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#BrownsCamp Daily

#BrownsCamp Daily: A unique '1st day' followed by a much-needed rest day

The Browns opened their doors — slightly and safely — to reporters and other staff members Friday to watch the team go through an OTA-like session under some blazing sun Friday.

So it was, in a sense, the "first" day of practice for this edition of the Browns, but coach Kevin Stefanski stressed this team has been hard at work for a couple of weeks now.

"We have been on the field so much in the last week or so," Stefanski said before the practice. "I am just excited for the players to get a chance to have a competitive period and to go through one-on-ones. That is the fun part in this is finding a way to practice hard, practice smart and get a ton of work done."

That's why the Browns are off Saturday. It may seem weird compared to previous training camps, but this isn't a normal one. The Browns, who worked six straight days before this day of rest, will be back in action Sunday with a very important week ahead of them.

The pads ... they're coming.

Here's what you need to get caught up from all you might have missed.

Check out photos from the first day of Browns Camp

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