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Training Camp

Player Quotes, Orange & Brown Scrimmage -- August 7

WR Brian Hartline:
On the  Browns' success throwing the football today:
"I think to win in the NFL, you have to be a well-balanced team. When it comes down to the playoffs, everyone says you have to run the football; you have to do that. When it comes to winning championships, you have to throw the football so you want to do that. I think overall, again, our defense is great, our offense was putting things together and we're making sure we hold up our end of things, making sure we continue to grind. We still have four preseason games, going to Buffalo to look at them. We have a lot of work to still do, but today was a good start."

On if it was nostalgic to catch a touchdown pass at his alma mater:
"Yeah, it did a little bit. I'll openly say I didn't expect it being how cool it really was, but it was really cool. It was a great opportunity, a great throw and I'm glad I could make the play. That was about the end of it. Again, I'm going to keep doing it all week and all camp, keep putting those days together."

On having good memories of The Horseshoe:
"A lot of great memories. I won a lot of football games. Anytime you can win football games, you can create memories, good memories, and we won a lot while I was here in '05 through '08."

QB Josh McCown:
On the atmosphere of the scrimmage:
"It was good, a fun night. Awesome, awesome fan support. What a cool environment to be in. I thought the offense went out there and got some good work in. I am really pleased about how we went down the field the first drive and got in the end zone. That is important for us and something we want to do many times this year. Good night all the way around. Good solid work for our team."

On what to expect from the scrimmage:
"This is my 14th year so you kind of get how it is. You start getting that feeling when you get a crowd like this and the support that we have and the passion that our fans have – they give you that extra energy that you need to fill, especially for the young guys, to knock the nerves off a little bit and see what it feels like to play in front of a big crowd. It was good for everybody. Then you do still realize it is a few notches away from a game because there is still a different intensity, but still great work for us and a good environment to be in."

On the offense passing more than people expected:
"Sometimes, some of those things are driven by personnel. We have a couple fullbacks down so things of that nature. It is not always what it seems. Today, it is just how it shook out because of more personnel driven [situations] than anything. Like we have said before, we want to be balanced. We feel like we can build on what the guys did last year in the running game, but we really want to fine tune the passing game and take it to another level. It is important for us to get those reps to get that done and get the work in. It was a good solid day of work, but for us, the goal is to be balanced."

OL Joe Thomas:
On tonight's scrimmage:
"It is cool to be back here. This is one of the cooler college stadiums in the country. Even for an NFL player, it is cool to play in these really cool, historic stadiums."

On if the team got some extra 'juice' from playing at Ohio Stadium:
"Yeah, the number of fans that showed up were way more than they did when we were in Cleveland for Family Day. That was really cool, and I think there was a little bit more juice in the atmosphere."

On the offense's performance tonight:
"It is the same things that I have been seeing in camp so far. We are moving the ball pretty well on offense. Even though it is a new coordinator, a lot of the concepts are the same. I think we are picking up where we left off a little bit. There is not as much new learning that is going on. Having a guy like (QB) Josh (McCown) that is able to come in and understand and master the offense instantly has been a huge blessing on offense."

DL Danny Shelton:
On finishing the tackle on a WR outside the hashes during the scrimmage:
"The play that we had was designed for me to drop back. I dropped back. It was a quick pass so I had to just pursue the ball. I ran down the sideline and made a play."

On if he believes he had a good push during tonight's scrimmage:
"I feel like our whole defensive line got great push on the offense. That's something that we've been focusing on this camp. I feel like we are going to be doing pretty good this preseason."

On if he is going to be dropping into coverage often:
"I hope. I hope the coaches give me that opportunity. I'm just here to do my job and make sure the team is a success."

On how the run defense has improved:
"It's just something that we have been working on. Camp is a place where we try a lot of things so we definitely wanted to focus on run. (Defensive line) Coach (Anthony) Weaver has done a great job with technique and teaching us how to play double-teams and triple-teams and do our jobs."

DB Donte Whitner:
On getting back to more of a real football environment today:
"It was good. It's a way to gauge where we are. Our offense looks really, really good. We had phases out there on defense where we looked really good, but I feel like we need to clean up our tackling on the defensive side of the ball. Getting back into it, one week away from our first preseason game, we're getting ready."

On who impressed him tonight:
"(WR Josh) Lenz, No. 7. He's been a guy that came in, and you barely ever hear him speak. He's a guy that's always working, and he made a lot of big plays out there today. Last year, I think he was with the [Indianapolis Colts]. They ended up letting him go, but he's making a really, really good impression on his teammates and the coaching staff."

On how nice it is to see the offense have success:
"It's really good. If we can get some points, 21 points a game, an offense that doesn't turn the football over, we can run it when we want to, we think we're going to be pretty hard to beat and we can make the playoffs."

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