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Training Camp Story of the Day

Marquise Goodwin's recovery 'is inspirational' for Amari Cooper, Browns teammates

Goodwin will still be with the team through training camp despite undergoing recovery for blood clots


As training camp for the Browns begins at The Greenbrier, veteran wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was sidelined due to his diagnosis of blood clots, which the Browns announced Friday prior to departing to West Virginia.

Goodwin, however, was in high spirits as camp began Saturday and remained with teammates on the sideline, and head coach Kevin Stefanski affirmed that the team is here for him and ready to support him through his recovery.

"It's very scary, and right away you worry about Marquise and his health," Stefanski said. "All of it remains to be seen from a health standpoint and when he is ready to go. In the meantime, we are supporting him and he is listening to doctors. We are going to support him and give him everything he needs medically."

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Goodwin, who said he had never experienced an injury like this in his career, will continue to be a positive source of energy for his teammates, and his presence alone has already left an impression on Amari Cooper.

"It's very inspirational," Cooper said. "We're so used to adversity and the ebbs and flows that it creates this toughness about it so that we can deal with anything, or to where we can not know we're dealing with something really strange or extreme. We feel like we can overcome it.

"So yeah, (what Goodwin is going through) is definitely inspirational. I'm hoping for the best."

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