer as the Browns continue training camp. The eight-year veteran has brought a history of production, leadership and winning track record to a franchise set to rebound from its first winless season. 

Taylor's presence has been especially noticeable throughout the first few days of camp. "You all are at practice – I don't want to jinx it; I'll knock on wood – but we're not jumping offside, we get lined up and we're not throwing interceptions," Haslam said. 

"To have him on the team, I think that you have a chance every game. Everybody knows that we were 32nd in offensive turnovers last year, and Tyrod's record in that area is really good. He's a really good athlete and he's a really good person."

Taylor, a three-year starter for the Bills, is arguably Cleveland's best quarterback in more than a decade. A threat with both his arm and legs, the 28-year-old helped Buffalo snap a 17-year playoff drought last season and amassed the most combined touchdowns (65) and the second-most wins (23) by a Bills quarterback in his first three years. 

What has drawn teammates to him, however, is his professionalism and unparalleled work ethic. Those qualities haven't gone unnoticed by just about everyone in the building.

"He doesn't flinch. Tyrod Taylor is the same guy that walked into the building however many months ago and is the same guy today," head coach Hue Jackson said. "He's leading the offense, making plays, getting people in the right spots and all of those things. I'm very impressed with what he is doing. He just has to keep it going."

"You just see a change," linebacker Christian Kirksey said, pointing to a new-and-improved offense manned by Taylor. "I'm excited to see them for the season."

The leader of a new-look quarterbacks room, which includes veteran journeyman Drew Stanton and rookie and first overall NFL Draft pick Baker Mayfield, Taylor is a key cog in what could be the beginning of brighter days for the Browns.

 "We have three quarterbacks, two who have won games in the pros," Haslam said. 

"This time last year when we started the season we did not have one guy on the roster who had won games on the roster as a quarterback. This time, we have two who have won games in the pros, and we have one who won a hell of a lot of games in college football. We feel good about where we are."

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