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Jadeveon Clowney back to 'chase that Super Bowl' with Browns

Clowney couldn’t pass on the opportunity to run it back with a defense he thrived in last season

Jadeveon Clowney believes the Browns are set to be a better team on both sides of the ball, and that's why the nine-year veteran defensive end wanted to come back for a second season in Cleveland.

"I just want to chase that Super Bowl," he said in an interview with Nathan Zegura on Best Podcast Available. "We had a great defense last year. We went out and got some more key players on offense and defense, and I feel like we've got a shot."

Clowney, who re-signed Wednesday with the Browns, was one big reason why the defense was great. 

His nine sacks were second on the Browns behind 16 from All-Pro DE Myles Garrett and were his most since 2018. Clowney thrived as opposing offenses dealt with deciding which end of the line of scrimmage they should focus on most, and after seeing how much he could produce in Cleveland, he believes his production could go even higher in 2022.

He also knows that Garrett, 26, is still entering his prime and that the Browns have several other talented players behind them. A strong secondary means Clowney will have more time to get to the quarterback, and that especially rang true toward the end of last season.

The whole defense began to click, leading to a fifth-ranked finish in total defense in the league. Clowney was one of the top leaders in the charge with 5.5 sacks in his last three games.

"I feel like that was my first time being in a traditional 4-3 (scheme) and really getting after the quarterback," he said. "We had a great group of guys up front. It wasn't just me. It was a team effort. The front end did their job, and the back end was doing their job. We just had a total team thing out there on defense, and I hope we can do that this year."

The Browns re-signed DE Jadeveon Clowney. Click through to see some of his best moments as a Cleveland Brown.

Clowney participated in OTAs on Wednesday after he signed his deal and was all smiles as he ran through drills and connected with teammates. Several players at the position gravitated to Clowney as he occasionally offered tips and technique, another reason why the Browns valued him so highly.

"I miss these guys," he said. "I enjoy this sport and it's exciting for me to be back here kicking it with them. It's the most I get to talk to these guys and really just be around them and have a good time with them."

The re-signing for Clowney marks the first time since 2018 that he won't have to introduce himself to a new team — he had stints with the Seahawks and Titans in 2019 and 2020 before heading to Cleveland last offseason.

Familiarity can be great for a player as talented as Clowney. He won't have to spend as much time catching up on a playbook and schemes and can instead focus more on his individual technique and helping others in the room grow their game. 

"It's a much better feeling," he said. "You're just always excited. I'm excited to be around them. I know what I'm dealing with and I know who I got. I know what we can do together. I'm just hoping we can take that step forward and get where we need to get this season."

He's talking about the Super Bowl, and he believes it's within reach for the Browns now. 

"I wouldn't want to do it with none other than the team I played with last year."

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