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Versatility, 'impressive skill set' of Elijah Moore continues to shine

Moore has constantly been one of the most noticeable players in practice due to his ability to line up anywhere in the formation


There has been a lot of talk about how Elijah Moore's versatility will benefit the Browns offense in the upcoming season — and Moore has continued to stoke the fires for that talk in the first week of training camp.

"You guys see he's both quick, he's fast, he's got very, very, very strong hands. He's competitive," head coach Kevin Stefanski said. "So there's the versatility piece of where he can line up, but just the different jobs he can do because of his skill set is just impressive."

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Moore, acquired by the Browns back in March, has been used all over the field. He's been positioned from the slot, the outside, as well as out of the backfield. He's been motioned on several plays to different spots in the formation.

Moore's role in the offense changes nearly every play, but to him, the job description can fit under one word: receiver.

"I feel like growing up in Florida — I was talking about this with a couple of players yesterday — we don't coach to play slot outside or inside," Moore said. "You coach to play receiver. So it doesn't really matter where I'm lined up. I feel like I'm kind of comfortable wherever they need me to be and just whatever it is that they need me to do, I'm going to work my hardest to get it done. 

"Even if I'm not good at it now, I'm going to keep working every single day to get better at it to where it becomes one of my favorite things to do."

On Thursday, Moore showcased his versatility by catching a touchdown pass in seven-on-seven red zone drills and executing a long catch on a crossing pattern during the 11-on-11 team drills.

His speed and strong hands have stood out, and the Browns will continue to experiment with ways to best deploy him in their offense as training camp progresses.

"I think, as you know, there's a thousand things you can do coming out of the backfield," Stefanski said. "We have great runners to do that. You can put Elijah back there if the matchups dictate, but he's somebody that we really do see positionless in that you can line them up outside the numbers, inside the numbers. Really no limit to where you can line them up."