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Training Camp

Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 15

On an update on RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

"It was just jogging around. There was nothing full speed, well take it easy with him for a while. Anytime we're in this mode- like when we do our night walkthroughs all the guys that are capable of doing that all participate in it. This was similar tempo. That's the benefit of doing it that way, you get some of those injured guys involved in it."

On DL Jamie Meder and DL Dylan Wynn increasing competition in the DL room:

"It is and they're both having good camps. The unfortunate thing for Dylan a little bit right now is we're playing him somewhat out of position, given our depth at outside linebacker, with Ming (Linebacker Barkevious Mingo) down that he's had to play some more rush, kind of like- we've used him as essentially a four-three end for some of it. His natural position is inside. He'll get reps- we'll be able to evaluate him at both. As far as Jamie is concerned he's shown up, he's definitely going to be in the discussion. He's having a good camp."

On what he tells players about physicality in a joint practice:

"No different than what I tell our guys when we're out here. We want to compete, competitive not combative. That's the phrase we'll use. I'll talk about it with Rex (when we get up there. We'll have a quick whistle. You don't want piles getting pushed late and that's important. Understand we're not going up there to have a pillow fight either (laughter). Hopefully it'll be clean but it'll be- both teams are wanting to establish the physical part of the game. We're looking to get some good solid work out of it

On if there will be a scrimmage period in the second group practice:

"I peeked at the practice plans. I know the coordinators have been in communication back and forth. I know both practices will end with a move the ball period. I don't think it will be a formal scrimmage but it'll be 'Hey, let's put the ball down, we're not on a script just play it out as we see it' we'll try to get – so we can maximize the amount of work because it'll essentially be about a two hour window so we can maximize on that we will operate on two fields. Their stadium field up there has Fieldturf on it and the field on the other side of it is grass. We'll flip the days, whose offense is on which one of those fields and then we'll flip it on day two."

On if he is looking forward to getting a lot of work done in joint practice:

"You get the exact work that you want and it is also in a controlled environment. We're not going to be live. You're minimizing the risk for injury but you're getting work done against another NFL opponent. It's a win-win. It's not a surprise that more teams aren't doing it."

On it being a surprise that he's never done joint practice:

"I had. I'd only done it- it was a one day deal. When I was with the Ravens we just day tripped back and forth depending on the year, to Washington, just in each other's stadiums and did a day of, just did a practice together. That was more of a true scrimmage than it was just practicing together."

On if Rex Ryan was against joint practices:

"No, I don't think so. I just think the opportunity didn't come up. We were in Courtland. Probably the only natural one would have been Pittsburgh, Maybe Cleveland. I'm just not sure of the circumstances. He was never 'hey, I don't want to do it' I think if the opportunity presented itself- like I said, we tried to get it together here last year and just couldn't get it done logistically with the teams involved. I was obviously very glad that we were able to make this happen."

On why the team is taking the train:

"You need to talk to Simon (Gelan), my assistant, on that one. He handles all team travel. I just think from a – I'm not sure whether our plane was too big to go into Rochester and we'd have to fly into Buffalo then bus another hour and a half up to- I've taken the train before having been in Baltimore and been in New York, going down the I95 quarter on the train. To me, it's the best way to go. It's an airplane minus being way above the ground (laughter) and having people search your bags

On if taking a train was done for team bonding reasons:

"No, but its- to me it's better than a bus, you can relax. Coaches can get a lot of work done. We'll load tomorrows practice on to our tablets and be able to work on the train. It's just much more relaxed way to travel."

On if it is a charter train:

"It is a charter train, yeah."

On what he is anxious to see out of WR Terrelle Pryor:

"We'll take it slow. He's done a good job staying engaged mentally. That hasn't dropped off. He's sharp, he's standing behind asking the right questions. Just seeing him ramp back up, we'll be very mindful of his work load, at the same time we still have to get him out there and see what he can do."

On if his relationship with Rex Ryan since he left New York has changed:

"No, I think that was, people tried to connect the dots there and our relationship hasn't changed. It was good then and it's good now. Good natured, we take our shots at each other. Some people interpret that the wrong way. Now, if you've ever been on the headset with us (laughter) you'd think that we'll never speak to each other ever again. No, it's good. I've worked with him for a long time. A lot of great memories and I consider him – he'll be a friend until I take my last breath.

On if organizing the joint practice was easier given his relationship with Rex Ryan:

"Yeah. Anytime you have- because I also know (Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator) Greg Roman, most of that defensive staff up there are guys that I – and some of the carry over guys on offense from Buffalo 2013 were kept. I probably have a good relationship with 2/3 of that coaching staff. Anytime you can collaborate that way you're going to get a lot of good work done."

On if his move from New York to Buffalo was a move towards a head coaching job:

"That was part of it. The other part of it was contractual. That's been documented. I just felt it was time."

On if the playbook incited strained their relationship:

"No. No we laugh about that."

On an update on FB Malcolm Johnson:

"It's good to get him out there. He's another guy like Pryor that did a real good job with the mental part of it. There's no substitute though for being out there, it's good. Flip's glad because that gets him back into some of those fullback personnel groupings instead of trying to- he did a little bit with tight ends and he can actually use Malcolm, the way that the original plan was. The bonus there, getting one D-back as well. We went from having zero fullbacks and we weren't in any fullback groupings now all of a sudden we have two of them back. Flip, needless to say is in a better mood."

On the coincidental nature of Ryan and himself both looking for their franchise quarterbacks:

"I am sure Rex will agree the most fun we had coaching was when we had Steve McNair in Baltimore in 2006 and went 12-4 or 13-3 and unfortunately lost to Indy. A close game at home in the playoffs. I just remember the first drive of the year we were down at Tampa and our offense took eight minutes off the clock and scored a touchdown and our guys on defense were in heaven. It makes a difference. We have had that conversation before asking who has the bigger curse on quarterbacks, he or I. It remains to be seen."

On the team accomplished what he had hoped they would in the past two weeks:

"Yeah, we did. I thought our coaches did a good job of planning it and all the situations that we wanted to get covered. I know the talk of us potentially down the road moving here. This has been a good environment for us. The fan turnout has been great. We can sense it, feel it. I know our guys certainly appreciate it."

On how OL Cameron Erving graded out after his first preseason game:

"He was solid. It was tough for him on the touchdown throw he overset and gave up some penetration inside that forced Josh out of the pocket. Overall his first NFL experience and then getting thrown at left tackle, a position he hadn't repped a lot, he had more pluses than minuses."

On why he won't name McCown the opening day starter at this point:

"To me if things continue the way they are he will be, but I am just not into declarations. He is firmly our number one. I don't know how I can say that any differently."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor put himself behind the eight-ball in terms of making the roster after his injury or did the team see enough of his play to warrant a roster spot:

"He is not guaranteed a spot, but I also wouldn't write him off. He is still in-between. That sense of urgency now is ramped up. It is a tighter window to see it. We are certainly not going to hand him a spot based on potential. He has to show us. What he has showed us so far has been encouraging."

On if he has a number of wide receivers he would like to keep on the final 53-man roster:

"No, when we get down to that discussion what you typically do is put down your position minimums. What is that absolute minimums we can function with? Then you are picking the best football players from the pool. That way you are guaranteed to have your best 53.

On Tashaun Gipson's status:

"He has a mild -- that popped up during the game. It is a mild strain. I am not sure whether it was his calf. I don't think it was anything that is going to be long term."

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