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13 questions with Demetric Felton, whose versatility continues to impress

The 6th-round RB has spent time at multiple positions during training camp

Demetric Felton doesn't know where he'll be playing Sunday in Atlanta, but he'll be prepared for anything.

That's been the mindset Felton has taken into every day since he was drafted by the Browns. The running back out of UCLA knew the Browns were interested in his skills at multiple positions, and the team has certainly tested his ability to juggle plenty of responsibility.

Felton's been impressive thus far, and he'll look to continue his strong preseason when the Browns close out the preseason against the Falcons. caught up with Felton after Friday's practice. You're a month deep into your first training camp. How's it gone?

Felton: I think it's gone pretty well. I'm having a good little rotation, whether it's receiver or running back, just getting those reps to learn and get acclimated. Hopefully when the season starts I can find my role. After spending so much time at WR during the first part of camp, what was it like getting back to your roots at RB against the Giants?

Felton: It felt good. It felt good to be able to get handoffs and be able to show I have some ability there. I'm excited to show more. What happened last week is nowhere near what I see myself doing. It was exciting to get my feet wet and I'm excited to do more. What's the area of your game you've improved the most since joining the Browns?

Felton: I think my route running has taken a big leap under Coach (Chad) O'Shea and the other coaches. They give great points and I'm able to learn, adjust accordingly and execute on the field. How different is what they're asking you to do from a route-running perspective than what you did at UCLA?

Felton: In college, I feel like my routes were very limited. I wasn't really able to show much. I think I caught a lot of people by surprise, but I already knew I was capable of it. I just didn't have the opportunity to show it. Has this been easier, tougher or about what you expected when it comes to digesting all of what the Browns are throwing at you?

Felton: Definitely what I expected. I knew it was going to be tough coming in. It's just something you've got to work at. Have you learned any new study tactics?

Felton: I try a lot of different things, whether it's notecards, Quizlet, something like that to make little ways for me to understand the playbook. Those are all the things I try to do to understand it easier. What's it like being in the room with Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and D'Ernest Johnson?

Felton: It's three really good guys who have three different stories for how they got here. Being able to learn from their experiences and talk to them about it has been a huge help for me and just to see the different perspectives around the league is awesome. What's been the adjustment this week going into a normal "game week?"

Felton: I feel like the coaches are trying to help us with the load, not working us as hard as training camp, but we're all about work. The work doesn't stop. We're still out here grinding hard trying to prepare for the next game because Coach says whenever they're keeping score, you want to win. That's what we're looking to do. Is there a player in the league you try to emulate?

Felton: I've had a lot of different players I've watched and studied a lot. I can name a whole bunch of them but one recently I try to study a lot is Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, those types of backs who can do a lot. That's what I try to model my game after and what I'm striving to do. What's different about catching passes out of the backfield and lining up as a slot receiver?

Felton: A lot of the routes are different. When you're at receiver in the slot, I feel like there's a little more detail that goes into the routes rather than running back, when you might be running a rail or an out. Just more details when you're in the slot but I feel like sometimes I can run those from the backfield as well. It's a lot of carryover, which is good. What's it like as a rookie joining a team with high aspirations?

Felton: Coming to a team that has such high hopes, it's exciting for me. That's what I want to do. I'm a huge competitor, I want to win, I love to win and I hate to lose. To come into a team that has that same mindset is huge to me. It seems like fans have really taken a liking to you. What have you thought of their reaction?

Felton: Man, it's been really helpful and exciting for me. I'm very hard on myself and push myself a lot. To hear some of the fans say good things about me, it's a huge confidence boost and I'm really enjoying the love and support. You looking to do a little bit of everything in this preseason finale?

Felton: I'm not really sure if I'm going to be at running back or receiver but I'm excited for wherever they put me at. Just perform and execute.

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