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Training Camp

Mike Pettine introduces a Browns camouflage touch to special practice jerseys

Mike Pettine livened up the end of training camp last year when he instituted a daily final drill that would determine a winner and loser of some capacity.

The Browns coach spiced things up a little more Sunday when his secret offseason project was unveiled on the backs of Saturday's winners.

In place of last year's orange jerseys, the previous day's winners will now sport fresh orange, brown and white camouflage. Pettine, whose appreciation for the U.S. armed forces has been regularly on display since he came to Cleveland, said he initially wanted to go with a more traditional, green camouflage but was encouraged by the NFL to keep it within the realm of the Browns' traditional colors.

He wasn't disappointed with the compromise and was quick to defend the look to any potential fashion critics.

"I've seen how some of you in this group dress, so I don't know if I'm going to be very open to fashion advice," Pettine said during a lighthearted moment of his post-practice press conference. "You know who you are, too."

Pettine had reason to smile about the purpose of the jerseys after Sunday's final period, which ended in dramatic fashion.

In a back-and-forth competition at the end of what was a back-and-forth practice, the offense came out on top when tight end Gary Barnidge hauled in a long pass from quarterback Josh McCown. That makes it one win apiece for the offense and defense through two days of practice with pads.

The offense will sport their camouflage jerseys Tuesday when the Browns return from their first day off since training camp opened.

"That's what that period's for," Pettine said. "I told them afterwards, our season will hinge on those plays -- third-and-5 at the end of the game, you get a first down and you can run out the clock; if you get a stop on defense, you get a chance to win it or you can win it right there. Those are the things that we want to simulate in practice and I was glad it came down to the last play."

The Browns' camouflage jerseys are for practice only and, per NFL rules, will not be available at retail.

Photos from Day 4 of Browns Training Camp

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