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Training Camp

Player Quotes - July 30

DB Joe Haden:
On WR Terrelle Pryor making the transition to WR and his hunger to play the game:
"That's legit. I've never really seen anybody make that transformation in person. We ran the conditioning test yesterday, and this is the first time I got a chance to meet Pryor, and he's huge. His stride length, he was running with the receivers and DBs and he killed the whole conditioning test. He can run, obviously, a big dude. Now, it's just seeing what his hands look like and how he comes out of his routes. I didn't go up against him today, but I can't wait to look at him and see what he does because he looks the part, for sure."

On this year's group of WRs compared to last year:
"It's a lot different, and I really like it, especially with (WR Dwayne) Bowe and with (WR Brian) Hartline. I think (WR) Taylor Gabriel, he's going to be special. He's just a young guy that comes out, works hard and grinds. He's probably one of the fastest players I've played against, just coming in and out of his breaks. Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins), he's a great route runner. There are just a lot of dudes that are hungry and the underdogs, basically, so they want to come out and make a name for themselves and try to grind and get that wide receiver corps a good name."

On if this is the best defense he's been a part of:
"Yeah, I would definitely say that. This defense, we have the players we need to be a great defense. We have just got to keep each other accountable. Like me, I've just got to be out there not letting people catch the ball on me. They have to see me go hard. They have to see me and (DB) Donte (Whitner) communicating. Just because we played good last year doesn't mean we're going to come out and play good again this year. We've got to build another strong foundation and get these younger guys to try to take our spots. The competition and with this defense that we have, I think we can be special, but we've got to prove it on Sundays."

On playing up to the secondary's high expectations:
"That's the exciting part about it. We do feel like we're the best secondary so that's not something we just try to throw out there. When we come into camp, right now, this is the time when we're grinding, gel together and everybody just comes along together. With the skill, with the bodies that we have, there's no reason why we shouldn't be the best secondary, but you have to go out there and perform and you have to be on the same page. Right now, going through camps and meetings, we're just trying to keep everything really tight and making sure everyone's paying attention to details, making sure I'm on my stuff to be able to go up to someone and let them know when I feel like they're not doing as good of a job. We just want to be on top of each other. We want to definitely keep everyone accountable. People keep me accountable, keeping (DB) Donte (Whitner) accountable. Just making sure everyone knows that it's not a game, we're trying to win games out here. If I'm not doing something right, you can come talk to me. If you feel like other people aren't doing things right, we just have to keep an open forum and make sure people know it's all for the best for the team."

WR Terrelle Pryor:
On his first day of training camp with the Browns:
"Talking to some of the vets, they said they saw a lot of positives. Obviously, there are some things that I need to work on. I'm far off right now, but I'm learning from guys like (WR) Dwayne Bowe, guys like (WR) Brian Hartline and all of the receiving corps. Coach has been a big help, and the quarterbacks, as well. That's all I can do is every single day plug away and get one percent better at this position and see where it goes."

On positive advice from veterans:
"(QB) Josh McCown just came up to me and said, 'Hey man, you look good. Just stay confident. You caught the ball very well. Just use your speed like you've been doing and everything's going well.' He said to just keep stacking the days. He's a great leader, and I can relate because I played that position for five years. I just thought it was positive to get some feedback. When we get in the film room, I'll learn even more."

On if he has to take his former QB experience out of his persona to become a successful WR, and if he partially still wants to play QB:
"As of right now, it's what coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) wants and Mr. (General Manager Ray) Farmer brought me in for. Coach Flip (offensive coordinator John DeFilippo), they believe I can be an outstanding receiver if I put the time in and work hard and if I believe in myself. All I want to do whatever I can to help the Browns. I'm happy to be back in Ohio and close to Columbus. That's it."

On working out with successful WRs this past offseason:
"For me, learning from Randy (former NFL WR Randy Moss), he's one of the best to ever do it. (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown, he is busting records right now in the NFL, and he's one of my very good friends. I happen to be good friends with Randy, and (WR) Josh (Gordon), as well, he's a phenomenal power. Having those guys and even seeing (Buccaneers WR) Mike Evans, with their size, besides Antonio, to see how they're getting out of their cuts, they can help me because I can kind of see it. I learn on the field and I watch visually on the field. When those are big guys 6-5, 6-4 like myself and I see them doing that, it helps out a lot, especially from All-Pros and a Hall of Fame guy. It helps out a lot."

On facing the challenge of transitioning to WR:
"I wake up every day blessed. I say my prayers to God and I think about my son. At the end of the day, I know if I have those two beliefs and love, I can do anything I want. It's just going to be the extra work and the effort and really pushing forward. I think we can all attain our goals, but it's the effort and how we go about that task. I'm very happy to be here because these guys in the locker room are phenomenal. I think it's great chemistry, and I love being here."

On his decision to transition to WR from QB:
"Things happen, you know? Whether it's in life, there's politics in life, there are different things that go on. Everywhere I've been after the Raiders, there's been a guy that's drafted, paid a lot of money and then they drafted a second guy. When it gets into that, you don't really get a lot of reps. I believe to play quarterback in this league and be very successful, you have to have a lot of reps, you have to. There's not a lot that really separates guys but reps, that experience. When I realized I'm not going to get the reps that the one is getting – it's impossible for me to do – so why not just use my ability that God gave me. That's kind of how I did it. Mr. Farmer and Coach Flip, when I came and talked to them, they were excited and said there's different ways they can use me. We'll see how it goes."

DL Danny Shelton:
On Day 1 of training camp:
"Day 1, it was great. Right out of the books, install one, playing with the vets. Just looking to my left and right and just being comfortable, I know I have 100 percent in my guys. I know that I will do my job, and I don't have to worry about them doing their job."

On what he has been told regarding his role when the season starts:
"Honestly, we just have been worrying about each day, really. They are putting me at nose (tackle) and 3-tech(nique). I am fine with everything. I want to learn, and I want to get better."

On truly being able to see what he brings when the team is wearing pads on Saturday:
"Yeah, that is what all of us are waiting for. The pads are when we can really play our game. Just tired of doing these helmets and having to just show the offense a good look. Saturday is going to be a great day for us."

On what he did during his break:
"This is my first year so I didn't know what to do. There were a lot of things going through my mind. I had to buy my family a house first. I bought them a house in Washington. I got them all settled. Then, I just found time to work out in the backyard, work out at the University of Washington and work out at my high school."

On who his roommate is at the team hotel:
"Dylan Wynn, Oregon State, defensive lineman."

On his experience at the team hotel and facility during camp:
"It has been great. The rookies came in pretty early. We came in last week and got some work in and got a step ahead of the vets."

On what the rookies did last week prior to the veterans' arrival:
"We just went over the installs to be prepared for this week. The vets are already have one year down and they know everything already. It was more for us to come in and understand the defense and be prepared for this week."

On what it feels like to be able to buy your family a house:
"It's great. Thinking about how far I have come, thinking about everything that I have planned my whole life – I always told my mom I was going to buy her house once I make it to the NFL – it was great to finally check that off my bucket list. To see their faces and get beds and appliances is something that we never been put in before. We have never been in a six-bedroom house before. It is great feeling."

On resisting the urge to splurge after signing his contract:
"That is the No. 1 thing I learned throughout the draft process is that financially, we have to be stable. I made sure that I wasn't spending too much. I set a budget on the house I wanted to get them. I just started budgeting with them, too, and helped them out with the house a little. My siblings are going to get jobs, and they're going to make sure they take care of the house so I won't have any problems with it."


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