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Training Camp

Player Quotes - August 11

WR Brian Hartline:

On if there was a chance he wouldn't practice today after yesterday's practice:

"No, just playing football and things happen. I was fine."

On the WR group and other positions' depth:

"I'm not surprised. It's kind of the same thing I was saying in the spring. There are a lot of good guys here that can play. It's going to be some tough decisions when it comes to our room. As far as other positions go, I'm not going to make any comments on those. Yeah, it's a lot of great guys making a lot of good plays. (WR) Darius (Jennings) did a great job and (WR) Josh (Lenz) and (WR) Shane's (Wynn) running around. It's just a lot of guys that are doing a lot of good things. We're pretty deep at receiver."

On if it is typical for him to be making so many difficult catches at this point in the year:

"I feel pretty good. I'd like to think it's typical. I guess you should just ask my coaches, past coaches for that. I just prepare everyday like it's a game. If the quarterbacks want to give me an opportunity and a play gives me an opportunity, it's just my job to make the play. That's just how I go about things."

On how much work he needs to do in the preseason to prepare for the regular season:

"I need as much as the coaches feel like I need. I feel good, body feels good. I think I have a good grasp of the offense. Again, I'll play and do whatever the coaches see fit."

On if it will mean a lot to play in his first preseason game as a Brown:

"I think it's a great opportunity. Anytime you can be in front of your own fans, it's a special thing. For me to come back into a relatively new city and play for a different team, it's going to be a great honor and I'm looking forward to it."

On his relationship with QB Josh McCown:

"Productive. I would say that we're just trying to continue to work more and more, eliminate any gray areas, eliminate any indecisiveness and control what we can control. Again, it's early in the process, but overall I think we're pretty pleased on how we transitioned from spring into camp."

On what gives him confidence in McCown as the team's starting QB:

"He's a guy that takes care of his job. He makes the guys around him better. Anytime you do that as a quarterback, you're always in a good position. I think for him, he's seen a lot of looks, he's been a part of a lot of looks and he's thrown for a lot of yard. To me, like I said, I'm really confident in Josh, along with the other quarterbacks. We've got a great plan offensively. We're really pleased with it. Just looking to refine it and get all the details hashed out."

On how the different WRs complement each other:

"The best way to complement each other is just to make the plays when you're given opportunities. There are going to be different plays that certain guys are going to get put in certain sports to make plays, and the best way to complement each other is just to make those plays, and more and more plays will be spread out between different guys. A lot of times when you're limited on which guys are being productive, you want to force yourself into putting them in the same spot every time to make the play, but if you have a lot of guys making a lot of plays, it's hard to defend."

QB Josh McCown:

On if the personality of the offense has progressed:

"It's certainly progressing, yeah. Absolutely. I think, like we've said before, the identity will take shape from game to game, hopefully, because we want to be a balanced team, we want to be able to throw the ball efficiently and effectively and the same thing with the running game. They've obviously set the tone here with the way they ran the ball last year. We obviously want to continue that and allow the game as we get in there to dictate what we want to do to best help us move the football."

On if he has any elbow soreness, referring to QB Johnny Manziel:

"No, thankfully I'm not. It's just something you go through. It just happens. (Head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan and our training staff, they do a great job of getting guys ready to go and back out there. We try to stay on top of that stuff as much as we can. It's always wise, it's hard to do, especially at this position because you want to get reps. especially as a young player you want to get reps and you want to get out there and be out there with your guys; but at the same time, if you can take pause for one day now, you save yourself a lot later. If you keep throwing on that thing, it can get worse and it can cause you to miss a lot of time. It's hard, but you have to be wise with it and be able to take a day off and hopefully save yourself."

On WR Brian Hartline:

"He's just a pro. He's just a pro's pro. Brian gets up there and he knows where to be. He's got a plan when he's on the line of scrimmage of how he's going to attack the defenders and the route running. It trickles down throughout that room. Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins) is the same way and the young guys – (WR) Travis (Benjamin) and Gabe (WR Taylor Gabriel – are picking up on that, too. It's good. Brian's been great for that room. We've got some really good pros at that position in that room."

On if Hartline has an urgency or edge about him:

"Yeah, absolutely and that's what I mean. Especially when you step on to the practice field, you can tell the guys – when I say a pro's pro – that come out when he hits the practice field and there's an urgency to that day's work and to getting better and to maximizing the time. Brian does that as well as anybody, and it's reflective in his production out here on the practice field. That's been a good thing for us."

On how much he wants to play in the first preseason game on Thursday:

"How much do I want to play? (laughter) I love playing. I'll play as long as they'll let me."

On how much he will play:

"I don't know. That's up to the coaches. I just go in there and play and play the best football I can, hopefully get some things going with the offense. The main thing with any preseason game is to knock the rust off, get the offense going a little bit but to come out healthy more than anything. You know that you're not going to be showing everything that you have in your bag so you just want to go out there and work efficiently and do something that you feel good about, but everybody get out healthy."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor's time off complicates him learning offensive concepts:

"Obviously, if he's not in there, some of those things you might want to do you can't get reps at. I don't think it necessarily hampers us completely because we know what kind of athlete he is and what he can do. I'm going to defer to the coaches on how they want to use him and that planning, but I feel like, especially because of his background, he can pick up the things that he needs to rather quickly to be able to execute some of those things."

OL Joe Thomas:

On what happened to him to cause him to leave practice:

"I just got the knee rolled up, and I went inside for more of a precautionary thing than anything just to make sure everything was fine. Just kind of a minor ding more than anything. I should be back in a couple days."

On if he was concerned when it happened:

"When you have 700 pounds falling on your leg, you are pretty concerned, but once I got up I knew it wasn't too bad."

On if everything checked out:

"Yeah, it is more or less a bump and a bruise that is typical of every training camp. A couple days off and I should be back ready to go."

On what happened to OL Alex Mack last year what went through his head yesterday:

"It is one of those things where when you get rolled up, it happens so quick you don't really think of anything until you have a chance to give a self-assessment and make sure everything is still pieced together appropriately. By the time I got up, I've been hurt enough to know when you are really hurt and when you are OK. I knew pretty quick I was okay."

On if this changes the schedule for his playing time in the preseason games and does he even need to play in the preseason:

"I have enough confidence in myself that I don't feel like I have to play, but I like to play. I want to go out there and be with my line mates and be out there helping (QB) Josh (McCown) and doing everything I can because I think if I am healthy, it is only fair to those guys to be out there giving my best because I think one of the better lineman on our group and one of the best five that can help the guys around us play as well as they need to play because there are plenty of guys who are fighting for a job. To me, you always want the ones out there together if you can."

On if he is going to play Thursday night:

"I am not sure. We haven't had that conversation. If it were a game that mattered I would be there. As a preseason game it is to be determined."

On having other scares like this before:

"Yeah, it is just about every year you get rolled up, but it is not always that the media and fans are at practice where they diagnose everything. A lot of times, stuff like that will happen in a game and come to the sideline and say it feels OK and the trainer is like, 'If you can play the rest of the game, great; then we will look at it after the game.' Then you have two or three days to decide how bad it is. It is just in training camp it's an immediate analysis because of the amount of coverage training camp practices get."

On if his streak of never missing a snap is so important to him that it pressures him to play through things:

"I don't think it is more important to me than just the pride that I have of being out there with my line mates and doing what I can to try and help my team win. That is really the pressure I feel, not necessarily any individual streak."

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