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Training Camp

Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 6

On if there were other injuries during practice today:
Yeah. (TE Kevin) Haplea got rolled up on during the inside drill. He's being evaluated, that was a knee, not sure how serious. (DB Pierre) Desir we just think is a soft tissue we'll know a little bit more once it's evaluated."

On a timetable for LB Barkevious Mingo coming back:
"Do not. We'll know better- it was today so we'll know better coming out of it. Sometimes when they go in, you never know if they find anything additional."

*On if Mingo felt discomfort before training camp: *
"I don't think so. I think that was isolated to one play, I think something happened. I haven't seen it on tape yet to know exactly, what happened to it. But it was definitely a one play situation."

On if he feels for players, like Mingo, with training camp injuries:
"You always do, especially a guy that works that hard, that is that quality a character, an individual that it's important to him and he puts the time in. Unfortunately, you have some guys that get some unfortunate injuries but you root for guys like that to come back, and come back and play well."

On DL Armonty Bryant getting more reps at outside linebacker due to teammates injuries:
"Armonty's been playing a good amount of it, just kind of gets hidden. He doesn't stand up as much as the other guy. We give those guys an option in some of our calls it could either be a two point or a three point. He might be playing outside backer but his hand is down so it's going to appear to the casual observer that he's defensive end. What it really means is that Kruger will take on some more of our SAM linebacker role along with (Nate) Orchard who we've been prepping to do that. We might have to package some other things, using whether it's an additional safety or and additional inside linebacker. But still, we're a ways away from having to worry about that chart from a game standpoint."

On which players may be overlooked:
"(TE E.J.) Bibbs is a guy I mentioned before, he's having a pretty good camp. The one guy that, to me, were all extremely proud of because we know how hard he's worked, is (OL) Michael Bowie. This is a guy that sat out all last year and that's tough to be in the building and be injured. You just feel like- because nobody knows what to say to you so it's a very quiet world you live in. You feel very much alone that way. Here's a guy that just worked and worked and really transformed his body. If you watch the tape he's so much quicker than he was before, even from the spring. Here's a guy that's pushing to be a part of what we do. That's a credit to him."

On if he has seen consistency in player performance:
"I would say most are, some aren't. That's what I spoke to the guys on the field afterwards, just raising our level of consistency. We all know what our goals are and the goals are lofty which means we have to hold our guys to lofty standards. You just can't practice at this level and expect to play, here. It's about professionalism and consistency. There's a ton of examples of guys that are getting better each day and fighting through. Today was a tough day I could tell we were a little heavy legged. We scaled back practice some and then we'll get some time now to recover before we're out on the field again with the scrimmage. The scrimmage won't be a ton of reps and then they'll get another off day after that so I'm confident we'll get it back. Today was just a tough day to push through and some guys handled it better than others."

On if he was trying to give DB Justin Gilbert more reps at practice today
"Just wanted to – once we get a sense for a guy that their reps are starting to build up. Because you never know the type of reps too, if he has to cover a bunch of long balls and his running gets extended at times during practice- especially the receivers and the DB's we'll look to shut him down at a certain point."

On QB Johnny Manziel's progress after two good days of practice:
"Absolutely. When you come in everyday with a great attitude and you work and it's important to you, you can't help but get better. I'm just happy for him that he's getting the results on the field and the guys around him sense that as well"

On if WR Terrell Pryor's time out due to hamstring issues is a problem:
"I wouldn't say- when he gets back, I mean he's getting the mental reps now but sure any time you're competing to make a roster and you lose time - You have competitors stepping in and taking those reps. It is unfortunate that he's pulled up, hopefully we'll get him back sooner than later."

On if it is fair to say he did not find a backup kicker during the OL vs. DL Field Goal competition:
"Very fair to say. Our backup kicker is not in the O-Line room or in the D-Line room."

On WR Shane Wynn:
"He's a guy that I think, for obvious reasons, gets overlooked just because of his stature and all he does is come out here and work and look to make plays. He's done a nice job because we brought him in late so he was a little bit behind as far as learning the system. Credit to him, he was able to pick it up quick, he knows what to do. When he gets a chance to make a play he makes it."

On details about the Orange and Brown scrimmage:
"We're going to start it off with more-similar to what we did a year ago. We'll do some 7-on-7 work and some crossover work with the line. Some one on one blocking and maybe some group protection stuff to get them some reps there. It will primarily be ones against ones, twos against twos, threes against threes. The quarterback rotation will- we'll get (QB) Josh (McCown) some reps, but maybe not as many as the others. You'll probably see Johnny out there with the ones. I don't know if they've totally etched that into stone but that was the direction that we were heading. All of the coaches submitted their plan for their guys and it's up to coordinators to put that together. I think that's tentatively, now, what the plan is."

On if there will be tackling at the scrimmage:
"Yes. Yes."

On Bibbs spending more time in the backfield with player injuries:
"He is, because I think he has that skillset that he can handle some of that interior blocking- his interior blocking assignments. All of the pass- all of the receiving stuff, that's his strong point. We've got to get him coached up a little bit better with the other jobs, that's certainly a void now with (DB) Malcolm (Johnson) out. Haplea was doing a good job with it too and unfortunately got injured today."

On QB Josh McCown's not getting reps with the ones at the scrimmage:
"You want to mix up the reps- Josh will not go with the twos. Guys that are competing to be your number two quarterback, unfortunately and it happens every season in the NFL you just have to go out and play with that group. You don't want the first time that he's out there with that group of guys to be in a game. I wouldn't read too much into it that he's going with the ones. Josh, right now is firmly the one but don't be surprised at some point during camp if you see maybe Thad (QB Thaddeus Lewis), maybe even (QB) Connor (Shaw) with that group as well."

On why NFL coaches wear long sleeves at practice:
"That is a good question. That is really random too. To me it's like, I don't know, the coaches that sit in the sauna. The passive, the corporate workout that I'm getting a little bit, maybe sweating a little bit more. I don't know, maybe- I got plenty of sun during the summer so the less I get here is probably the better."

On if he is investing in drone security after a drone flew over practice:
"That is not ours for the record. I know I've been asked about that before but the FAA probably got a phone call. Somebody told me, I guess the airspace over the field is obviously private but it's ok to be over, as long as it's outside of the fence. That drone was definitely- it might have been Ravens or Steelers or Bengals, but it was not…I mentioned shooting it down, but you have to get creative in how you do it."

On what he has seen Manziel improve on this year:
"Some of its physical but I would say the majority of it is the mental part of it, understanding protections. The one play he made where defense was a heavy blitz look he walked up, changed the protection, stepped up in the pocket and threw a touchdown pass. That was probably, start to finish, his best play of camp. But it just typified his- it was more preparation than anything else. I just think he has so much more of an intimate knowledge of what we're doing."

On if Hartline is establishing more of a connection with McCown:
"He is but that's who Brian is, that's who he's been. As I mentioned before, when I was in New York it was always –all this guy does is get open and catch the ball other than that he's not very good (laughter). He continues to prove that here. Ultimate professional, comes out and works every day. I think he has great body control. His catch radius is tremendous and he's a veteran, he just knows how to get open, he understand it."

On If DB Tashaun Gipson had the day off or if he is injured:
"He got dinged a little bit on the goal line so it was more of a precautionary thing. Just hold him out today and we'll evaluate him tomorrow as whether he can take some reps in the scrimmage but its nothing long term."

On RB Glen Winston:
"Winston got surgery today as well. He's also- I believe it was a scope, but that was something he reported here with it. We just thought we could get it to calm down and it didn't so we made that decision to get I operated on."

On if Pryor will play in the scrimmage:

On if Pryor will travel to the scrimmage:

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