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Training Camp

Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 11

On QB Johnny Manziel not throwing in practice:

"Just had a little elbow soreness so we just wanted to rest it for the day. Still let him go through everything else. It just was an accumulation of reps, started to get a little sore. We would do that with any of the guys, but he was the one that was experiencing some stiffness."

On if Manziel will play Thursday:

"Yeah, we're anticipating that. It was just today."

On if Manziel's ice pack after the Orange & Brown Scrimmage indicated an injury:

"All of our quarterback ice down afterwards. Standard."

On OL Joe Thomas' status:

"Today was his scheduled day off."

On if Thomas' knee is fine:


On if Thomas will play Thursday:

"We'll determine that. Position coaches are formulating their plan just to kind of see where we are. There's a chance Joe plays a little bit. There's a chance he doesn't go out there and take a snap. We've yet to determine that. It would be unrelated to yesterday."

On the playtime plan for the different units on Thursday:

"Probably be typical first game. Get guys – the starters for sure – it will be all an individualized plan. You'll get some guys that are with the ones that might go into the second quarter; you might get some ones that don't play at all; and anything in between. It's just hard to give an actual amount just because you don't know how the game is going to play out. Things aren't going well, sometimes you want to keep them out there longer, things are going well you want to pull them sooner or the way that they're going, their units not getting a lot of reps. that's very fluid."

On estimating starters will play approximately one quarter:

"Roughly. That's safe to say"

On the team's status now compared to this time last year:

"Just hard to tell at this point because we've just been going against ourselves. I feel we're ahead of where we were a year ago offensively, but until we go out there against someone else, it's hard to make that statement."

On if Thomas had an MRI and the extent of his examination:

"I don't think he got one. I know he went in and the doctor went in there to take a look at him, but I don't don't think he went for an MRI."

On being excited to see the rookies in their first NFL preseason game:

"You always are just because it's really their first true competition, NFL competition. Sometimes it's a night where you sit back and see the look on their faces sometimes is very wide-eyed. Some guys like a (OL) Joel Bitonio that walked out there and looked like he'd been playing in the league for, five years. You never know what it's going to look like until it happens, but it's something as a staff you're always anticipating it."

On DB Ibraheim Campbell's development:

"He's been solid. He's very smart. Picking up the system has not been an issue for him, but he's one of those guys on that list. Very curious to see how he is I know he'll be a big part of Tabes' (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) plans as a core (special) teamer. He'll get a lot of work there, and he'll certainly get a good chunk of the game at safety."

On if players who did not practice today due to injury will sit out Thursday:


On if he expected WR Brian Hartline to practice after a minor injury Monday:

"To me, it's just dependent on the injury. I t was just a low ankle, just twisted it. It was not something we felt was a serious thing. We'll be careful with all of our guys, and we'll always err on the side of caution, especially this early in camp. He's a guy with no issues coming back from it. We put it on the player, especially the veteran guys. We'll trust their judgement. Brian is fine."

On TE Rob Housler's progress catching passes after dropping a few:

"I think that's something that's obvious that he needs to work on. The rest of his game has been solid, but that's something that the ball gets thrown to you, you've got to catch it. I know that's something that he knows, Coach Angelichio (tight ends coach Brian Angelichio) knows and they work on it every day. We're in a bottom line business. If the ball gets thrown to you, you have to catch it. Confident that he'll put in the work that he needs to do. When we get out there in the preseason games – that's when it counts the most – we'll see how it plays out."

On WR Vince Mayle during camp:

"Coming off the thumb, I think he struggled just a little bit early in camp with some soreness and just catching balls that he hadn't went through all spring without having the quarterbacks throw to him. Vince has done some good things. For us, I think he's faster in pads than we anticipated him to be. He plays hard every snap. That's an encouraging thing. Good things will happen when you have that mentality, but we'll see. He's one of those guys, too. How's he going to respond in a game situation?"

On if RB Terrence West's off-field attitude has improved:

"I think he's taken a step. I think there's still room for improvement but I think Terrance is headed in the right direction on that front."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor missing practice is makes it more difficult for him to be on the roster:

"Yeah, but you deal in reality. Right now, he can't be out there. He's taking all the mental reps that he can, but that only gets you so far. It is unfortunate, similar to (RB) Duke (Johnson). We need to know what we have in both those guys, and when they're not out there, it hurts us."

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