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Training Camp

Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 5

On if LB Barkevious Mingo participated in practice today:
"No, he was out. He's got something. He was getting evaluated today. We'll know a little bit more soon."

On WR Dwayne Bowe's status:
"Both he and (WR Terrelle) Pryor are hamstring issues that are not believed to be serious but will still be a little bit of time. It will be obviously at least through the scrimmage."

On specifics regarding Mingo's status:
"Not yet. We'll have some more tomorrow."

On if recent training camp injuries are bothersome:
"I know it's a part of camp, but that's something we try to prevent. We really stress being proactive with it, getting the sleep the hydration, the nutrition. We evaluate how we do things all the time. When that number starts to get above what the norms are, then that's an area for concern and that's something as an organization that we're looking to address. Also, a lot of it comes down to the player, as well, just making sure that they're doing the right things. It is a source of frustration when you have limited (players) and when it starts to pile up at a position, and now, you have a ripple effect that starts to effect the other guys and their repetitions and then you have to look at the overall picture of practice and cut down on reps and there are guy sat other positions that need reps. Like I said, sometimes the consequences of it are frustrating."

On if Pryor will play in the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:
"I can't say at this point. I probably lean towards the doubtful side. We'll see."

On the frequency of field goal drills in practice:
"They get their kicking, but we alternate the days. As we get going, we'll get kicks obviously during the scrimmage. We'll work those in. Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) has a plan, but we'll have a really good sense of whether our kicker is here by the end of training camp.

On splitting reps between RB Isaiah Crowell and RB Shaun Draughn and if it provides Crowell an opportunity to separate himself among the entire group:
"We don't want to over use those guys. That's why we brought in (RB Jalen) Parmele and (RB Timothy) Flanders to make sure we could still balance those reps out, that those guys weren't taxed, especially on a day like today when we were doing some live work. I think Shawn certainly benefits from it a lot and Crow needs every rep he can get just being Year 2 in the NFL but Year 1 in a new system, where the pass protection stuff is a little bit different for him now and involving the running backs more in a pass game, he needs all of those reps."

On if Crowell has answered questions about his performance on and off the field this past offseason:
"I have not had any issues with Isiah since he stepped foot in the building as far as anything off the field. He's a guy that came in, worked hard, saw an opportunity, seized it, had a heck of a rookie season for us and we're looking for him to take off more in Year 2."

On if Draughn has elevated himself in training camp these past few days:
"In our opinion, I don't think so because we had a pretty high opinion of him coming into camp, based on what he did in the spring. I spoke about him a couple days back that he's quiet, there's not a lot of flash there. A lot of times, he makes it look like he's kind of gliding a little bit but he's covered more ground quicker than you think. We're glad he's here. We think he can be a part of what we're doing. It's all a part of the competition, and right now, he has an advantage because of the repetitions he's getting."

On the outcome of the goal line drill and the defense making several stops:
"Actually, scoring it, it came down to that the offense led 4-2 and then the defense converted the last three, and that was actually to keep the jerseys. We usually do that competition at the end, but we wanted to do it during that live period. It was good. The one thing I was pleased with was the mentality that Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) took in that period, that we weren't going to try to trick the defense that much. It was essentially 'Hey, here's where the balls going.' That's the type of team that we want to build here that we can late in games, we're down on the goal line and say, 'Hey, here's where we're running' and still punch it in. I was pleased that the first play of the drill was an off tackle run and the last play of the game was an off tackle run."

On if DeFilippo is free to call what plays he likes or 'trick it up':
"Is he free to do it? Sure. With a former quarterback as his head coach, there are no handcuffs on his creativity (laughter)."

On LB Scott Solomon and DL Dylan Wynn coming in on offense for goal-line running situations:
"Just tinkering with (it). Obviously, with (FB) Malcolm (Johnson) down and (RB Luke) Lundy, who has taken some fullback reps, we needed them today. You always like to have a crossover guy defensively – especially if the way that you are building your offense is more of a hybrid fullback than a [standard FB] guy – that can get it done for you in a heavier guy that can get it done in goal line and short yardage."

On FB Malcolm Johnson' status:
"I think he is still day-to-day. There is some soreness. We will probably rest him through the scrimmage and evaluate him coming out of it."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor will travel to Columbus if he is not able to play in the scrimmage:
"We haven't talked about that yet."

On where the focus goes as a coaching staff during goal-line situations:
"Offensively, we're that close – we want six points; we want the touchdown. Defensively, we always have had the mentality that they are not in there until they are in there. I have seen teams take over first-and-goal at the six-inch line and not get in there. That is a mentality that they are not going to get in. We talk about all those guys winning their one-on-one battles. That is the important thing, not trying to do too much. We always talk about do your job, good things will happen. Nowhere on the field is that more true than on the goal-line."

On if the Browns will have more two-point conversation plays due to the new NFL rules:
"We have talked about it. I think you have to open that inventory up a little bit and you have to work on them a little bit more, especially defending them. I don't know how much, I don't think any of us know how much the rule change will affect (it). You are essentially going from 99-plus percent to 96 percent and some change (of a kick success rate). I don't know how much it'll change it. I think the other rule that comes in to play that is going to affect some play calling down there is that the defense can now score on a turnover during a try. That will change some game management decisions based on whether you are up one or are you up nine. Do we risk those points? Those are all discussions we already started to have and we'll firm those up as we get closer to the end of camp. We work on a lot of our special situations."

On if the team is more likely to practice those situations when practice is closed to the public:

On the change in QB Johnny Manziel from the beginning of camp to now and if he is getting more comfortable:
"I think so. I think he is. As I have already spoken to this a bunch, he is in a good place, especially when he is here in the building. He shows up every day and works hard. I can't be more pleased with the quarterback room, just how they hold each other accountable, how (quarterbacks coach) Kevin O'Connell and Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) interacts with those guys and hold them accountable and the work they put in. They know as quarterbacks that they have to put in more work than anybody else and it shows on the field."

On if Manziel had a good day throwing the ball:
"I saw him make some good throws, but I just don't know off the top of my head. I don't chart or do those statistics during training camp like some others do. I'll defer to seeing the tape."

On what makes a RB like Crowell successful on the goal line:
"I think some backs, it is a running style. He likes to get his pads forward. He has a good feel for when there is a crack that he can turn. A lot of guys can turn their shoulders and get in sideways. There are a couple examples of some of those runs where he was able to run low to the ground and turn his body to get in. It is an instinctive thing. There are not gaping holes down there. The creases are typically very small and it is getting the pads down but still having the ability to keep your balance and drive your legs. He is one of the better ones I have seen down there."

On the format of the scrimmage:
"It will be similar to last year. I don't know how much we are going to mix the units. It will be the ones against the ones, the twos against the twos for the most part. Also, we will do some red zone work towards the end. We will start in the high red then we will also do some low red work. We will probably do more special teams in this one, kicking, punting. Tabes (special team's coordinator Chris Tabor) will have a number that he will want to get to. If those kicks don't come up in the normal flow of the scrimmage, then we will hit the pause button and work on those at a certain point."

On if each QB will get time with the ones:
"We are meeting on that today so I will probably have a better sense tomorrow."

On his dad's thoughts of the team:
"Yeah, I was shocked. He actually had some good things to say this morning. I talked to him over breakfast. Surprisingly, there were a few positive comments sprinkled in there."

On if he had to 'check the weather':
"No, I don't know. He enjoys it and he is soaking it in. (offensive line coach) Andy Moeller's dad, Gary, is here today. Gary has been here for the past couple days and they have gotten a chance to compare old school notes with each other and talk about what their kids are doing, somewhat doing right and mostly doing wrong. It has been good.

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