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Training Camp

Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 4

On WR Terrelle Pryor's status:

"I don't think it was anything serious, but you never know. We will get an image and see where we are with it."

On if they had Pryor throw some balls today to take advantage of his skillset:

"Yeah, special plays are going to be part of our plan each week. You want to have those up so the sooner we can start working on them, the better. I am a firm believer of always having that option. It is there, you have a couple practiced and ready to go. You get into a game where there is a lull on both sides and offensively you need something to break it open; you always want to have that to go to and a guy like Terrelle certainly gives us that ability"

On the early issues DL Danny Shelton and Xavier Cooper face:

"I think they are having some of it. It is just typical stuff. I think they are both where we thought they would be. It is just getting used to the speed of the game and having to process quickly the terminology and all those things. The physical part of it going against guys that are NFL sized and NFL caliber players. That is a big part of it. They are both where we thought they would be or a little bit ahead."

On the worry of spreading OL Cameron Erving too thin across the line:

"It is out of necessity when we give guys days off to bounce him around a little bit. I think as camp goes on he'll settle in. A lot of the technical things, the offensive line play like blocking a guy who is shaded on you is the same technique whether you are the right guard or the right tackle, or the center or left tackle. I think that is a little overrated as far as moving positions and getting used to it. He is a guy who I think as we get closer to the opener and we settle on how we are going to play. You will certainly see not just him, but all the players settle into the positions that will play a majority of the time."

On in which position will Erving settle:

"I don't know if I can answer that just yet. We haven't even had a scrimmage yet. I will be able to answer that question a lot easier when we get going against some competition."

On if TE EJ Bibbs is continuing to impress:

"He is. He is. He has exceptional hands. I think he has displayed that throughout all the time he has been here. He has a lot of the detail stuff to work on and it is a lot for him from a playbook standpoint. I am pleased with where he is. He is a guy that impressed us from the day he walked in here. There has not been a drop off since we put the pads on. He physically has the skill set to play in the NFL. We'll see how it plays out once we start playing games."

On what allows DB K'Waun Williams to always be around the ball:

"First thing that tells you is that he is getting targeted a lot. That's one thing teams are identifying him as a guy to go to. He responded and made a lot of plays. There are some guys that just have a knack for finishing as a defensive back, understanding the timing, not fouling and being able to get the hand in and make a play. We are confident that he is going to take a big step in year 2. We are very pleased with what he did in year 1 as an undrafted free agent. He is going to be a big part of what we do."

On DL Billy Winn's status:

"It was more of an ankle (injury) than knee. That was encouraging, but it will still be a little bit of time. At least a week and we will evaluate it then. We were pleased that it wasn't anything serious from a knee standpoint."

On if they signed two RBs because of RBs Terrance West and Duke Johnson Jr. not being completely healthy:

"And (RB Luke) Lundy. With Duke being down – just to be able to practice we had to get some guys in here."

On Winn has a high ankle sprain:

"I don't know if it was classified as that. I just know it was ankle but I don't know – if it is I don't think it was the severe type where you're talking six to eight weeks."

On if RB Duke Johnson's injury is hamstring related:

"That I don't know. It's just disappointing that a guy that we're counting on to be a big part of what we do, to lose him at this formative time of what we're getting done, that's tough. He'll have a lot of catch up work to do. We're making sure he gets all of those reps mentally. But there's no substitute for actual live reps."

On if TE Gary Barnidge is a larger part of the passing offense than anticipated:

"I don't think so. I think we kind of see those three guys, for sure, just the skillset where (TE) Jim's (Dray) more the blocker type, (TE) Rob's (Housler) more the receiving type and Gary I think does both of them pretty well. He's versatile and he's also shown that he can come up and make big plays in big situations. Very pleased with where Gary is.

On if last season's offensive trouble converting turnovers is deflating as a former defensive coordinator:

"That's last year. That's always a point of emphasis. When you get a short field you have to take advantage of it. You prefer to score touchdowns obviously. Just like when- we consider, when you get a team backed up and you get a stop that's close to being a turnover, you're usually going to get some form of scoring out of it- prefer it to be a touchdown. Any time you're on a short field, that's important for you to get the momentum swing of a take away. Just overall feeling on the offense side. It was a lot for them in the spring and I think some of our guys were overwhelmed with the inventory. I think it's been much smoother in training camp, now with it being the second time through- very pleased with where we are. I know our defensive guys called each other up and I don't think that happened all of training camp a year ago. That's a sign that the offense is having some production."

On if last season's offensive missteps were a source of frustration:

"Losing games was the biggest source of frustration."

On comparing DL Phil Taylor and DL Danny Shelton's body types and performance:

"I haven't really studied their bodies to compare them. That's not on my to-do list. I think you need that body type in the middle to stop the run, especially when you want to play some more coverage and allocate more players to defending the pass, then you have to have a guy that can eat up two blocks and not let one of those blockers off on the second level. We always feel, anytime you can play one of ours to two of their at the point of attack in the run game, you're going to be successful. That's what both of those guys do, that their body types can do for us."

On if the team enjoys playing in different stadiums:

"I just like it because we're going somewhere different and it will be a different atmosphere. You want to see- ok guys can make plays out here on the practice field but now you have to- I mean we play games in that type of atmosphere and that's important to see who's going to thrive in that environment and who might drop away."

On if the minor injuries are frustrating in training camp:

"It is because you have to practice it. It's hard when the lineup is constantly being churned like the way it is. You want to be able to settle in at some point during camp. That's important because those guys are all young, they need their reps. When they're not out there that is a source of frustration. "

On FB Malcolm Johnson's status:

"I don't know. I don't have that report yet. I know he's gone in to be evaluated."

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