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Training Camp Story of the Day

Grant Delpit believes he has 'way more to give' for Browns D in 4th season

Delpit didn’t mince words about how high he’s set his personal bar for success, one that’s higher than his career-best year from 2022


Grant Delpit built the best season of his career last year, but as the 2020 second-round pick enters his fourth season in Cleveland, he has no doubt in his mind that he's nowhere near his peak potential — something that he plans on discovering in 2023.

"Greatness, man," Delpit said. "Greatness. I haven't showed any to myself. I haven't shown anything yet. Greatness. And that comes from being out here every day, putting in the work. You can't have any excuses when it comes to getting on that field."

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Delpit's rookie season was cut short by an Achilles tear sustained during his first training camp, but he proved last season that he's grown well at the NFL level. 

That growth was showcased by him tallying a team-high four interceptions, which was tied for seventh-most among NFL safeties last season, and 105 tackles. 

The evidence was clear, but Delpit still wasn't satisfied with where the season left off.

"I'm always wanting to do more," Delpit said. "I have way more to give. As a team, we have way more to give. That's what we're working on right now. I have high expectations for myself, the highest, and I'm going to hold myself to that."

Delpit aims to be a vocal leader, but his primary focus is leading by example on the field, and one of the best ways to do that is by creating more turnovers.

"That number needs to be higher," Delpit said. "We need to set ourselves up right. Defense, we need to go get the ball. Ball in the air is ours. Offense, don't give it away. One of the most important stats in football is that turnover ratio and we need to be top, leading the league."

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