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Browns Social Roundup

Browns Social Media Roundup: Nick Chubb hits top speed, and Cleveland hits the top of the AFC North

Check out the best photos from the Cleveland Browns win over the Baltimore Ravens yesterday by team photographer Matt Starkey

For the first time since 2014 the Browns are in first place in the AFC North.

Take it in, enjoy every second, but we've got a long way to go starting with Monday night in San Francisco.

Before we move on, let's look at back at the best that a B-E-A-U-tiful Baltimore Sunday had to offer.

Chubb. Train.

The Cavs aren't the only professional athletes in Cleveland shooting for three these days.

Running back Nick Chubb produced a monster game, finding the house three times including his 88-yard exclamation point in the fourth quarter.

If there's any life lesson to be learned from his third touchdown, it's that you need to find yourself someone who's willing to sprint almost 19 miles per hour for 90 yards just to celebrate your success.

That's true love. Shoutout to quarterback Baker Mayfield.

It isn't the first time that QB1 has turned on the jets for Chubb, either. Per NextGen Stats on Twitter, three of Mayfield's four fastest top speeds in his career have come on Nick Chubb touchdown runs.

It also blessed us with one of the best screen grabs of the season.

RSJ and the impact of OBJ

Tight end Ricky Seals-Jones was a big part of Sunday's win, catching three passes for 82 yards and a touchdown. His first catch got the Browns on the board.

His longest grab on the day, a 59-yarder, served as a perfect example of how wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. leaves his mark on the game even if he isn't hauling in many passes.

It's simple math here. A double on 13 + leaving 83 by himself = gains. Big gains.

A big win needs a big victory speech

Freddie, take it away.

Behind the scenes of 'Friends'

You loved the Friends video we posted after the Monday night win over the Jets. We gave you more. Last week we gave fans a look at the behind-the-scenes making of the viral video.

Mack Wilson takes on the #woahchallenge

After a strong showing by punter Jamie Gillan the week prior, linebacker Mack Wilson took on the TikTok trending #woahchallenge and knocked it out of the park.

Building the Browns and Club 46

Before we wrap up this week's roundup, Building the Browns makes its return Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on YouTube! Catch up on all of the episodes you may have missed here.

Finally, a new episode of Club 46 dropped today featuring former Browns' left tackle and current color commentator Doug Dieken, who reflects on his journey from the teams of the 80s to his current role with the team.

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