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Jarvis Landry playing through the pain and serving as a key leader

Veteran Browns WR reveals he broke a rib in Week 5 win over Colts

Jarvis Landry is hurting, but it's nowhere near the pain he'd feel if he had to miss time on the field with his teammates.

The veteran wide receiver has never missed a game since he entered the NFL in 2014 — 102 games and counting — and he doesn't want that streak to come to an end, especially now. Though the Browns are coming off a tough loss to the Steelers, they're 4-2 and have all of their goals in front of them.

A broken rib isn't going to stop Landry from contributing and serving as one of the team's key leaders.

"It hurts," Landry said. "Depending on the play or whatever, at times it is bearable. We have done a good job of making sure that I am getting protection here throughout the week and making sure that I cover it up and do whatever I need to do to play on Sundays." 

Landry suffered the injury during the first quarter of the Browns' Week 5 win over the Colts. He caught a long pass and took a crushing hit that left him crawling to the sidelines. Landry was back a few minutes later, though, and didn't miss many plays the rest of the way for that game or last week against the Steelers.

"That is the player that Jarvis is. That is why he is a leader of this football team," Stefanski said. "I made a big deal of it in that Indy game. We knew how physical that game was going to be and he was a team captain for a reason in that game because I know he is a wide receiver but he is a physical player that everybody feels when he is on the field. 

"He gives a great example to really all the guys."

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Landry doesn't even like missing practice, but that's been something he's come to terms with over the past two seasons. Last year, it was to alleviate the pain he felt in his ailing hip, which he addressed this offseason with surgery. This year, it's been partly to manage his recovery from that surgery and, more recently, to ease the pain he feels from that broken rib.

Landry didn't practice on the Wednesday or Thursday last week leading up to the Steelers game. He was a limited participant Wednesday as the Browns began their preparations for the Bengals.

"It's Cleveland, right? It's blue collar. Whatever it takes," Landry said. "And I think that we have that mindset and that mentality here. These guys come and show that each and every day. But we want to be smart. We want to protect our guys as well. But if they can go, you know we always like for them to be out there at least participating."

Fiery on the field, Landry has been a calming influence away from it. That's been vital for the Browns this week as they evaluate what went wrong in Pittsburgh and look ahead to a big game in Cincinnati.

"Everybody, again, is coming out here and working as hard as they can, and everybody is trying to win," Landry said. "There is not one person that is in this building or that takes the field is not trying to win or when a play call comes in that Coach Stefanski does not think that it is the right call. For us, we just have to continue to trust and believe in each other."

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