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11 questions with Jarvis Landry, who is leading by example on and off the field

The veteran WR is hoping for some slightly better weather conditions Sunday vs. Philadelphia

Jarvis Landry is rolling with whatever 2020 throws at him and using his platform to make a difference.

On Sunday, Landry registered the 600th catch of his career, making him just the eighth player in league history to do so in 105 games or fewer. But that was just the start of a very good week.

Fresh off a successful partnership with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank that resulted in the donation of 300 Thanksgiving meals to local families in need, and fresh off another productive week of practice, Landry sat down with ClevelandBrowns.com to discuss a variety of topics.

CB.com: The team's coming off a hard-fought game that was once again affected by the weather. How have you seen the group respond to a unique win like that?

Landry: We're concentrated on winning and whatever it takes. Obviously we all hope for better weather. The circumstances were what they were. We just went out there and continued to make plays with our Plan B, Plan A, Plan C. It didn't matter. Just try to win the game.

CB.com: As a wide receiver, what do you even do to adjust when passing the ball is so difficult?

Landry: I know for me, I try to make myself a better blocker. I want to be one of those guys that pops off the film not just catching the football, but also blocking for my teammates, picking guys up off the ground, whatever it is. I want to do my part to contribute to the win. Obviously when there are days like that when the weather isn't allowing us to put the ball in the air, I want to block as hard as I can and get as many pancake blocks as I can.

CB.com: What kind of lift does Nick Chubb give to the offense?

Landry: It's huge. I think we all saw his presence and having him out there. He's getting all of those carries and still able to seal the deal for us. He's able to run big, big, big for us in huge situations.

CB.com: The team has been working through the intensive COVID protocols and has been missing some players at practice. How have you dealt with the adversity that keeps coming your way?

Landry: It seems like it's just part of it. That's 2020 for you. We're embracing it. We're handling things as they come up. We're sticking together as a team and trying to stay safe with all of the protocols. I think for us, we've handled it pretty well. Guys have stepped up when needed, whether it be in practice or games.

CB.com: How normal do these virtual meetings feel now?

Landry: They feel like it's how it's supposed to be. I don't mind the schedule at all. You get the virtual meetings done at home and then go in and work and then look at practice again later that day or the next day. It's 2020. These are the cards we're dealt and we're playing them.

CB.com: You pride yourself as a leader of this team. How are you doing it differently amid these circumstances?

Landry: I'm just handling my business, making sure I'm in the places I need to be. Whether it's the Zoom calls or when the building does open and we can get in, I make sure I'm there ahead of schedule and make sure I can get all the body work I need so I can go out there at practice and lead by example. That's been the biggest thing for me and unique with everything that's going on.

CB.com: Passing has been difficult the past couple of weeks, but have you been able to gauge how defenses are guarding you differently now that Odell Beckham Jr. isn't on the field?

Landry: It's been hard. I think the last couple of games we haven't thrown the ball much so it's been hard to tell. I know I'm looking forward to good weather Sunday — one of these Sundays.

CB.com: What have you seen from WRs like Rashard Higgins, Donovan Peoples-Jones and others since Beckham's injury?

Landry: They're making plays when their number is called. I think that's been the most consistent thing, especially with Higgins. With Donovan, he's a rookie and he's played big for us. That's what we're going to need from him and everybody on this team down the stretch.

CB.com: What do the Eagles do to challenge offenses?

Landry: They play really well up front, which we know, and they do a lot of different things on third down, which is a very big down from our bye week analysis. Seeing what they do on third down is going to be a challenge for us but there are also opportunities to make big plays, so we're excited about that, too.

CB.com: Early this week you were able to partner with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and make an impact. How'd it feel to give back at this time of year?

Landry: It felt amazing. I wish I was able to be present. I'm so grateful for all of the volunteers and for my foundation to be able to do everything they needed to do to be able to orchestrate the event the right way. I can't thank the Greater Cleveland Food Bank enough as well.

CB.com: How fulfilling has it been to start the Jarvis Landry Building Winners Foundation?

Landry: It's part of who I am and part of who I've always been and will continue to be. To have a foundation in place now allows us to do better things, bigger and better things. I'm just continuing to take steps and continuing to be grateful and share those things.

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