Videos - August 2019

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2019-08-01 Phil Dawson to retire a Brown
2019-08-01 2 Minute Drill: Wide receivers shine bright on day 7
2019-08-01 Steve Wilks: "I think we're moving in the right direction"
2019-08-01 Freddie Kitchens: "We've got to be a smart football team"
2019-08-01 Mike Priefer: "I'm gonna demand you play at a high level on special teams"
2019-08-01 Todd Monken: "The more you rep things, the more successful you'll be"
2019-08-02 Dontrell Hilliard: "At the end of the day I have a job to do"
2019-08-02 Sheldrick Redwine: "I knew I always wanted to be a football player"
2019-08-02 OBJ: "Everything that is great takes patience"
2019-08-02 Phil Dawson Retirement Press Conference
2019-08-02 National Perspective with Kurt Warner
2019-08-03 Get 2 School initiative launched to tackle absenteeism
2019-08-04 Baker Mayfield: "The energy is unreal, you can feel it"
2019-08-04 Freddie Kitchens: If we compete on everyday on every snap, we'll have a chance
2019-08-04 2 Minute Drill: Browns host Orange & Brown Scrimmage
2019-08-05 Training Camp Preview | Browns Countdown
2019-08-05 Training Camp Daily: Eric Kush
2019-08-05 Mack Wilson: "There's always room for improvement"
2019-08-05 2 Minute Drill: Willies hauls in one-handed TD from Mayfield on day 10
2019-08-05 Kareem Hunt: "I'm controlling the things I can control"
2019-08-05 Jaelen Strong: "Keep working, keep grinding, days will get better"
2019-08-05 Nick Chubb: "That's my goal, just work hard"
2019-08-05 Freddie Kitchens: "The defensive line is going to be the strength of our football team"
2019-08-05 National Perspective with PFT Commenter from Pardon My Take
2019-08-05 National Perspective with Big Cat from Pardon My Take
2019-08-05 Orange & Brown Scrimmage Recap
2019-08-06 Joe Thomas goes 1-on-1 with former Cleveland Browns teammate Myles Garrett
2019-08-06 Training Camp Daily: Austin Seibert 
2019-08-06 Joe Whitt: "We have to have a level of consistency that can win games"
2019-08-06 2 Minute Drill: OBJ returns, makes highlight plays on day 11
2019-08-06 Freddie Kitchens: "I just want to see these guys compete against other people"
2019-08-06 Garrett Gilbert: "It is all about not making the same mistake twice"
2019-08-07 National Perspective with Chris Simms
2019-08-09 'Hollywood' Higgins dodges Redskins defenders on 38-yard catch and run
2019-08-09 Can't-Miss Play: Rookie LB stiff-arms Haskins on pick-six
2019-08-09 Return of the Mack! Wilson grabs INT No. 2 in preseason debut
2019-08-09 D.J. Montgomery reels in back-shoulder grab for TD
2019-08-09 Every Mack Wilson impact play | Preseason Week 1
2019-08-09 Redskins vs. Browns highlights | Preseason Week 1
2019-08-09 Freddie Kitchens Victory Speech vs Washington
2019-08-09 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Redskins
2019-08-09 Mack Wilson Postgame Interview vs. Redskins
2019-08-09 Rashard Higgins: Postgame Interview vs. Redskins
2019-08-09 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Redskins
2019-08-09 Browns vs. Redskins Postgame Analysis
2019-08-09 Freddie Kitchens: "There's a sense of urgency with everything that we do" 
2019-08-09 2 Minute Drill: Browns get back to work following win over Washington Redskins
2019-08-09 Training Camp Daily: D'Ernest Johnson
2019-08-09 Eric Kush: Every single day is a day to get better
2019-08-09 Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi: Any time I catch the ball I want to score
2019-08-10 Ryan Lindley: "Baker really thrives in no huddle situations"
2019-08-10 DeWayne Walker: "You want to have guys that are versatile" 
2019-08-10 Dontrell Hilliard: "Any role they give me I'm going to try and do my best at it" 
2019-08-10 Freddie Kitchens: "Consistency everyday, that's what I am looking for" 
2019-08-10 2 Minute Drill: Kicking Competition heats up
2019-08-10 National Perspective with Joe Thomas
2019-08-11 Building The Browns: Training Camp Begins
2019-08-12 Freddie Kitchens: "This is the time you have to build toughness"
2019-08-12 2 Minute Drill: Richardson, Vernon return to lineup
2019-08-12 Jarvis Landry: "I think I am getting faster" 
2019-08-12 Mack Wilson: "Interceptions come when you're doing your job"
2019-08-13 Peter Schrager breaks down why Cleveland Browns are the most 'fascinating' team in 2019
2019-08-15 Baker Mayfield recaps first joint practice with the Indianapolis Colts
2019-08-15 Peter Schrager: Cleveland Browns rookie Mack Wilson could be a top linebacker in AFC North very soon
2019-08-16 Kareem Hunt: "It's hard to point out a weak spot on this team"
2019-08-16 Odell Beckham Jr.: "We're not backing down from anybody"
2019-08-16 Freddie Kitchens: "We set the tempo, nobody else does"
2019-08-17 Gilbert climbs the pocket to deliver third-down strike to Montgomery
2019-08-17 Gilbert buys time to find Strong in back of end zone for TD
2019-08-17 Gilbert drops deep ball in the bucket to Montgomery for 32 yards
2019-08-17 David Blough rips slant pass in to Derrick Willies for TD
2019-08-18 Garrett Gilbert Postgame Press Conference vs. Colts
2019-08-18 Browns vs. Colts Postgame Analysis
2019-08-18 D'Ernest Johnson Postgame Interview vs. Colts
2019-08-18 Jaelen Strong Postgame Interview vs. Colts
2019-08-18 Building The Browns: 2019 Colts Joint Practices (Ep. 10)
2019-08-19 Freddie Kitchens: We have to get everybody to buy in
2019-08-19 Damarious Randall: "I feel like we have the best front in the league"
2019-08-19 Demetrius Harris: The offense is like a buffet, everybody eats
2019-08-19 2 Minute Drill: Browns return to Berea after week in Indy
2019-08-19 National Perspective with Zac Jackson
2019-08-19 Anatomy of a player: Rashard Higgins
2019-08-20 Freddie Kitchens: Everything we do is to prepare for Sundays
2019-08-20 Denzel Ward: I feel more comfortable in my second year 
2019-08-20 Chris Jones: We got a group of guys who can really get after it 
2019-08-21 2 Minute Drill: Browns conclude 2019 Training Camp
2019-08-21 National Perspective with Doug Dieken
2019-08-22 Take a look back at the 2019 Puppy Pound
2019-08-22 Three things to watch in Browns-Bucs | Preseason Week 3
2019-08-22 Browns prepare for dress rehearsal in Tampa Bay
2019-08-23 Top 5 Plays of the Browns 2019 Training Camp
2019-08-23 National Perspective with Bucs Reporter Casey Phillips
2019-08-24 Olivier Vernon shows power on first preseason sack with Browns
2019-08-24 Denzel Ward denies Jameis Winston's deep-pass attempt
2019-08-24 Baker Mayfield squeezes between two defenders to complete pass
2019-08-24 Olivier Vernon plows ahead for his second sack of night
2019-08-24 Rashard Higgins converts on fourth down with one-handed catch
2019-08-24 Mayfield puts arm strength on display on LASER to Pharaoh Brown
2019-08-24 Browns punter keeps Buccaneers from big return
2019-08-24 Braxton Miller makes solid catch over middle in first game with Browns
2019-08-24 Browns vs. Buccaneers highlights | Preseason Week 3
2019-08-24 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Buccaneers
2019-08-24 Browns vs. Buccaneers Postgame Analysis
2019-08-24 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Buccaneers
2019-08-24 Austin Seibert Postgame Interview vs. Buccaneers
2019-08-25 Building The Browns 2019: Dawg Days of Camp (Ep. 11)
2019-08-26 Freddie Kitchens: Everytime they go out, that’s what I expect
2019-08-26 Joe Schobert: We want to play as destructive as we can
2019-08-26 Devaroe Lawrence: Sacking the quarterback is the best feeling in life
2019-08-27 Freddie Kitchens: I'm looking forward to seeing guys compete vs Lions 
2019-08-27 National Perspective with Jim Donovan
2019-08-27 Seth DeValve: "I'm doing what they ask me to do to help this team"
2019-08-27 Pass Protection Technique: Play Football Tip of the Week
2019-08-28 2 Minute Drill: Browns prepare for preseason finale against Detroit
2019-08-28 Hot Minute: Browns prepare for final preseason game
2019-08-29 National Perspective with Lions Reporter Tori Petry
2019-08-30 Scottish Hammer lays the BOOM on Lions punt returner
2019-08-30 Mack Wilson makes great tackle in the open field
2019-08-30 Dontrell Hilliard races past Lions defense for 22 yards
2019-08-30 Garrett Gilbert hits Dontrell Hilliard for first TD of the game
2019-08-30 Willies weaves in and out of defenders for 36-yard gain
2019-08-30 Rookie RB Trayone Gray dashes into the end zone
2019-08-30 OBJ makes effortless one-handed catch then immediately signs autographs
2019-08-30 Victory Speech vs. Lions
2019-08-30 Freddie Kitchens Postgame Press Conference vs. Lions
2019-08-30 Lions vs. Browns highlights | Preseason Week 4
2019-08-30 Browns vs. Lions Postgame Analysis
2019-08-30 Dontrell Hilliard Postgame Interview vs. Lions
2019-08-30 Defensive Back Footwork - Play Football Tip of the Week
2019-08-30 Cleveland Browns Daily | 8/30