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Training Camp

Mike Pettine Press Conference - August 9

On RB Shaun Draughn's status:

"Took a shot on his thumb so we're going to go ahead and it will be casted for a couple days. Not sure of the course of action just yet. It's nothing serious where he's definitely out with it. Just have to wait a couple days to determine the best course of treatment for it"

On if Draughn's thumb is broken:

"Not to my knowledge – it's not broken."

On if the Browns have finalized a plan for the first preseason game:

"I have not. No. We're viewing these couple days as training camp days. We'll get into preseason planning and that mode probably at some point on Tuesday."

On if RB Terrence West will be able to perform in practice with pads:

"We're hopeful. We'll see how he reacts today, how he feels afterwards and later on and obviously, tomorrow when he gets here. Obviously, having more of a football related work load. We'll see."

On if the Browns have a Tuesday deadline for players to return to practice in order to play Thursday:

"You would prefer [it] because Wednesday will be light. If they don't go Tuesday, more than likely, they will be held out Thursday."

On West returning to practice and it providing a full complement of backs:

"With Shawn being down, it was really just a one-for-one swap out. We're really no different than we were the other day"

On takeaways from the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"Pleased with the operation part of it: substitution, guys getting lined up, the shifting, the motioning, that part of it. The pre-snap stuff, I thought we did a good job. Usually, those first ones, they can be pretty ragged. I think we only would have had one delay of game and I think there would have been one substitution issue with the offense. I thought we were productive. Guys had the chance to make plays, and they made plays. The physicality stuff is something that I think we need to improve on. It's sometimes hard when you're going against yourself and you're talking about being a good teammate and not pushing guys over piles, but I didn't think we tackled extremely well. It's not a surprise being it was really the first time, other than the goal line day, that we tackled, but that has to improve. Then offensively, finishing blocks, I think we're good early we engage guys early and we're letting guys off late so that will be a point of emphasis with them. Overall, it was a good a good night. We got over 50 plays to grade. We had a chance to go through it all in detail this morning. Like I said, there's no other way to replicate that type of environment and see guys separate themselves."

On if OL Cameron Erving's reps with the ones was a reward for his scrimmage performance:

"No, that's just part of the plan."

On if the Browns are giving Erving reps at spots other than center:

"We are, but we'll get him some work at center at some point. Any of our guys that are going to be up on game day that have the chance to play center will play center at some point. Greco will play some center. He did it in the spring some when we were holding (OL) Alex (Mack) out. We'll give Alex some time here and there that we'll slide Greco over at some point and also have Cam play it, as well."

On if there were discussions about giving Erving reps with the ones at center during the scrimmage:

"No, there was not. Not at this point."

On QB Josh McCown's performance with the ones during the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

'He was solid. He was poised. I thought he was on point with his reads. I thought he did a good job just standing behind and hearing the communication. I thought he was solid. He went out there and did his job."

On DB Justin Gilbert and if his wrist is better:

"Yeah. He is."

On QB Connor Shaw's throwing some nice passes during scrimmage:

"Yeah, he did. It's tough for him and Thad (QB Thaddeus Lewis) both because the opportunities as the three and four are hard when they're sharing reps with one group, but he made the most of his opportunity."

On if there is a clear third quarterback:

"I wouldn't list one of those guys ahead of the other. Obviously, Josh is firmly the one, as I've said, (QB) Johnny (Manziel) is the two and I would slash those guys at the three."

On if Shaw's arm strength looks different from last year:

"Yeah, the one corner route he threw, he drove the ball real well. That's something from a mechanics standpoint I know Kevin's (quarterbacks coach Kevin O'Connell) been working hard with him. When your feet are right, you can generate a lot more force on the ball and drive it. Anytime you're throwing outside the numbers, you really have to drive the football and that's been a point of emphasis with Connor."

On if Erving will continue to get reps with the ones this week:

"I'm not sure of Andy's (offensive line coach Andy Moeller) [plan]. Andy has a plan. We had a personnel meeting yesterday. I don't know the specifics of the rotation. But I know at some point, (OL) Joe (Thomas) will be down and we'll adjust those guys then. Alex will be down another day; we'll adjust those guys then."

On DL Danny Shelton's performance at the scrimmage:

"For his first time out there, it was pretty good. I know he made the one big splash, literally big splash play (laughter), but he was good, I think as a group coming out of it, need to work on their pad level up front, and Danny's certainly on that list, but that's something that a lot of times, first time out there, guys want to make plays and the natural tendency is to raise up, but that's going to be a point of emphasis for us. Both sides of the ball, I didn't think our pad level was ideal, but it was acceptable for the first time out."

On having an update on RB Duke Johnson's return:

"I do not. I do not. He will not play against Washington, I know that much. I don't have an answer for whether or not he'll be good to go against Buffalo."

On WR Brian Hartline:

"He's been everything we expect him to be. As I've said before, going against him twice a year in New York and in Buffalo, all he did was run good routes and got open and caught the football. He's been doing that. It's easy to see why he's been productive. I think he and Josh have a good relationship; there's good chemistry there. He's a guy that he's proven you can depend on."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor will play in the first preseason game on Thursday:

"I know he's getting better, but I couldn't say that at this point."

On WR Josh Lenz's chances of making the roster, based on preliminary 53-man rosters:

"At this point, it's too early to really start talking about the 53 (man roster). You just try to group guys that you think have a chance to be worthy of making the 53 – he's certainly in that discussion – but as far as the hard numbers and who's on the bubble and who's not, we haven't gotten to that point yet."

On when he started to notice Lenz:

"Primarily since he showed up. We knew a little bit about him coming in. Josh is very quiet, just goes out and does his job. Just like Hartline, he goes out, gets open and catches everything around him."

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