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Joe Thomas - Hall of Fame 2023

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Check out the unforgettable moment Joe Thomas received 'The Knock'

Thomas got his Hall of Fame knock from another first-ballot Hall of Famer


Joe Thomas found out from another first-ballot Hall of Famer that he was going to receive a bronze bust in Canton — but not before his son found out first.

Thomas was standing in his kitchen with his family at his home in Wisconsin when they heard a knock on the door. Then, he heard his son, Jack, yell, "It's somebody in a jacket coat! We made it, Dad! You made it!"

The big guy in a suit was Walter Jones, the last offensive tackle who entered the Hall of Fame on their first year on the ballot, and the knock was for the biggest announcement of Thomas' career.

Jones was there to let Thomas know that he was joining him as a first-ballot inductee.

Check out the video below to see the moment and hear Thomas' reaction to receiving "The Knock":

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