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Training Camp

On-field observations from Day 3 of Browns training camp

The skies cleared and the sun came out on Sunday as Browns fans were, at last, able to watch Day 3 of training camp after storms washed out the first open two sessions.

So after practice, coach Hue Jackson, with a wide smile, thanked fans for their ongoing support.

"I think our player really appreciate them being here and being apart of this," he said.

"I mean, they bring great energy for our football team so when it gets a little tough, we can kind of look to the sideline and pick yourself up a little bit. So I really appreciate the crowd and them being here and they're truly our fans. They're totally into it, I truly appreciate it and I'm very grateful to have them here today."

And after practice, it might be safe to say it was all worth the wait as the afternoon was headlined by live tackling, sirens, big plays and much more.

Here's what we saw on Day 3:

For the first time since January, the Browns held their first practice in full pads, much to the delight of Jackson, the coaching staff and players.

"Oh boy," Jackson said, smiling. "That was a lot of fun."

Indeed, the Browns had two live tackling sessions in which a siren went off to mark the beginning of the period. Jackson on Saturday said he wanted the Browns to establish an identity in the coming weeks and hoped that being in full pads would give him an idea of who they really are.

"I think we're starting (to form an identity). I think it was a good first day, I don't like to make comparisons but for our group, I think today it was a good start, but more so than anything, I think our guys liked it and respected it and I think it's different," he said of the tackling sessions.

"I know it's a little bit different, you know, than maybe what they've been accustomed to but I think it's what it's truly going to take for us to have a really good football team."

Speaking of live tackling, Jackson said the periods are "unscripted" which is why the coaching staff uses a siren to alert the players for what's in store.

"They don't know when they're coming," he said. "They just can show up at any time. That's what the siren's for. And again, I thought they responded well and I thought they were excited about it, I think there was an enthusiasm about it and I think they understand the purpose of it now."

Sunday was a solid day for Terrelle Pryor, which saw him haul in a handful of passes, most notably a long ball from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"He's made the transition from quarterback to receiver, but I think he's done an outstanding job and I think we moved him from one side as a receiver to the other side, you know, so he's in another transition and he's handled it extremely well," Jackson said.

Pryor, the 6-foot-4 former Ohio State star, enters his second training camp with the Browns, switched from quarterback to receiver late last season and spent offseason workouts aimed at mastering the basics of the position.  

"I'm very proud of what he's doing but again, we've had three practices and he was able to make some plays today," Jackson said. "But we have to continue to grow everywhere on our football team to get better."

Jackson added, "There's a lot of different things we'll do with Terrelle because we think he's very talented, so we'll just continue to find different ways to have him make a difference on our offensive football team."

Running back Isaiah Crowell also stood out during Sunday's practice, especially while lowering his shoulder and plowing up the middle on several runs.

Jackson, who spoke highly of Crowell and fellow running back Duke Johnson Jr. in the spring, said the third-year back has "some really unquestioned ability."

"I saw this in the spring, so I'm not surprised by anything he does," he said. "But I think there's more there. I still think he has a lot more to give and we're going to continue to get him better."

Crowell rushed for 706 yards and four touchdowns last season.

After a strong showing on Day 2, cornerback Jamar Taylor looked sharp again on Sunday.

"He's very talented. I've known Jamar from the past when he was coming out and the guy was a second-round draft pick," Jackson said. "Sometimes guys get drafted in places where maybe the environment's just not right for them, so he's getting another opportunity and I think he's let the past go and I think he's walked in and said, 'Hey, I want a job.'

Taylor, who comes to Cleveland after three seasons with the Dolphins, said earlier this summer he was embracing a "fresh start" with the Browns and intended to make good on it.  

"He's competing every day and I think he's tenacious, he's tough, he's sudden, he's fast," Jackson said. "So we have another good player to put back there in the mix for our football team."

Jackson said fullback Malcolm Johnson will go into the concussion protocol after leaving practice because of injury. "That's just part of it, it's tough, first time you run up in there and get one of those," he said, "but, again, that's part of it."​

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