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Training Camp

Tyrod Taylor press conference - 7/30

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On training camp thus far:

"I feel like things are going good. The team is headed in the right direction as an offense, defense and special teams. We are going out there and competing. Guys are making plays and just getting comfortable within the scheme. I am excited about each opportunity each day brings. The guys are doing a great job of competing."

On if he learned from QB Drew Stanton:

"It has been open communication in our quarterback room. I have known Drew. Definitely respect the knowledge that he has for the game. He has been around the game for a long time. As much as I can take from him within our scheme and us going against our defense and just trying to learn different things from him, I am all for that."

On if he can share details on the QBs' RV:

"What RV? Not sure (laughter)."

On if he is held to 'secrecy' on the QBs' RV:

"It is just something for us to be able to get away. It is not anything special. You are making it a way bigger deal."

On if Head Coach Hue Jackson has been inside the QBs' RV:

"He is welcome if he wants to. There is definitely a big deal being made of it, but it is just something for us to be able to relax and get away."

On what he is looking at in the practice film to determine if the offense is making enough progress:

"Making sure that everyone is on the same page. Signal-wise, making sure that the receivers are on the same page with me. Route depth, making sure everyone is on the same page in the receiver room and that we are all speaking the same language. Ultimately, just going out there competing and making plays. This game is about making plays and of course, putting up points. We have to fine-tune the details in each and every play, and that is what we are focusing on."

On WR Corey Coleman and their relationship:

"We are all taking in a new offense. Some guys learn at a different pace. The main thing is that guys are going out and competing. Yesterday, he had a very good day. Early on, it is tough to judge guys. You do not want to put in too much thought into the early practices. As we are getting into the swing of things, going into Day 3 of the pads now, you expect guys to find their groove and settle in. Yesterday, he could have had an off day. Instead, he fought through that soreness that everyone is going through, and he came out and competed at a high level and made a lot of plays."

On if offensive coordinator Todd Haley's approach to teaching and running the system is different than his past offenses:

"Each coach is definitely different within their own scheme. Coach Haley wants us to take ownership of it. It is a very flexible offense. It is player-friendly. I know guys say that, but he allows us to have our own input on the offense and put our own stamp on it. Ultimately, it is going to be us going out there and running the plays and executing the plays. We have to be comfortable with the things that we are doing. He is allowing us at each position to go out, compete and make plays and see what we can do."

On how the offense is developing as a group between Haley and the players:

"We are bouncing around ideas. Without giving up too, too much scheme, we are definitely bouncing ideas off of each other – things that I am comfortable with, things that he has had success with and trying to merge the two together, as well as finding ways to get certain guys the ball where they have had success with in their careers. It is a collective effort, and we are taking it one day at a time."

On if Stanton is contributing to the offensive system's development:

"Yes. Our quarterback room, our meeting rooms, are all open forum. It is not just one coach directing the meeting. We are all bouncing ideas and whatever we can take and use for our benefit, we are all for it."

On if chemistry from player-organized offseason workouts is carrying over to training camp now:

"I think so. I think that it allowed us to get a head start on some of the things that we discussed about in the workouts to actually being out on the field with the defense in front of us. I think that those sessions definitely were beneficial. Of course, once you get back, you have your different position coaches coaching, but as long as you are speaking the same language and everyone is working off of the same technique, then we are definitely ahead of where we would have been if we did not get together."

On the importance of the player-organized workouts and funding it for many players:

"We have a great opportunity in front of us to change a culture, to change a narrative of what has been said around here for a long time. That window of opportunity is not in a couple of years. We need to win now. Whatever it takes to get that done, I am all behind that. I felt that it was beneficial to get the guys together in the spring and in the summer, as well. As far as who paid for it, that is neither here nor there. The main thing that came out of it was that the guys were willing to get together, separate from their families and spend time with each other getting ready for a season."

On where his generosity comes from:

"I am blessed to have been in the league for eight years. I am blessed to have been around different people, been around different teammates and learning from different people. Ultimately, just throughout my time, learning how to lead. A lot of it comes naturally but you learn from different guys. I have seen people, and you have read about people doing it before. I thought it was definitely worthy of our team getting together away from the facility."

On how much he pays attention to LT competition:

"Those guys are going out there and competing. Each one has welcomed the opportunity and stepped up to the plate. Of course, the real test is once we get into the games. You can judge and coach off of live periods that we have now, but the true test is the game. All of those guys are going out and competing. I like what I see out of everyone who has been getting reps at that position."

On if he spends extra time with players who have less productive practices, referencing TE David Njoku yesterday:

"I definitely talked to him. Every day is not going to be the best day, but what may not have been written was how he blocked in the run game. He did a bunch of great things in the run game. Yes, he dropped some passes, but that is part of the game sometimes. We know he can catch. His confidence is not broken or anything. It was definitely good to see him do some things that we have not seen before in the run game. Some things get written about and some things do not, but knowing David is definitely a confident person, he is going to bounce back and welcome the opportunity to go out and show everyone else as well as his teammates that he is the go-to guy."

On why he said this is a 'win now' season and how much of that is due to the need to win every season or the final year of his contract:

"I think that is the attitude every season. No one team is going to be the same each and every year. The goal each and every year for every player on every team is to win the Super Bowl. Can't necessarily look two years ahead. We have to focus on this year and one game at a time. That is what I meant when I said the opportunity is now."

On his developing relationship with QB Baker Mayfield and if they are 'genuinely becoming friends':

"We are teammates. Baker is a very good person. We are working together, and we are going out and competing. I think competition as a whole amongst the team is wide open to go out there and do something to change the culture that brings out the best in people. I do not really know as far as genuine and everything. Like I said, I do not have any bad feelings towards him or anything. We are good teammates. We are building chemistry, as well as trying to orchestrate and lead a group of men to win games." 

On dealing with the hype around Mayfield:

"Focus on me. I can't necessarily focus on anyone else on this team. Of course, it is my job to lead. I have a job to do each and every day. I am going to continue to keep focusing on that and what I can do to help turn this organization around, as well as win games."

On if he has talked to NFL QBs who had to manage attention surrounding high-profile rookie QBs:

"No ma'am. Just focusing on myself, doing the things that I know are part of a winning recipe. I challenge myself each and every day to get better."

On if he takes enough risks, given his reputation for not throwing bad passes or interceptions:

"I think you have to be smart in taking your risks, as well as learning and being on the same page as the receivers. I have challenged myself this spring and this training camp to be more aggressive and learning guys as far as giving those guys 50/50 balls and allowing them to make plays. That comes with building chemistry with the guys and understanding if you put the ball up, then it is their ball and no one else's ball. As I continue to keep going through our training camp and this season, when you have guys like (WR) Jarvis Landry and guys like (WR) Corey Coleman going up and competing for balls and that entire receiver room – (WR) Antonio Calloway, I could name all of the guys – you feel more comfortable giving those guys opportunities to go out and make plays."

On one thing he has heard most from offensive coordinator Todd Haley:

"I have heard a bunch but I would say just his enthusiasm. It is not one phrase or anything but how he pushes us each and every day. He wants the best for us he wants us to do the best for ourselves. His enthusiasm each and every day is definitely key for our success."

On if he needs or wants a lot of game reps in preseason as a veteran:

"Whatever reps I get, I will be able to learn from those. I also will be able to learn from reps that I can watch too. Whatever the coaches' plan is, (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson), or (offensive coordinator) Coach Todd Haley's plan is as far as reps in the preseason, I am all for it. In Year 8, you find ways to learn even when you are not on the field, as well as practice and games."

On if getting reps would matter more, given the newness of the team:

"Of course, you want to go out there and compete and play in game situations with guys, but at the same time you have to be smart, as well. Like I said, I do not make that call and no one is going to be mad at whatever decision is made. It is our first year together, and we are looking to do something special so we have to go out there and actually play games and get game reps. Whatever decision is made, I know I speak for everyone when [I say] excited for the opportunity to go out there and play with each other."

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