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15 questions for Greedy Williams, who is ready to step up again

The 3rd-year CB is poised to play a big role Sunday against the Steelers

It's hard to find anyone who's embodied the "next man up" mentality more than Greedy Williams.

The third-year CB has been called upon multiple times already this season, first filling in for Greg Newsome II for three games and then stepping in for an injured Denzel Ward at the end of Cleveland's Week 7 win over the Broncos. Now, Williams is poised to do it again Sunday against the Steelers while Ward continues to recover from a hamstring injury. caught up with Williams as he put in some of the final preparations before his expected fourth start of the season. Another week, another opportunity for you be the next man up in the cornerbacks room. What kind mindset do you take into these situations?

Williams: I'm just staying ready. I'm locked in the film room and just doing a lot of things I would do if I were starting. Just being ready and being ready when my name is called. That's been my mindset throughout this season. It seems like the depth at corner is really strong this season. What have you seen?

Williams: We can do a lot of things as far as coverage-wise with the different kind of corners we've got. I think (defensive coordinator Joe Woods) is using us in a great way and putting us in the right position to make plays. Even with the year away, you've made some big on-field improvements. What did you work on to take your game to another level?

Williams: During the year off, I was just more mentally into it. I was studying formations, studying routes, things like that. That made my game a lot faster. You were thrown into the fire back in 2019 with 12 starts. How much of an impact has that had on you?

Williams: It was great because I needed that. I needed to feel the speed of the game. I was planning on coming back the next year feeling like I understood the speed of the game, but the setback happened. This year, I'm making up for it. Has there been a moment this year where you felt like you were playing your absolute best?

Williams: Every day I want to get better. I'm just staying dialed in, taking the coaching and being ready whenever my name is called. How much has a veteran like Troy Hill been able to help you?

Williams: Troy is one of the smarter guys in the defensive back room. He knows how to read a lot of different things and he gives us a lot of tips and things like that while we're watching film. He definitely is a big help in the meeting room. What's been the recipe for success for the defense, specifically in the games where the unit has dominated?

Williams: Just trusting each other, trusting the game plan, executing the calls, playing together and having a great feel for what Joe wants. The Steelers like to get the ball out quick. How does that affect what you're looking to do?

Williams: You've just got to win at the first phase. Just win at the first phase if it's a quick ball. You'll make plays. The Steelers look like they're as deep as it gets at wide receiver.

Williams: They've got great receivers. It's a challenge and I feel like we're ready to go out and compete against them. What goes into guarding a receiver like Chase Claypool?

Williams: Just staying dialed in, make sure your eyes are in the right place. He's a deep ball guy and we're just trying to take away his game. What have you learned about the Browns-Steelers rivalry in your three years here?

Williams: It's real. It's going to be crazy. I know there's going to be a lot of contact. It's going to be a dog fight. What's an NFL rivalry like compared to a college one?

Williams: The big difference is I feel like the whole town when you're in college just has a different vibe. In the NFL, the vibe is more in the facility than outside of it. That's because every week is a big game in the NFL.

Williams: It's like every week it's a rivalry in the NFL. You're playing against great teams every week and you've got to be on your A game. Are you expecting it to be any different at the stadium Sunday because of Halloween?

Williams: I may show up in a costume myself. That's just the spirit and to get the laughs on people's faces. Just to bring the joy into the locker room before the game. You always need that to not think too much on the game and have some fun while you're doing it. This isn't just a big game because it's Pittsburgh. This is your first game in the AFC North, and the division appears to be the best in the NFL.

Williams: It's very important. We treat every game as important as the next game. Just need to stay dialed in. This is a tough division and obviously we've got to win and that's our mindset, to win.

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