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Training Camp

Player Quotes - August 10

TE Gary Barnidge:

On if he will get more opportunities as a receiver year:

"I think our whole tight end room is going to have the opportunity because we do tight end by committee. It's not really one guy. I think we're all going to have the opportunity to get shots like that. I was just fortunate to get them in the scrimmage and then the one open today."

On how exciting it is to have those opportunities:

"It's very exciting. Our whole room is excited about it because we love all of the opportunities. We had one thrown deep to (TE) Rob (Housler) today, too. The defense played good coverage on it, but everybody gets the opportunity and that's what we like about it."

On what he likes about the offense and how he's frequently making plays in it:

"It's the rest of the offense, too; it's not just one person. They're getting everybody open. Sometimes, I'm getting them open. Sometimes, other tight ends are getting them open. Sometimes, the receivers are getting them open. Sometimes, the backs. Everybody works together. It just all works together well. We're gelling together well as an offense."

On if he is underrated as a receiver:

"Every year, I'm categorized as one thing or another – one year as receiver, one year as blocker. I don't really get into all that kind of stuff. I'm just going out there and doing my job just like the rest of our tight ends are. You've got to do what the coaches ask."

On if he is in better shape or faster this year:

"That could be part of the deceptive part, people think. People say I run goofy. but it works so I don't really know (laughter)."

On if he will be more involved in the passing game with former Browns TE Jordan Cameron no longer on the team:

"I think all of the tight ends are going to have the opportunity because we all get that opportunity. We all rotate and do different plays and have different things together. You never know who it's going to be, and I think that's going to take the whole burden off of it."

On if his hands are underrated:

"The media says that. I just go out there and catch the ball. When they throw the ball to me, I'm going to catch it. That's my job and that's what we're planning to do."

RB Isaiah Crowell:

On running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery's comment that someone needs to step up and take the job:

"That is what the coach said so I just have to come out here and just keep working hard. I have to come out here and take it slow and keep progressing each and every day."

On if he is reading into the RB situation that one back could potentially get the bulk of the carries:

"Yeah, that is how I am reading it. I have to come out here and just keep working hard and keep doing my job. Everything will play out."

On if he has done enough to start at RB:

"Obviously, I haven't so I have to keep working and keep working. The coach knows what is right and knows what is best so I have to come out here and keep working."

On Montgomery's comments that the RBs need to show him they are hungry:

"I feel like he means just coming out here, practicing, not coming out of practice, staying in the film room late, studying and just doing everything a professional has to do."

On if he felt he was doing that already:

"Now I realize that I wasn't so I just have to do more."

On if the RBs were getting the same message in meetings:

"Actually no, but I saw it. I saw exactly what everyone else sees. I just have to come out here and keep working hard."

On what Montgomery tells the RB room:

"He tells us to keep working. He told us that the position is open and that they are looking for someone to take the job. All I do is control what I can control and come out here and working every day."

On if there was a lot of buzz among the RBs today:

"We had conversations about it, but I really don't like to talk about it too much because talking does nothing. I just have to keep coming out here and keep working hard and do what I can do and control what I can control."

On if the conversation was amongst the RBs or with Coach Montgomery:

"Amongst ourselves."

On if he is the type of player that really turns it on when the lights come on for an actual game, even if it doesn't show in practice:

"I feel like a lot of people tell me that, but I feel like I do my job at practice, in the games and anything they want me to do."

On what kind of shape he entered camp:

"I feel like I was in OK shape, but obviously I wasn't in good enough shape for them. I have to do my part in getting in better shape."

OL Cameron Erving:

On if he will get more reps at LT if OL Joe Thomas potentially misses time:

"Joe is fine. Joe's got a great track record. He hasn't missed a game, he hasn't missed a snap since he's been in the league. Somebody like that I don't worry about. I just take extra precaution because he's such a great player and such a durable guy"

On if he spoke to Thomas after practice:

"I'm sure Joe is fine. I haven't really talked to him, but those are the things you have to ask Coach Pett."

On where he will play in the first preseason game:

"As far as I know, I'll be at right guard. I don't know if I'll play any tackle, I don't know if I'll play any center. I don't know. We'll see when that time comes up, but as of now, I know I'll be playing right guard for sure."

On approaching his first preseason game:

"I'm excited, more anxious than anything. Just ready to get back out there and play some ball. I haven't played against anybody else besides my teammates in a while. It's going to be fun."

On the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"It went pretty well."

On if playing G feels more natural to him as training camp continues:

"I told you before, I'm an offensive lineman so it's just a different spot on the line. It's no amount of comfort being there. I go out and I play ball, and I do well at it."

On what he has improved on most during training camp:

"Being more coachable. Just being coachable.

On if he was not coachable before this season:

"It's not that I wasn't coachable. It's just taking those coaching points and actually applying them to my game instead of thinking about it and not self-consciously thinking about it. You can think about something and still not do it, but you have to self-consciously think about it so you can address it and you can apply it to your game."

On if he is getting more comfortable with the speed of play at G:

"It all feels about the same. I'm just out there trying to play and make sure I'm doing the best that I can for this team."

On what he has learned from Thomas

"I can't tell you how many things I learned from Joe in a short amount of time. So many little things like how to be successful, how to be a true professional, how to handle yourself as far as training room and getting the routine. I've learned some of those things, and I'm still learning. He's been in the league for a while now. Everybody knows how good of a good player that Joe is. What kind of advice do you think he's given me? (laughter) It's got to be good (laughter)."

OL John Greco:

On if he talked to OL Joe Thomas after practice:

"Not much to be honest with you. I went in there and said what's up to him and made sure he was OK. I was pretty tired after this practice. There was a lot going on. To be honest with you, someone told me he left the field. I am sure he is okay."

On what goes through his mind when he realizes Thomas may have been injured:

"You just hope he is OK and hope it is nothing serious. At this point, I don't know anything about it. I just hope he is OK."

On what Thomas said when asked how he was feeling:

"He was talking to our trainers and everything. I just went in there. Like I am sure everyone was going in there and asking him about it, I was just going in there to show support. He is a friend and a teammate. I just kind of gave him a high (five) and said I hope everything is OK. I didn't want to sit there and ask him 100 questions. Just to show him that I have his back and I am sure he is okay."

On how the competition is going at RG with OL Cameron Erving:

"I don't know. It's not my decision. They ask me to play center yesterday. They said you are taking reps at the center positon yesterday. I said, 'Sounds good.' I am sure they are planning for something. They have in place. I don't really know much about it. They ask me to play center. I go over and back to right guard today. Got to be able to play both."

On looking forward to playing someone other than his teammates on Thursday:

"That is the thing, once these preseason games get going, camp seems to pick up the pace. Right now, Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) said it today that we are in the dog days of camp where there really isn't any light at the end of the tunnel. Today was a big one. We came out and put some good work in. Guys are banged up. This is kind of a test of everyone's mental toughness, as well as physical toughness. I think we had good competition out there today. Today and especially tomorrow, when the game is on the horizon but we are still intrasquad 11 on 11s, Browns versus Browns, just trying to get our work done before we get a chance to hit someone with another logo on the helmet."

On the RBs during camp:

"There were a couple guys that got banged up early, but I think the healthy ones that were in there showed great running skills. I told (RB) Isiah (Crowell) that he is running the ball hard and he looks good. It is exciting to be out there blocking for him. (RB) Shaun Draughn is out there running hard, even the new guys we brought in. I played with (RB) Jalen (Parmele) in college so I know he is a great competitor and runner. I like where those guys are at. My thing is no matter who is getting the ball, we have to block and make holes for him. It doesn't matter who is back there, we just have to do our job so they can look good."

On his impressions of DL Danny Shelton:

"I just like the energy he brings. He is a big dude. There is no hiding that. Normally, guys like that, you just have to sit on their power, but he has quicks and he can move, which is great. It makes him a multi-dimensional player. That is probably why he was a first-round pick. I think his energy more than anything. He is out there singing and doing his thing. Whether that is what he needs to go through to get focused and ready for every practice, but you like seeing a guy like that. He is kind of a happy guy, but when he wants to, he can put on his mean face and go after you. I like the energy he is bringing."

LB Paul Kruger:

On his expectations for Thursday's preseason game:

"Expectations are just to play extremely hard. Make the plays that come your way and everyone being responsible for their job and what they have been coached to do. Right now, we are just in the phase where putting it all together is really important."

On building on last year's performance:

"Just continuing to strive in different ways. That all starts here in practice. Just trying to get better in every way."

On what effect DL Danny Shelton will have in the middle of the defense:

"It makes a huge, positive difference for everybody. He is obviously a big boy who can move and having that presence there pushing the pocket is – in that way, he is really comparable to (DL) Haloti Ngata and some of the other guys who have really made a name for themselves pushing the pocket like that. I think he has that ability."

On comparing Ngata and Shelton:

"A little different skillset and body type, but the one thing you can compare is the power and the ability to move at that size."

On if it surprises him to see Shelton get down field the way he does:

"No, I thought we saw that on tape when he was coming out of college. He's a big guy who loves the game. When you see the passion like that, it gets you excited. I think he is coached really well at the same time. Coaches have been drilling to get after the football, especially Coach Weave (defensive line coach Anthony Weaver) has really been helping him out in that way. It is going to be exciting to see him out on the field."

On LB Nate Orchard's impact as a pass rusher:

"I think Nate is going to have an impact in a lot of different ways. Special teams, base defense, I think he is a versatile guy right now. I think it will be trial and error to see exactly where he fits in a gameplan. Nate is a really effective player. He has extremely heavy hands. Really deceptively strong is how I term it. I think he is going to be a good player."

On if his heart races when a player like OL Joe Thomas' caliber go down:

"For sure. Anytime guys go down. There are cornerstone guys that you really need out there, and Joe has been a really effective player for a long time. You want to take care of those guys and make sure they are healthy. I'm hoping everything is OK."

On how defenses are affected by the FB in the Browns offense:

"You have to have your antennas up all the time. They can get out for passes. They are blockers. They are very versatile. You really have to be able to play them in anyway, especially at the SAM position because you are constantly having to change your attack from run to pass and those guys can give you some trouble in that way."

On being more comfortable in the second year of the defense:

"Anytime you have time with a defense and the scheme, it always starts to come together more fluidly. Being at this point in camp, I am happy with where we are at."

DL Danny Shelton:

On if he and WR Marlon Moore are good after scuffling in practice:

"He talked to me right after the play. We're good. We're always going to try to push each other to be great."

On his performance at the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"I felt I could have come off the ball a little more aggressive so there's something I'm going to be working on. Overall, I did alright."

On his expectations for the first preseason game:

"Personally, I just want to go out and do my job and play the way I've been playing. Don't want to change anything up. I don't want to do anything too extra. That's the priority, to go out there and do the job. As far as our team, we just have to play the way we've been competing against each other. Just compete out there and good things will happen."

On his first NFL preseason game:

"It's going to be exciting for sure. Every game, every college game that I've had, I've always had those butterflies. It's just something that I deal with. I'm going to go out there, get a feel for the team and then I'm going to play my ball."

On if he is a fan of Lions DT Haloti Ngata and LB Paul Kruger comparing the two:

"Most definitely. Haloti was definitely a guy that all Polynesians looked up too. He's just that figure. He had the body, shape; he had all the tangibles to be great. I hope that I'm on the right track just to be where he's at."

On if he met Ngata him recently:

"I did. It was a couple of months ago during the draft process. I got to go hang out with him in Detroit."

On if Ngata gave him any advice:

"Really just how humble he was, it kind of made me feel comfortable because I've been looking up to him, and to finally meet him in person, it was like I've been looking up to the right person."

On DL Phil Taylor:

"He's been great, especially in meeting rooms. I'm sitting right next to him so he's always giving me pointers and just helping me out with my game play."

On why he was in Detroit when he met Ngata:

"Draft process. They were recruiting me so I went out there."

On if he has received feedback from OL Alex Mack:

"I haven't really talked to him. I just really try to get the opportunity to go against him because everybody wants to get a piece of Alex. Everybody wants to get a good look. Every chance I get I want to do my best, and I'm always learning from film."

On if he is still trying to pick up new concepts in practice:

"Yeah, (defensive line) Coach (Anthony) Weaver, he's always going to have those pointers for me. He's always going to help out. That's just how it's going to be. During the season, he's going to give us some keys, some visual keys to look out for when we go against a certain opponent. You just have to listen up for it."

DL Phil Taylor:

On if he can take the next step recovering from injury:

"Yeah, I feel good. I am taking it slow. No need to rush anything. We don't need any setbacks. I am just taking it a day at a time. Each day, doing a little bit more."

On how he is feeling:

"I am feeling better each day."

On if he will play Thursday:

"We will see. We have a couple days here. We will figure it out and see how the rest of this week goes. We will see."

On if it is big step to be practicing in the team sessions:

"Oh yeah. I knew I would be back, but like I said, there is no need to rush back and have a setback. I am being careful, taking it slow and one day at a time."

On teams having to face both him and DL Danny Shelton:

"We always talk about it. Danny is a great rookie. He is a great guy. He has energy. He brings a different type of player to the D-line. We love Danny. We are all embracing him, his attitude and he has that motor. He is kind of like the big version of Rube (DL Ahtyba Rubin). He has that motor. We miss Rube; Danny has some shoes to fill, but he can do it."

On when Shelton hit WR Marlon Moore on the sideline in the Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"It was amazing. I was like, 'Hey that is what we need.' A lot of people don't think 345 pound-plus guys can run to the ball, but they are wrong."

On OL Alex Mack also coming off an injury:

"I think is Alex is 100 percent full-go because he participated in minicamp and things like that. Alex has been doing good. He seems pretty healthy to me when it comes to run blocking, pass blocking and things like that. Danny going up against Alex – Alex is a Pro Bowl guy – so going up against him is great work to get him prepared for the games."

On the defensive line being tough to handle this season:

"This defensive line is probably the best I have seen since I have been here depth wise. We have guys after guys after guys that can come in and won't miss a beat. We just hope the fans can clap for the defense, as well. It always is one-sided out here [in training camp]. It seems like we only hear clapping if the offense catch a pass. It sucks."

On if he likes being in the middle:

"I like to play all over. Coach Weaver (defensive line coach Anthony Weaver) tells us to learn all the positions because he never knows where he is going to put us in."

On if he is on his schedule for how much he practices:

"We are just taking it step by step. At first, I was just doing individuals and some half-line work and things like that. Just progress every day."

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