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Fresh Takes from Training Camp

Fresh Takes: Observations from Day 12 of Browns training camp

The Browns played and won an actual football game last night, so Friday's practice was a bit lighter.

The pads came off for the first time since Day 2 of camp (which seems like years ago) and the focus was more fine tuned. That didn't mean there wasn't room for plays to be made.

Here are our observations from Day 12 of #BrownsCamp.

1. Fundamental Friday

For fans in attendance, they received a premier tutorial on how to teach the fundamentals in football Friday.

Unlike a typical practice that really only focuses on the fine details during individual, Friday saw multiple periods with such activity, and an added emphasis on special teams. Players who might line up at gunner on punt team ran through a drill in which they had to race down field, track balls launched from a JUGS machine and down them inside the 5.

Meanwhile, linemen worked on hand placement and keeping their head on a swivel in the face of a rush.

A light breeze blew during an afternoon session that felt more like a midseason walkthrough than a practice in August. The Browns still made the most of it.

2. Fast-paced dreams

If Thursday served as an indicator, this Browns offense surprisingly might be at its best in no-huddle situations.

One day after Baker Mayfield led a lightning-fast touchdown drive in front of 67,431 fans, he did something similar in front of 1/25th of the amount of onlookers. Facing nearly 50 yards of grass between he and the end zone, Mayfield engineered another precise no-huddle attack, attempting to find Jaelen Strong in the end zone before connecting with Odell Beckham Jr. on the very next play for a touchdown.

The score drew cheers from the supporters in attendance and earned Mayfield a hug and lift from center JC Tretter.

This team can't go no-huddle on every possession, but it sure is nice to know it can when it needs to.

3. Uniting as one (with the fans)

Mayfield has proudly stroked his mustache for cameras all over camp and FirstEnergy Stadium, but rarely has he received love from the public solely concerning his facial hair.

After completing the aforementioned 2-minute drill for a touchdown, a fan shouted to Mayfield about his mustache.

If Mayfield hasn't already broken the "gets us" meter, he's getting awfully close.

Fans have rarely attended multiple training camp practices this summer, as tickets were snatched up incredibly quickly upon release. But at least one fan has made multiple appearances, and always finds a way to engage with Rashard Higgins.

A week ago, a bucket hat-wearing fan asked Higgins if he would go bowling with him and challenged Higgins to roll a perfect game of 300. Higgins replied with an exasperated "300?!" through his facemask. The fan relented, dropping down around 240 before asking him to hit the lanes. Higgins directed the fan to his direct messages on Twitter.

A week later, that fan was again in the front row and again chirping at Higgins, asking him to get a look at his form. Higgins responded by beginning his touchdown celebration of walking the red carpet before the two chatted about bowling again. The fan wanted to go bowling Friday evening, after practice.

What he didn't know is the Browns aren't off until Sunday.

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