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Club 46

Memories from Club 46: Jarvis Landry continues to prove doubters wrong

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Jarvis Landry began to wonder if he was ever going to be selected in the 2014 NFL draft.

The LSU wide receiver sat speechless in front of family and friends packed inside the ballroom of a hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in Landry's college town. Landry opted to watch his selection in the hotel with some his biggest supporters than at the draft site in New York.

He didn't care which team selected him. He just wanted to go in the first round.

"Pretty much everybody I knew was there," Landry said. "There are cameras, there are hats everywhere, family everywhere. And it just seemed like it was right."

The night ended with Landry in tears in his hotel room.

He wasn't selected in the first round. Landry was still among the top wide receivers in the draft — there was little doubt in the league that he'd be a Day 2 selection — but Landry was crushed.

"I'm just heartbroken," he said. "I felt like I didn't achieve my goal. I felt like I let my family down. I didn't know what Day 2 would be. I didn't know what Day 3 would be. I didn't know if I'd get drafted."

The Miami Dolphins selected Landry with pick No. 63, two picks before the start of Round 3 and far lower than Landry's expectations.

Ever since that draft, he's been on a mission to prove the scouts, coaches, managers — anyone who doubted him — wrong.

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Landry's currently fulfilling that goal with the Browns. After 29 games in Cleveland, Landry has already cemented himself as one of the most talented receivers the franchise has ever had.

Since joining the Browns with a trade from the Dolphins in 2018, he's led Browns receivers with 155 catches, 1,994 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. He's been a Pro Bowler for the past four seasons and could make it five after becoming the first Browns receiver to break 1,000 receiving yards since 2015.

Expand the scope a bit wider, and Landry's accolades are even more impressive. He's recorded the most receptions all-time through an NFL player's first six seasons (555) and has made at least two catches in 93 consecutive games, the longest active streak in the league. He also joined Antonio Brown and Anquan Boldin as the only NFL players to reach 500 career catches in 85 games or fewer.

So, to say Landry's mission has gone well so far is an understatement.

"(The draft) lit a fire underneath me," Landry said. "It gave me more of an edge. It gave me something I still hold onto to this day."

One month after arriving in Cleveland in the 2018 offseason, Landry signed a five-year deal that he hopes will pave a path for a long future with the Browns. Since he became a Brown, he's always wanted to be one of the leaders who has helped moved Cleveland from the bottom ranks of the league to the top.

Landry has been one of the most reliable wideouts for second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield, and he played a role in the bringing in elite receiver and best friend Odell Beckham Jr. in a trade with the New York Giants last offseason.

It's well known that Landry and Beckham forged their friendship in their time at LSU, but the two originally met when they were high schoolers at a 7-on-7 camp in Alabama. Landry convinced Beckham, who originally had his college sights on Miami, to attend LSU, where the two created their dream of one day playing on the same NFL team.

Now, the two are the first pair of Browns receivers to each break 800 receiving yards in the same season.

"It happened here in Cleveland a lot sooner than we expected," Landry said. "It's something that I feel like in years to come, we can really retire together in a sense."

Landry's priority, however, is continuing to prove his doubters wrong.

He's continued to do that in his two seasons with the Browns, but he's far from finished.

"I said to myself that night that I got drafted to Miami, I said to myself, because I pretty much got the same question, 'How do you feel about all of these other receivers getting drafted before you?'" Landry said. "And all I can say to them is, 'Just wait till the end.'"

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