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Odell Beckham Jr.: 'It is just about whatever they give us, we will take'

Beckham, Jarvis Landry and Joel Bitonio meet with reporters Thursday of Cowboys week

WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On WR Jarvis Landry playing in his 100th consecutive career game this Sunday:

"It is definitely an accomplishment. He puts a lot of time and effort into his body to be able to be out there and play those games. At the same time, I do not know how much of a milestone it is. We kind of expected it. We always talk about playing until the wheels fall off. I just tell him to keep stacking them up and keep stacking up the accomplishments."

On how satisfying his catches were in the Washington game, given they all resulted in first downs, particularly the catch to convert on third-and-12:

"Just doing my job. I feel like if you go back and look at the catches throughout my career, you could put a highlight tape together of third downs and first down catches. I am just really doing my job."

On how much gratification he gets from making a play like knocking down the near interception last week:

"I take pride in… I do not really know in my career if the ball has just been intercepted on me, unless there was something really just out of my control and it was not around to make a play. I take a lot of pride in it. They always say it is our ball and no one's, but really when it is thrown to me, it is mine or it is the ground's. That is always going to be the goal."

On if his emotions are different playing the Cowboys this week, considering his history against them with the NY Giants and performances against them:

"No, I do not have any old rivalry or anything for them. Actually, all of my family grew up in Texas so they are all huge Cowboy fans. It has always been kind of a funny story with them as far as being in New York and them being in Dallas. I do not have any animosity, hate or rivalry with them."

On if he has talked to QB Baker Mayfield or DE Myles Garrett about the significance of this being a homecoming game for them:

"I guess not. I actually have not even thought about it. This is Myles' fourth in the league, and Baker, this would be his third. I never even thought about the fact that they have not played at the Cowboys' stadium and all that. I am sure it is going to be very exciting for them. Both of them being from there will want to come out and put on a show."

On if he appreciated Mayfield telling WR Jarvis Landry and him to 'be patient' after the TD pass to TE Harrison Bryant last week:

"To be honest, there is so much stuff that goes on in the game, I can't even remember it, but yeah, it is just football, being a leader and doing what he does."

On if the Browns can get the pass offense going against the Cowboys, given the Seahawks were able to produce several big plays last week:

"Honestly, I could not tell you. One team could give it up one week and give up nothing the next week. It is just whatever is in the gameplan, I am going to just do my job and make sure that we find ways to execute."

On if it is special playing in AT&T Stadium, given the stage presented at the stadium:

"Absolutely, it is amazing. I have not seen the new L.A. stadium, and I have seen the new Atlanta stadium. This is just one of those ones where I feel like those stadiums kind of took a little bit of that atmosphere. It is just an incredible environment, a beautiful place. Always excited to be able to play there."

On the current state of the Browns passing game, given the running game has been prevalent in the first three weeks:

"I think we are just finding ways to win right now to be honest. It is like you play basketball and someone is right-handed and you can't force them to go left. Why would you even go left? That is what I always say. We are just doing what works right now and what is getting us wins."

On if he is looking forward to seeing Cowboys wide receivers coach Adam Henry, who coached him and Landry at LSU and with the Browns:

"Always. That has been my guy since college so it will be cool to reunite with him. I think my mom and my girl are going to go up there and maybe go out to eat with him or something like that so I am sure they will get to see him probably more than I will."

On if there is the more in the Browns passing game to be seen, including if this week's matchup becomes an offensive shootout:

"It is always there. It is just about whatever they give us, we will take. I said it last year and I will say it again this year, the goal is going to be for (RB Nick) Chubb to be the No. 1 rusher in the league, and he was close last year. To see him right there in that top-five spot again, we just know that we are doing things right. Whatever it takes for us to win in this moment."

On if playing an opponent with multiple talented WRs adds to the need to produce in a competition of top WRs:

"No, not really. You kind of just watch on the other side, and I watch as a fan and as an admirer. I watch those guys and try and take a little bit from each and every one of their games. Our gameplan is going to be what our gameplan is. Whatever that is, the goal is always going to be to win. I do not really sit back and watch and worry about what other people are doing or how they are getting it or anything like that. Like I have been saying for the longest, just taking it a day at a time and just keep pushing."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the significance playing his 100th consecutive career game this week: 

"It means a lot. I always remember as a kid watching Monday Night Football or whatever it is, and you see the stat go across the screen of a guy that has that (former Browns T) Joe Thomas stat for instance, like a guy has not missed a game and a guy is available. I always wanted that for my career. I try my best to make sure that I take care of my body to be out there each and every Sunday." 

On if he ever had any doubts about being ready to start the season following his offseason surgery: 

"I think the timeframe would have put me back where I needed to be, but I did not know. It was my first time having a major surgery so there still were a lot of things that were unexpected and new every day. I worked my butt off to make sure that I can be in the position I am today. Again, like I have told you guys since we have been talking, I still have a couple more weeks at trying to get to where I need to be." 

On the difference in QB Baker Mayfield's play from the beginning of the season to now: 

"Just continuing to grow. As we continue to figure out who we are and what we are trying to do, I think the biggest thing for us has just been taking care of the football and allowing our defense to go out there and play. We have done a great job of that. We are [tied for] fifth right now in the league in turnover margin. That is one of the biggest things for us. If we can continue to just protect the ball, obviously No. 6 (QB Baker Mayfield) is playing well right now and just continue to make sure that we make plays on the outside and blocking when the run game is going, let the rest of the handle itself." 

On if he appreciated Mayfield telling WR Odell Beckham Jr. and him to 'be patient' after the TD pass to TE Harrison Bryant: 

"Yeah, of course. He has awareness. He understands just as well I am sure as everybody on this call or everybody that watches our games understands, guys want the ball. There is no question about that, but obviously the biggest and most important thing is winning. We are going to do whatever it takes each and every time we touch the field to make sure that we are winning, and right now, that is in running game. We are embracing our role as blockers, but we definitely want to be able to contribute in the passing game, as well." 

On if it bugs him that he has not scored his first TD of the season yet: 

"Yeah, (RBs Nick) Chubb and Kareem (Hunt) are making it pretty hard for me to even have a chance in the red zone (laughter). Hopefully, we will get some chances here soon." 

On the opportunities the Browns offense may have against the Cowboys defense, given the big plays the Seahawks made in the passing game last week: 

"They are an effective defense. They have a lot of moving parts going on, but for the most part, we know their front seven is pretty much the strength of their defense. We are going to challenge those guys. They are going to challenge us. I think it will be a great matchup for both sides. We are excited about it. We are still putting in the work out here on the practice field each and every day and looking forward to it on Sunday." 

On the emphasis the Browns offense has placed on blocking: 

"Going into year seven, you understand as a player, obviously, you are getting coaching on it, but I think going into year seven, you understand as a player for running backs to have a big run, we have to do a great job on the outside in making sure that we are taking care of our guys, blocking our guys and putting bodies in front of those guys so that the runners can run through those arm tackles and vice versa. For us, again, the experience of knowing that if we want big runs, we have to take care of our job on the outside, simple and plain." 

On WR KhaDarel Hodge's blocking: 

"Absolutely, he is one of our best blockers on the outside. Another guy that just comes out each and every day and does his job to whatever anybody asks him to do and does it to the highest level." 

On if the Browns are prepared for a possible shootout with the Cowboys, given the Cowboys' offense and the Browns have mainly run the ball and controlled time of possession while also scoring a significant amount of points: 

"Yeah, I think our team is built for however the day looks that day. I think we have guys in a lot of positions and in their various positions that can make plays, whether it is on the ground or in the air. We just have to continue to trust that. Whatever is working that day is probably something that we are going to go with. The whole objective at the end of the day is to score one more point than they do. No matter how we do it, that is just our objective for the game." 

On if he believes RB Nick Chubb when saying he does not care about people talking about him as one of the best RBs in the league:

"I do. Strangely enough, I do. He is not a guy that is in it for that. He comes in, comes to work, puts his hard hat on each and every day and comes out here and works just as hard as anybody on the field. If you watch him when he was mic'd up or if anybody else is mic'd up or anybody talks about Nick Chubb, he is never celebrating. It barely seems like he is excited about him scoring a touchdown, breaking a rushing record or whatever it is. I do not think he is in it for that. I think he just wants to win and do his job to the fullest."

On if it is important to the team that Chubb gets the recognition he deserves as one of the top NFL RBs:

"Yeah, again, like we spoke about earlier to the previous question, us blocking on the outside is trying to make sure that he can get to these smaller and continue to do what he does best, and that is running as hard as he can. As far as the comparison between him and Zeke (Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott) I personally feel like for us, we want to get guys like Nick Chubb going. We want to make sure that he is doing the things that he does well, and that is coming out of the backfield with the ball in his hands."

On the impact of facing a team with talented WRs on the other side of the ball and if that creates a sense of pride to produce more than the opponent's WRs:

"Not really. For us, we all respectfully know each other in some form or fashion and admire each other's game, but at the end of the day, they are going out to compete for their team and we are going out to compete for our team and to make plays, given the opportunity. For us, it is not so much as a competition with those guys, but we definitely are going out there to just make as any plays as we possibly can."

On if this game may be more fun with the amount of talented offensive weapons on both teams:

"Yeah, we watched a lot of football and with some games, it actually ends up being the opposite and the receivers do not ever really get that opportunity to have their best game those games. Usually, the run game on both sides are the dominate factors that day. For us, we are just not really focused about their offensive guys. Their defense is pretty good so we have been watching their corners, watching their D line, how they maneuver and the things that they want to get to that can potentially try to put a lid on us and try to convert when we get opportunities."

On if he has ever played at AT&T Stadium:

"I have. I played there my freshman year at LSU and then I played two preseasons when I was in Miami in Dallas."

On if playing his first NFL regular season game at AT&T Stadium is significant and excites him, given the stage the stadium presents:

"Yeah, it does. You watch those games, it is always like the mecca of games. It is always that (Cowboys Owner/President/General Manager) Jerry Jones and the Texas atmosphere, the jumbotron being one of the biggest that has been put in a stadium. For me personally, it is a great opportunity in a prestigious stadium to go out there and make plays and bring back a W – my first regular season victory there, too."

On if Beckham has told him what it is like to play a regular season game at AT&T Stadium:

"Yeah, he has had a lot of success against those guys so hopefully, we can continue that."

G Joel Bitonio:

On being on yesterday's injury report (back) and if he expects to play Sunday: 

"I am going to get some stuff going at practice today and see how it feels when I am going out there. We are just taking it day to day right now, and then we will see how we feel after today's practice." 

On G Wyatt Teller: 

"He has had some big blocks for us this year. I think quite a few of our long runs have come off a good Wyatt Teller pull block. It has been good to see. I know he worked hard this offseason to try and get a position and make those things, but it is nice to have a guy in there that knows what he is doing. He is playing hard. He is getting guys on the ground and making big things happen. We keep talking every week that we want to be consistently good as a group, and that comes with week-to-week preparation and just bringing your game every week. You are only as good as your last game so we are going to go into this game and make sure we are focused and try and try to run the ball well again against Dallas." 

On if the Browns are prepared for a potential offensive shootout with the Cowboys, given the Browns have focused primarily on the running game in the first three weeks: 

"Yeah, I think I think we are prepared. We ran our two-minute drills and everything like that in camp, and we have the weapons to throw the ball when we need to. Obviously, as a group, we like to finish the game running the ball because that usually means you are winning the game and you do not have to take too many chances. We ran the ball 37 times last game, and it wears on the defense. It tires them out a little bit and it gives us a chance to fire off and be a little more aggressive. We are going to be prepared. We know not every game is going to be like that, and we are going to have some tough battles here where we are going to have to throw the ball late to try and get a win. We will be prepared when that moment comes." 

On if he was dealing with the back injury during the game on Sunday: 

"It popped up during the game, Kind of early in the game, it just got a little unsettled there for me for a little bit. When your adrenaline is going in the game and stuff like that, you just battle through that and find a way to get through it, and then you wake up Monday morning and you do not feel very good. We are working on it. We are going to go out there today, test it out a little bit and see how we are feeling." 

On how important his consecutive snap streak is to him: 

"You want to be out there for your teammates more than anything. Whenever I missed a game early in my career, I just felt like I was letting the guys down around me. As a player on this team, you want to be out there for your guys. You have a little thing going, and I want to be out there for Jed (T Jedrick Wills Jr.) and I want to be out there for (C) JC (Tretter), (G) Wyatt (Teller), (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and (RB Nick) Chubb and just be able to help the guys. That is your chance. We get paid to play this game, and when you are not playing, you feel like you are letting people down. That is the goal every week. It is important. I think we are at like 51, going on 52 games now me and JC have played together every snap. It is just one of those things that we just want to keep it going. We do not know how long ago it is going. We are not going to have 10,000 snaps like big (former Browns T) Joe Thomas and stuff like that, but it is just a pride thing. You want to go out there and play when you can. Injuries happen and things happen, but it is just something you take pride in. You do not want to let the guys around you down. I think that is the main takeaway from that." 

On WR Jarvis Landry playing his 100th consecutive career game this week: 

"It is very impressive. One hundred games in this league is something to really hold your hat on. He is playing at a high level, too. He has done some things that I think a lot of receivers in this league have never done – the amount of catches he has had and the things he has done. To not miss a game is very impressive, especially since he has been banged up before. Last year, I know he battled through some things and had some offseason stuff going on. It is very impressive. Consistency in this league, people can have good games. If you are in the NFL, you will have a good game here, but who can do it consistently, and for 100 games is beyond impressive. That is a big time accomplishment for him."  

On Cowboys DE Aldon Smith's comeback story: 

"He is playing at a high level for them right now. It is a pretty good find for them. Not playing for five years and then to come out and produce the way he is producing, it is one thing that you see guys that have high pressure games and things like, that but he is closing on the quarterback and getting sacks, and he is a factor in the run game, too. He is playing at a high level. It is definitely something we saw on their defense. They have some good pass rushers kind of all along their defensive front. We think those outside linebackers are some of the strengths of their team. For us to find a way to shut those guys down is going to be big for us. Just watching the Seattle game and the way he got to the quarterback and finished his rushes were very impressive." 

On how different RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are when in the huddle: 

"It is a difference for sure. I do not think Chubb has ever spoke in the huddle one time since I have been here. It is the same face, the same guy. I think maybe he smiles for a couple minutes after we win a game, and then he is back the same serious guy working and preparing for the next week. Kareem is a little bit more vocal out there. He is not afraid to dish it with the defensive players and let people know, and he will try and hype up the O line. He is a vocal guy. He is probably one of the most vocal guys once we get in the huddle, and Chubb is literally the opposite. It is fire and ice out there with those two." 

 On if it is important to the team that Chubb is considered one of the league's best RBs, particularly given Chubb does not care about the accolades: 

"Yeah, I think anybody who watches us knows that Nick is an elite back in the league. For us, the goal is to win the game. If we run the ball well, then so be it, but we want to find a way to win the game. If they are going to try and take it away and we have to hit them with some play action and some passing games this week and Nick only runs the ball for 10 times of something like that and we win this game, that is the most important thing. You see storylines where you have two great running backs or three great running backs on the field at once, but our goal is to get the win, and that is any way possible. If we can show the world a little bit more that Nick is a stud because all of us here in this building know that he is, it will be a bonus because when you are running the ball a lot, usually, you are winning the game and doing some good things. We are just looking forward to trying to find anyway possible to get the win."

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