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Press Conference

Kevin Stefanski: "Every player young and old is going to get beat. You gotta bounce back"

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:
On the format for tomorrow's practice at the stadium:
"What we want to do is kind of get in there, get our uniforms on and get what it feels like coming out of that locker room. Some guys, myself included, have not spent a lot of time in that building so that is kind of what we are thinking. It will look like a normal practice for most of it, and then we will go to a move-the-ball competitive-period type drill. This first one is really that. The second time we get in there, we will really use it as a dress rehearsal, both literally with them wearing the uniforms but we will have headsets on, the scoreboard and all of that. Just use that as a dress rehearsal both for our staff and for our players."

On LB Malcolm Smith and if there is a comfort level that he will know what to do, given his experience:
"Yeah, he is a very intelligent player. He has experience in this scheme, although the terminology is not exactly the same so it is going to take a minute here for him. Really pleased so far, and it is early. He just has not had a ton of exposure, and I have not had a ton of exposure to him. My interactions with him, I think he is a really heady football player with good experience in the scheme."

On if offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt will call plays during the stadium practices and if that will help make a determination on who will call plays during the season, given the absence of preseason games:
"I think we are looking at it from the standpoint of it is really good for all of us to get in that building and to go through all of the getting players in and out of the huddle and on the sidelines. All of it that goes into playing a game, I think, is really beneficial. Just like that, just getting the offense on the field, getting plays called, getting them out of the huddle and all of that is good reps for us."

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On if Van Pelt will call plays during the competitive period of practice at the stadium as it relates to determining who will ultimately call plays:
"We have a plan. I think we are going to mix it this week, but I am sticking to the plan. I promise I will update you guys when appropriate."

On if the social justice conversations can help build team chemistry:
"There is a lot going on in this world. Going back to the spring and going back to May, I think we have had a lot of hard conversations, and I think guys have been able to share with each other, which has been really important because you can't just sit in the locker room, sit next to each other and cut it up like you have in the past. It is just you physically can't do that. There has definitely been a push from me and from our players to get to know each other as best we can as fast as we can under these circumstances."

On if the Browns are 100 percent committed to playing LT Jedrick Wills Jr. at LT for the opener against the Ravens:

On if the Browns will waiver on starting Wills at LT based on upcoming practices:

On if the Browns may matchup Wills and DE Myles Garrett more as training camp progresses:
"I would say that is more what we want to do defensively, if that is something that we want to do, less so than what it means to Jedrick."

On if he has noticed Wills getting discouraged after getting beat in reps at practice and if so, have there been conversations with Wills about keeping his head up:
"Every position, it is an occupational hazard that you are going to get beat. Whether you are a safety, a corner or a tackle, it just happens in this game. I have not noticed that specifically from Jed, but I just know every player, young and old, is going to get beat and then you have to bounce back. I make a big point when the offense makes a really good play in practice, 'Next play.' When the offense makes a bad play or the defense makes a good play or bad play, you just have to have a next-play mentality as a team and as a player."

On if has noticed any lingering effects in practice when Wills has a bad play where it potentially leads to another one:

On C Nick Harris and his biggest improvements during training camp:
"I would say just a general understanding of what we are trying to do. Center is a position that you are really making a lot of calls and you are running the show. We are fortunate to have (C) JC (Tretter), a veteran who has seen a lot, and then you have a young kid in there who has not. To his credit, he has every day gotten better at understanding the defensive looks that he is going to see."

On if Harris' strides are more mental or physical:
"I think it is both. I think these guys work very hard in their technique with (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan and (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters. You definitely are seeing technique-things improvements show up, as well."

On the Browns signing WR Damion Willis:
"I just think (General Manager and Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Andrew (Berry) and his staff every day have meetings and discuss what we want to do roster-wise and discuss it with the coaches, see what is available and see if it can help us improve."

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