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Anthony Schwartz says mentorship from Jarvis Landry 'is going to do a lot for me'

Anthony Schwartz has already begun listening to Browns wide receiver lessons from one of the top leaders of the team.

Jarvis Landry has been the teacher, and Schwartz, the third-round rookie from Auburn, is all in on being the student. He worked out with Landry last week at the same facility in Florida and has been frequently in touch with his new teammate ever since the Browns drafted him as their newest addition to the receivers room.

"I'm going out with a five-time Pro Bowler, and not everyone gets to do that," Schwartz said Friday in a video call with local reporters. "I'm blessed knowing I get to work at the same facility as him and get to know him a little bit more. I feel like learning from him is going to do a lot for me moving forward."

Schwartz didn't need to introduce himself to Landry, however, when they first worked out as Browns teammates.

He had previously practiced with Landry at the same facility, House of Athlete, over the offseason and had already begun building a mentor-mentee bond with the eight-year veteran. Schwartz, who carried a mid-round grade into the draft, had no idea where he'd land.

But when the Browns told Schwartz they were putting his name on the draft card, he immediately knew which of his new teammates he'd click with first.

"I will definitely be comfortable with him, especially now because we're going to work even harder with each other," Schwartz said the night he was drafted. "I just hope I can learn some things from him, being in the league for eight years now. He was in the league when I was in middle school. It's just crazy to see that and crazy to play with these great guys."

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It's no surprise, of course, to see Landry immediately build a bond with a new receiving teammate. Landry has emerged as one of the top leaders in all of Browns history in his first three seasons with the franchise, and his ability to capture the attention of his teammates and deliver important messages has helped mold the Browns' culture into one of the most desirable environments for players.

Oh, and his on-field resume, which includes 15 total touchdowns and 2,990 receiving yards in Cleveland, is pretty special, too.

"He was one of the instrumental players in change and one of the leaders of the team," Schwartz said. "Just seeing how hard he works out and trying to master that, trying to surpass him and just showing him that I'm here, I'm here to work with you."

Schwartz's speedy talents — he clocked 4.25 seconds in his 40-yard dash and was the fastest of all 2021 draft prospects — could open opportunities for Landry and the rest of the receivers. The Browns believe Schwartz's elite speed will create plenty of deep-ball opportunities and generate soft spots in an opposing defense, which could lead to open space for Landry, Odell Beckham Jr. and other wideouts.

Schwartz's game, though, is far from complete. Like all receivers entering the NFL, he'll have to refine his route running and catching abilities to complete the tricky transition to the pros and prove his speed can be beneficial across all offensive plays.

Having an experienced mentor is one way to accelerate the process.

With Landry, Schwartz is always open to a lesson.

"(Landry) is a guy that loves to teach," Schwartz said. "He's very knowledgeable of the game and he knows a lot of things. He's happy to explain everything to me and has always given me pointers on how to correct everything I need to do."