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Myles Garrett wants D-Line to 'carve own path' in becoming one of league's top units

Garrett and the defense had two solid practices in Philadelphia

Myles Angle

DE Myles Garrett liked what he saw out of the Browns' retooled defensive line in their two joint practices against one of the best offensive lines in the league. 

 Garrett and the defense played very well Monday, bringing pressure to QB Jalen Hurts and having their way against an Eagles offensive line that boasts three Pro Bowlers. On Tuesday, Hurts and the Eagles offense showed why they were Super Bowl runner-ups, bringing high intensity back to the Browns defense, who still remained solid throughout the day.

"I think we're flying around (with) a lot more energy, a lot more juice down the field because it's for the ball, and there were fewer mistakes," Garrett said. "But those guys over there were in a position to win it big for a reason. They executed at a high level, made some big plays, and hats off. We must keep executing and finish each play on top like we can."

Eagles long-time center Jason Kelce, a Pro Bowler in each of the last four seasons, praised the Browns defensive line, saying they were one of the better end-to-end groups in the league.

"It means a lot," Garrett said. "He's seen a whole lot. He's been around for a while, and he's played against some really good ones. Definitely it's an honor coming from him. We got to make the most of it. We appreciate the words, but we got to keep on putting the work in."

Joint Practices with the Philadelphia Eagles on Day 12 of Training Camp at the NovaCare Complex

Garrett was impressed with Isaiah McGuire, Siaki Ika and Ogbo Okoronkwo — all newcomers to the Browns' defensive line — after they played well against the Eagles offensive line that is regarded as one of the best in the league.

 "They were going against big-time talent," Garrett said. "You're seeing a variety of skill sets from a team who's very talented, what they do. And that allows you to start adapting to what else you're going to see in the league and create a little bit of a variety of your pass rush moves and what you see works for you and what works for you across the board instead of just one style."

The Browns' defense aims to improve their sack totals this year and Garrett is confident in their ability. However, he doesn't want to be compared to other defensive lines in the league.

Not until they have a chance to prove it when the games count for real.

"There's many different styles of being an aggressive production, heavy defense or deep combined," Garrett said. "And we'll find our own way, we'll carve our own path. We have different guys who bring different things to the table, so we have to play with what we have and I think we can be a very talented on line."

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