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Pete Prisco on Cleveland Browns Daily: Browns 'got the right guy' in Kevin Stefanski 

Longtime CBS NFL analyst Pete Prisco joined Cleveland Browns Daily on Thursday to talk about his Top 100 players in the NFL list that debuted this week, as well as a spirited discussion on the Browns. 

Three Browns cracked Prisco's Top 100 players in the NFL with Myles Garrett (47) leading the way, followed by Odell Beckham Jr. (64) and Nick Chubb (71). Wide receiver Jarvis Landry also received honorable mention from Prisco.  

The Brown that Prisco seemed the most excited about, however, was not a player. Rather, it was new head coach Kevin Stefanski.   

"I'm a big Kevin Stefanski guy. I think he is it," Prisco said. "I think he's bright, I think he's tough enough … he has that little Philly edge to him. I think Kevin Stefanski is going to be a hell of a coach. I'm a big believer in him. They got the right guy."

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In addition to his praise for Stefanski, Prisco discussed some of the controversies on his top 100 list, the Browns on the list, the Browns' offseason moves and more in a wide-ranging interview on Thursday's Cleveland Browns Daily.    

Here are some of the top quotes from our 15-minute interview:

*On Myles Garrett, who ranked 47th on Prisco's list: *

"By the way, after putting together the list and running it by some personnel guys, there were actually a couple of personnel people who thought he should be in the Top 10. I think next year he will be higher on this list." 

On Odell Beckham Jr, who ranked 64th on Prisco's list:

"I think he's ready this year when they're gonna get the tackles to protect the quarterback. He's going to be a better player this year." 

On Nick Chubb, who ranked 72nd on Prisco's list:

"I like Nick Chubb. I thought he had a great season last year. When you're  the 72nd player in the NFL, that's a heck of an accomplishment and I give him all the credit in the world."

*On Joel Bitonio, who was left off the list: *

"I should have put him on there. I could have easily put him on there on the just missed list. There just aren't many guards on the list." 

On the Browns addressing the tackle position this offseason:

"I think what they did in getting the tackles was enormous."

*On Baker Mayfield following the offseason additions on the offensive line and TE Austin Hooper: *

"It's your time."