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Training Camp

Player Quotes - August 15


TE E.J. Bibbs:**

On if this camp and preseason has been better than he thought it would be:

"First coming in, I thought it was a little rough coming from college and being in the big leagues it is a little different. Now it is a learning experience for me. Just taking it one day at a time."

On if he lets himself think about where he stands in the tight ends competition:

"I don't think about that. I just come out here to work."

On what he thinks is the best part of his game:

"Just going out there and making plays for the team. Whatever I have to do. Special teams. In the backfield playing fullback. Playing tight end. It doesn't matter."

On if he has ever played FB:

"I just started doing it now. (FB) Malcom Johnson went down so they had me playing it a little bit."

On if he was a lead blocker in the game:

"Yes, sir."

On if he enjoys blocking:

"It's not bad. Little physical, but it's not bad at all."

On what it does for him in the eyes of the coaches when he makes plays at tight end:

"Just showing my athleticism. Going out there and making plays and tell the team what I can do. Show the older guys and tell them I can make plays for the team."

On how much it motivates him that he went undrafted:

"A lot of guys doubt themselves when they don't get drafted. That is not me. I just like working hard. My dad always taught me that. Just trying to go out there and make plays."

On why he thinks he did not get drafted:

"I don't know. I really don't know. If you have the (answer), let me know."

On what appealed to him about coming to play here:

"My agent told me this would be the best fit for me to come out here. It just looked like a better opportunity for me."

On Head Coach Mike Pettine:

"He is great. I talked to him a little bit. He always had great things to say. I just love talking to him."

On what Pettine brings to the table compared to other coaches he had had:

"When I look at him, he is a father figure. I could see that. The way he talks to us. I just feel that emotion. It is great talking to him."

DL Xavier Cooper:

On what was on his mind during his first NFL sack:

"I was just excited. I really didn't have a celebration. All of the guys in the locker room like 'Why didn't you celebrate". I'm coming from college, that's a flag (laughter). I need to get a celebration going if I'm going to get some sacks here and there. I was excited, more excited, it's not about me it's about my family back home. I'm making history, first NFL sack in my family so I'm happy that happened."

On if it is stressed to the DL how important it is to stop the run:

"Yeah. That's all we've been preaching this whole offseason. When I got here, the transition is big and that's what Coach O'Neil (defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil) wanted, he wanted us to stop the run. I've been focused on that. I came from Washington State Joe Salive'a (Washington State assistant head coach/defensive line coach Joe Salave'a), he's an eight year vet in the NFL and the biggest thing he coached was stop the run on our way to the quarterback. That's what I'm trying to bring here is we're going to have the same stance, the same get-off, the same mentality every time we step on the field. We're going to run you over and try to get to the quarterback and that's the mindset we're trying to build around here."

On if he was disappointed with the opposition's runs in the first preseason game:

"I wouldn't say disappointed. It's the first game, we have a lot of things to work on. They say it takes to game three to really finalize where guys are really at, it's the same with college. I think it's a learning experience and we watch the film and we'll continue to get better."

On defensive line coach Anthony Weaver's comments about him staying late to study film:

"I knew (free agent cornerback) Isaiah Trufant, he played here last year and he was an undrafted free agent. I watched him go through his struggles of trying to reach the league. He went from UFL, arena, all of those things. I think the advice I got from him is never settle. You have to continue to get better every day. Nothing is guaranteed, just because I was drafted third round and a guys drafted first round doesn't mean that we're guaranteed. Same thing with your job and anybody else's job, we have to get up and work and put on our clothes and make sure we do our job or somebody else will.

On if he is doing this on the daily basis:

"I may not be staying here all the time but I'm constantly working. At home I'm trying to eat right. I'm trying to do those little things that count to make me a better player and last long in this league.

On if other rookies do the same:

"Yeah. There's a lot of rookies. All our rookie class are hard workers (DL) Danny's (Shelton) a hard worker. Every guy in our class is a hard worker that I've seen."

On what impact he can have this season:

Whenever Coach Weaver and Jimmy (defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil) throw me in the game I'm just trying to come out there and play with my head on fire. I bring a lot to the game. Get-off, I have good hands and I just hustle. I'm going to try to bring it all. Everything they want us to play like I'm going to try to do."

On if he has a sack number in mind to reach:

"I don't. I just want to go out there and compete every snap, really."

WR Terrelle Pryor:

On if he has ever visited Latrobe, Pa.:

"Pretty much. My god-father is really good friends with Arnold Palmer and his restaurant is right by there. I got a chance to play his course. I know he has a course behind his house too."

On if he is friends with Palmer:

"I have met him a lot. He knows me. I think he makes like $60 million a year or something."

On if he feels like he has some catching up to do:

"I don't think so. I think just the rhythm. Get back in rhythm. I thought I was in great rhythm before I got hurt and had the hamstring deal. I just think I have to get back in rhythm tomorrow and the next day before the game comes Thursday."

On if he has every intention of going full speed:

"I know today we went a little light just to see how I felt. I think I had like 12-13 plays total today. It is a progression. Taking all the steps to make sure I am all the way healthy. It feels pretty good."

On how he balances monitoring his hamstring, while also showing the coaches enough to earn a roster spot:

"That is definitely something big. Like I said before – we, as athletes and players we can't really worry about the things we can't control. It is unfortunate I had a little hamstring injury, but the great thing is I have my legs under me. Even before coming to camp, 30 days straight for about a month when I made the transition. I was going every single day. My legs were pretty much dead coming into camp. Having that little break really helped me out. Maybe I can be even more explosive than what I showed."

On if he showed the coaches great things in his first couple practices:

"I think (so). No drops. I take pride in not dropping the ball. I just think having the same – that togetherness when we break the huddle and everyone staying on the same page. Knowing your hots and your sight adjustments. From the standpoint of playing the game in our offensive scheme I think I was doing well. I think I need to carry that one. I took a lot of mental reps. Continue that. Keep taking the mental reps when I am not in. When I am in, play the best to my ability."

On if he was working with DB Tramon Williams on his release and getting off the line after practice a few weeks ago:

"Yes, sir. I think going against a guy like Tramon – my big thing was going against him and (DB) Joe Haden. That is something I really wanted to do. I think it would be dumb of me not to take advantage of having one of the best corners in the league on our team and not get any type of work with him."

On if he feels pressure to get out on the practice field:

"I don't worry about anything I can't control. I just go out and make plays when I can and try to help the team to the best of my ability. I don't really worry about what coaches decide. I just know if I give my all then that is my best chance."

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