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Nick Chubb goes viral with not one, but two weightlifting videos in same week

Chubb's returned to his old high school and put on an epic weightlifting clinic


Nick Chubb has had himself one heck of an offseason in the weight room.

In case you haven't been plugged into social media this week, Chubb has gone viral for two separate videos showing off his incredible body strength. It’s been no secret since his college days at Georgia that Chubb, the 26-year old running back and three-time Pro Bowler, can conquer lifting heavy objects, but it's clear he's taken his strength to another level as he enters his fifth NFL season.

On an even crazier note, 610 pounds isn't his max. Chubb last went viral in May for squatting an unfathomable 675 pounds.

Want some more context as to how heavy this all is? Here's one common household item and a few animals that weigh around what Chubb squatted.

Good luck to all defenders attempting to tackle Chubb in the open field this season.

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