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News & Notes: Kevin Stefanski, Myles Garrett react to "Brownie the Elf" logo at midfield

Garrett said he can rally around the logo if the fans do the same


Head coach Kevin Stefanski and Pro Bowl DE Myles Garrett were each asked Friday about their thoughts on "Brownie the Elf" serving as the midfield logo for the Browns in the 2022 season.

"Not my area of expertise," Stefanski said with a laugh. "Great decision, whoever's decision it was. Are the fans happy about it?"

The media then informed Stefanski that the design was selected in a vote by fans.

"Then I'm happy about it. Sounds good."

The logo was initially used by the Browns in their inaugural season in 1946 in gameday programs and various ticket ads. It fell out of favor in the 1960s but returned when the franchise was brought back to Cleveland in 1999, and it appeared in the Browns' 2006 and 2018 training camp logo designs. Brownie most recently gained popularity from a Equipment Team sweatshirt Stefanski has commonly worn the last two seasons.


Garrett initially chuckled when he was asked about it and seemed to have a preference toward using one of the dog logos instead of the elf.

"I don't know what to think about that," he said with a smile. "It's original. It's unique. I've always been more of a fan of the dog (logo). We're the Dawg Pound, and we've got an elf and a helmet … but if we've got something everyone can stand behind as far as our fans, I'm all for it."

Garrett admitted he didn't know any of the history about the logo, and once a reporter told him the Browns previously won seven championships (1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1954, 1955) with the logo in place, his mind seemed to change — on a humorous note.

"Seven championships with the elf?" he said. "If we win an eighth championship with that elf, I might come here with a little elf outfit on."

Garrett not concerned about sack record

The Browns could have a new all-time sack record-holder following Sunday's game.

Garrett is two sacks away from breaking the record Clay Matthews has held since 1993 with 62 sacks and 1.5 from tying him. He's always taken a humble approach when asked about breaking the record, commonly stating that he cares most about helping the team win, and his stance didn't change Friday when he was asked about it again now that he's on the doorstep of the record.

"What's important to me is winning," he said. "Whether I tie it, I don't or I break it, whatever it is, but I want to be very impactful in the game. I want to be able to be a game changer for my team. If I don't break the record, that's not going to sadden me. There will be many more games and another game next week. I know he's a great player and he has had a line of great players. I hope to get it, but at the end of the day, it won't wear me down if I don't."

N*ewsome familiar with Wilson*

One matchup worth watching Sunday will feature Browns CB Greg Newsome II lining up across from Jets first-round rookie WR Garrett Wilson.

Wilson, an Ohio State product, was drafted 10th overall by the Jets in the spring and previously played against Newsome in the Big Ten championship game in 2020 when Newsome was at Northwestern. Wilson was capped at four receptions for 49 yards in the game, although Newsome said he only played in the first half.

"I really didn't get targeted too often," he said Thursday.

But Newsome has plenty of respect for Wilson, who was a popular player mocked to the Browns in the lead-up to the draft before they traded their first overall pick to the Texans for Deshaun Watson.

"I just think he is very polished for a young receiver," Newsome said. "He can run great routes. He's great at the point of attack, and he's a very fast player, too, so he can take the top off of the defense, as well."

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