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Clutch Players of the Game

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Clutch Performers: 3 standouts who helped the Browns secure a win over the Titans

DE Myles Garrett led strong defensive effort against the Titans with 3.5 sacks

Clutch players of the game week 3

The Browns are a perfect 2-0 at Cleveland Browns Stadium through the first three weeks of the season.

Their defense has played a crucial factor in their overall success, as they have kept their opponents to a total of six points in the first two home games of the season.

Yet, there were a number of individual performances on both sides of the ball on Sunday that each played a role in the 27-3 win over the Titans. Head coach Kevin Stefanski specifically highlighted DE Myles Garrett, QB Deshaun Watson and WR Amari Cooper for their play on Sunday. Let's look at their major contributions to the Browns' second win of the season.

DE Myles Garrett

The Browns defense continues to dominate through the first three weeks of the season, and DE Myles Garrett has played an integral role in that success. He finished Sunday's game with 3.5 sacks on QB Ryan Tannehill. He also forced five quarterback hurries.

"Teams come in here and they say, don't let 95 wreck the game," Stefanski said. "And he continues to do it."

Early in the fourth quarter on the Titans third down, they had two TEs in motion following Garrett as he shifted to the other side of the line. It forced the Titans into a delay of game penalty.

"That's a first for me," Garrett said. "I remember a tight end following me here with the Steelers last year, but never seen two guys follow me across the line. And I was going to keep on messing around with them, seeing if they couldn't snap the ball like that. So, I was just having a little bit of fun and wherever they settled, I was going the other way. So, we're just going to play in this cat and mouse game all day."

Garrett received a game ball from Stefanski in the locker room following the victory over the Titans on Sunday.

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QB Deshaun Watson

Last week following the season-ending injury to RB Nick Chubb, Watson and Chubb talked. Chubb looked Watson right in the eyes and told Watson to get a win on Sunday.

"I need it, go get it," Watson recalled from his conversation with Chubb. "And it was no smile, no joking. It was a serious face. He knows that it's in me, it's in us. And as the leader of the team and as the leader of the offense, I got to take charge of that."

Watson was able to do exactly that. Sunday was the bounce back game Watson needed, especially in the passing game. Watson demonstrated a high level of resilience on Sunday. After working through the first two games of the season where they struggled in the passing game, he found a rhythm and showcased how the Browns can use their receivers to their advantage.

Watson completed 27 of his 33 pass attempts for 289 yards and two touchdowns. His longest throw was a deep ball to WR Amari Cooper for 43 yards that resulted in a touchdown. He finished Sunday's game with a passer rating of 123.4.

Heading into Sunday's game, the Browns were confident they would be able to spread the ball around to different guys. Watson connected with six different guys in the passing game on his 27 completions, with WR Elijah Moore leading with nine targets, and Cooper right behind him with eight.

"We have seen a lot of flashes of what we can be on offense," LG Joel Bitonio said. "I think Deshaun showed today he is still building this thing and still learning but he still has that in him. Hopefully, we can build on that and keep going."

WR Amari Cooper

Cooper found his own stride on Sunday and made it difficult for the Titans cornerbacks to contain him in one-on-one matchups. He also forced four penalties on the Titans defense – two defensive pass interference calls and two defensive holding calls.

He capped off a strong performance with a 43-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to seal the win for the Browns. Cooper was deep near the end zone and Watson saw him downfield and launched the ball, which Cooper caught and ran into the end zone for the touchdown.

Watson said that Cooper has been an excellent communicator. They'll have conversations about certain elements in game, like if Watson didn't see a certain player or a certain throw, Cooper will share what he saw with Watson.

"I just trust him," Watson said. "He's a veteran guy, he's been around for a while. So, I just got to put the ball placement in a place where he can make that play. And he's been doing a heck of a job doing."

Cooper continues to demonstrate that connection with Watson. Through the first three games, Cooper has 17 catches for 243 yards. Cooper finished Sunday's game with 116 receiving yards on seven receptions and one touchdown. He's also taking time to celebrate personal moments of success, like he did on Sunday following his touchdown.

"Fun to see Coop (Amari Cooper) celebrating – which you guys have never, ever seen before," Walker said. "I hope you all know that. He's over there chest-bumping people. That's exciting."

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