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13 questions with Kareem Hunt, who is having a blast carrying the ball alongside Nick Chubb

Kareem Hunt is back in his comfort zone.

One year after primarily serving as a blocker, pass-catcher or decoy, Hunt is back to what made him one of the top running backs in the NFL. Through two games, he's rushed the ball 23 times for 158 yards and a touchdown to go along with six catches for 24 yards and another score. By comparison, Hunt had just 43 carries in his eight games last year.

ClevelandBrowns.com caught up with Hunt after Friday's practice.

CB.com: What have you guys been doing this week to try to replicate what you did against the Bengals?

Hunt: We've just been detailed in our work and fundamentally sound on our schemes and reads and stuff like that. Just trying to prepare ourselves.

CB.com: When you look back at that effort, what was it like in the moment realizing you guys had seized control on the ground?

Hunt: It was a good feeling. The O-line kept it going all night. Nick (Chubb) and I just had to keep running the ball hard. Andy (Janovich) was doing a great job making lanes for us, too. We're all on the same page. I feel like it's going to be very hard to stop our running game for anybody.

CB.com: What is it like to get out there in the fourth quarter completely fresh against a tired defense?

Hunt: I like to be out there whenever I can. The fact of the matter is I got the chance to go out there and close the game. That was what was going through my head. Every time I touched the ball I was trying to get us points on the board.

CB.com: What makes it tough for defenses to prepare for both you and Nick?

Hunt: Honestly, it's nice having two guys who can carry the full load, guys who are physical runners. Nick and I are both physical runners. You're not just having to tackle one physical runner the whole game. It's two.

CB.com: How has your friendship with Nick blossomed over the past year?

Hunt: It really is a good friendship. Me and Nick love seeing each other succeed and do well. That's the biggest thing. We only care about winning and that's most important. We know we have to be a big part of winning and we'll be a big piece of that. We kind of put pressure on each other that one of us has to make a play.

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CB.com: How different are your personalities?

Hunt: Super different. Nick, he opens up to me and talks to me. He even says, "I only talk to one or two people during the game." And that's me and probably D'Ernest (Johnson) or Dontrell (Hilliard).

CB.com: How quickly did it take you to get to that status with him?

Hunt: I missed some time, so it probably took closer toward the end of last year. Nick still doesn't say too much but I can get into his head because I'm going to keep talking to him, even if he's not responding.

CB.com: How different has your role been this year compared to last year?

Hunt: I'm playing running back again and not more of a gadget guy. I'm being used as a running back more and not as much running routes and fakes and stuff like that.

CB.com: How much did last year help you in the passing game, though?

Hunt: It helped me a lot because I got to see the game from a different view. I had to read more coverages and see holes in the defense while I ran routes. I didn't really have to do that back in my Kansas City days.

CB.com: What's it like having a fullback like you did in Kansas City?

Hunt: You've just got a guy you know is going to give 110 percent effort to make every block. Those guys pick up the little things, too. Even if it's not their man, they'll block the guy if he's close enough and prevent him from making a play on us.

CB.com: What's the biggest challenge attacking this Washington defense?

Hunt: They definitely have a good defense. They have a solid front seven. We've just got to get our guys on the big guys and make some lanes. They've got a young rusher that's really good. We've just got to stop them from getting to Baker (Mayfield).

CB.com: How important is the running game when the other team is one of the best pass-rushing teams in the league?

Hunt: It's very important. It kind of stops those guys from getting upfield.

CB.com: You've had 10 days off and it's early in the season. Does this feel like another Week 1 in terms of how you feel from a health and freshness standpoint?

Hunt: Yeah, I'd say we're pretty fresh. The body's feeling good. I'm definitely looking forward to going out there and going for another win.

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