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#BrownsCamp Daily: OL coach Bill Callahan continues to be 'huge resource' for Browns

Here's what else you might have missed from Day 9 of Training Camp

Of the many voices that can be heard on any day of practice during Browns Training Camp, Bill Callahan's might be the loudest.

Callahan, who's coached for over 40 years and is one of the most well-known offensive line masterminds in the NFL today, isn't afraid to get in a player's ear. He doesn't care if he's being too loud when he's giving instructions on the next drill, and if the players don't do it properly, anyone on the practice fields is likely going to hear it.

His tutelage, however, was one reason why the Browns built one of the best offensive lines in football in 2020 and are candidates to claim that label again in 2021. His vision, coaching abilities and laser-sharp attention to technique was immense to the Browns' overall success last season, and it's a safe bet to believe he'll be another vital coach on the sidelines for Cleveland this season.

"I have seen Coach Callahan on his hands and knees getting guys into three-point stances how he wants it," head coach Kevin Stefanski said Saturday. "Coach Callahan has a way about him. That is how he has been coaching for years. I have heard the stories going way back to his college days. He coaches them hard, and he is fair. I think the guys respect that. He is a huge resource to me with him being a former head coach, and he has seen so much. I just think the guy is outstanding."

They certainly do. Nearly every offensive linemen from last season mentioned Callahan when asked about how the group became so successful. Callahan holds everyone accountable, no matter whether they're a rookie or a 10-year veteran.

"He gets after us," All-Pro RT Jack Conklin said. "It's what you want. He expects perfection, and good isn't good enough. It definitely drives us and makes us better because it's not just about getting the job done. It's, 'Hey, you blocked him here, but you could've done this, this and this, and it would've made your job easier and you would have looked better. Having that every day and having that accountability with him ... it's great."

Here's what else you might have missed from Day 9 of Training Camp.

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