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Burning Questions

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8 questions with WR Rashard Higgins, who loves the details and focus of 2020 Browns

Rashard Higgins has been through it all with the Browns.

That's why the fifth-year wide receiver — one of three remaining players from the 2016 Browns — can't wait for the next chapter. caught up with Higgins after a recent practice. It's hard to believe this is your fifth training camp with the Browns. How's this one been and how has it been different from the others?

Higgins: I'm blessed to be here. Throughout everything, I've just gone through a long journey. I call it a long journey just because I've been here through everything. I feel like I'm one of the only three — Joel Bitonio and Charley Hughlett have been here — some other guys have been here with me through that long journey of going 0-16. It's been a long ride. To still be here is a blessing. I'm trying to see change and I believe we've got everything we ever wanted to see change. What do you like about this year's team?

Higgins: I really feel like we're honed in and about winning. That's the only part we want. The details. Coach (Kevin Stefanski) is always telling us "details, details." Even if it's a little split or if it's being in the right position where the quarterback knows where you're going to be — everything should translate over to the game. I feel like it's just been different this offseason. Just going into it with a different mindset knowing the other team is not going to beat us; we're going to beat ourselves. It's just been different and I can't wait until the Ravens game. Walk me through your offseason and your re-signing with the team.

Higgins: Waiting to sign, waiting to sign … am I going back? Finally, Andrew Berry hit me up. He said, "You know what, we're going to sign you back." I said, "Where do I sign up?" This is where I want to be, this is where I want to see change. I started here and want to finish here. That's the type of mindset I have. I'm glad to be here with my brothers. Wouldn't want to be nowhere else. So here I am. How much better of a receiver are you than you've been in the past?

Higgins: I feel like over the years, with different coaches I've had, I've put that into my game plan as far as coming off the ball, blocking, knowing what I can use to an advantage. Me not being the fastest guy, but selling that I'm going fast. There are different things Al Saunders taught me, different things Adam Henry taught me. Just putting that into my game. I just can't wait until I'm able to showcase it in a national spotlight.

Check out exclusive photos from Thursday's practice in Berea Is this one of the more competitive receiver rooms you've been in?

Higgins: We're definitely competitive. Coach (Chad) O'Shea is doing a hell of a job of moving us around and making sure we don't just know one position. We know all of the positions. He's giving us more insight on what it takes to win a championship. He's been there and done that. The confetti, I'm waiting on it. I can't wait for it to come to Cleveland. We've got all the pieces. It's just a matter of time. You're a player that likes to feed off the crowd and the fans' energy. How do you approach this season where there could be limited fans or no fans in some circumstances?

Higgins: It's got to come from within. Also, it's got to be your teammates. Your teammates show you love knowing they're right there with you no matter win, lose or draw. I just feel like it's got to come from within knowing you can be dominant at any time, knowing you just made a first down. Get excited. It doesn't have to be from someone else. It has to come from within. We'll see how it plays out. How good is your chemistry with Baker Mayfield right now?

Higgins: It's high. It's definitely high. We're still doing a lot of installs, game-planning. We're still trying to get some of the rust off but other than that, it's still there. Baker's my boy. He wants a big year out of everybody. He wants it himself. We all count on him and he's got to be able to count on us as well. How humbled are a lot of the players from last season and how has that carried over to 2020?

Higgins: I know for me, it was humbling just because we felt like we had the pieces. We felt like we had everything but we just never put it together. Coach Stefanski, his whole group has done a hell of a job thus far making sure we're honed in and just together. Be together as a team, just playing together and doing everything right. We've got a lot on our shoulders, a lot to prove and we're going to prove it.

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